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Starting-Up Outlook Express

By Kajoe ·
Since recent date my computer requires between
20 and 25 second from clicking the desktop icon
until ready to use. 95% of this time the blue
start-up window is being displayed on the screen.
What is wrong and how do I solve this problem ??

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Recent software additions?

by Mickster269 In reply to Starting-Up Outlook Expre ...

Have you recently added new software that might be anti-virus, anti-spam, or anti-malware? These progams may be pre-loading in the background, which is why it is taking longer. If there was a problem in installation, that might cause the drag also.

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Windows XP SP2

by Kajoe In reply to Recent software additions ...

No, negatively. No new such software installed.
I did install the OmniPage Pro 15 and uninstalled
it one day later since it didnot bring what I wished this program to do. This downloaded software was almost 500 Mb.
The by-effect of this all is also that the systemrepair is not working anymore.

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Omnipage Pro

by Mickster269 In reply to Windows XP SP2

Did it have the option allwoing you to email a scanned page?

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Outlook Express / Omnipage Pro

by Kajoe In reply to Omnipage Pro

Regret donot know because only reason of installation of Omnipage Pro was that Omnipage SE
(installed at same time with Canon scanner) was not doing what it should do. After I noticed that
the Pro version also didnot bring improvement,
I un-installed the Pro version without checking/investigating any other options.
(Regret late reply - however I was not notified that you sent your reply in spite of fact that
the notify option had been checked by me)

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Try re-installing Omnipage Pro

by Mickster269 In reply to Outlook Express / Omnipag ...

See if that corrects the problem.

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Slow startin outlook express

by Kajoe In reply to Try re-installing Omnipag ...

Hi folks,

I found elseweher on the internet the following solution:;action=display;threadid=4187

and specilly read the contribution of Magik Newbie of April 13th inst.
I followed the described repair procedure and
Outlook Express is running fine again.

Thsk for all who have participated in suggestions to solve the problem.

Closing this communication.

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