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By conigjo62 ·
I am a Lan Admin, not well versed as a programmer. My son eleven years ago has become interested in programming, of course for game development.

Any suggestions on some good software to get him started. Should I start with ACCESS having him get his feet wet with simple input screens and databases...

I want to get JR (future techie) off to a good start...

Thanks to all.......

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Vb/C# for game development

by rommel_abaya In reply to Starting to Program


for game dev't you can practically use anything. but if you want to learn fast try using VB.Net or C#. Also, the Microsoft website already has a game development starter kit which you can use. Download the C# express (free edition). There are a lot of online helps also.

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C# site

by rommel_abaya In reply to Starting to Program
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by Koks In reply to Starting to Program

He may start by using C#. You can get Express version for free from Microsoft at Microsoft is developing framework for Xbox 360 and Windows game programming. It is called XNA Game Studio Express and you can find it at It is in beta stage so it is free. There are forums for both products at for C# Express and for XNA Game Studio Express.
Of course, there is also game development using DirectX. More info at

I hope this post helps.

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No not Access

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Starting to Program

You want a high level compiled language to learn programming theory.
C# XNA Java , C++, even Delphi.

There's bucket loads to games programming. The trick will be to get him programming and enjoying that. That will carry him into games. Not matter how intelligent and well educated the wee fella is, starting up with tic tac toe or noughts and crosses is going to stretch him for a first go.

Animations is always a good start, then sprites (moving animations)

One of the first successful games I ever wrote was eight different coloured squares moving at random speeds, from one side of the screen to the other. Make sure him and his mates don't start betting on them though

Set his expectations, even with modern tools, modern games are an enormous effort. So if he's basing his interest on what he's playing, he'll be very disappointed.

I'd have to spend weeks doing something like the old atari tennis game. Tetris or break out would be a challenge. State of the art stuff, I wouldn't even know where to start without educating myself a lot.

Is he good at and interested in maths, he'll need it.

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by bigbigboss In reply to Starting to Program

Logo is what schools use to teach kids to program. They can program the cursor to go round and round very quickly.

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Start with simple software

by viruser Staff In reply to Starting to Program

I have a nephew that I taught how to program games. I started out with simple software: Beyond virtual ( and Game Factory ( which helped him understand what game development is about. After that, I started giving some programming books which he later used to create some amazing games. You could also go the Adobe Flash( way...!!

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Create Flash Games with GameBrix

by robots In reply to Starting to Program

Create Flash Games with - No programming required

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