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Starting a PC Custamiztion biz...

By jujujules ·
There's so many out there that don't know how to customize their own machines I thought a bizness like that would b n order...change themes, desktops, bootcreens, Login screens, and stuff like that to give yur own touch to your machine....ANy Ideas on this.???as far as should I do it from command or use a prog?. Then I would be selling software too to b able to use thier diferent bmps. n stuff...most progs you have to use their software to use their pics and stuff. I have Photoshop to chg file formats....Have an idea for the software I would wanna use also...

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Pimp my PC...sorry but I think the Geek Squad beat you to it

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Starting a PC Custamiztio ...

and places like CompUSA are already doing this, for a fee of course

I have seen so many mom & pop computer stores go out of business that I wonder why anyone would want to go into this business. Companies like Dell, Gateway, HP, and Sony are putting the small custom built computer stores out of business, at least in my geographic area. I was thinking about opening up my own store, but a real close look at the market says that it won't be very profitable. I'll make more money as a consultant than running my own store.

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For a customization Biz

by w2ktechman In reply to Pimp my PC...sorry but I ...

You would probably be better off with HW customizing. Anybody can get their SW customization for themes, etc., but many might want totally customized cases, airbrushed graphics, etc. that they cannot do for themselves.

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I have to agree

by Mickster269 In reply to Pimp my PC...sorry but I ...

We used to build PC's here where I work.
I found after doing some comparisons, that Dell could sell a machine for LESS than it cost me to but the parts WHOLESALE.

As for "customizing" how the screen looks- I really can't see a market in that. Between all the people that are even remotely aware of how to use a computer (not to mention their kids, the neighbor's kids, etc)- even if you DO get them to use your service once, I don't see a return customer.

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Does not look like a long term biz

by exnav29 In reply to Starting a PC Custamiztio ...

To reiterate what several have said already the market is not really there for software customizations (unless you are talking about truly getting into software programs and programming them to do something slightly different than it was originally designed for). You will probably get a few friends of friends to use your service once and then never hear from them again. You would probably be better off opening a consulting business instead and as a part of your services offer desktop customizations. But as a stand alone business I don't see much a future. But who knows you may prove me wrong.

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