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Static Smatic, help

By elims3 ·
Others have commneted about antistatic bags and foam. So would someone out there please take a step back and provide some clarifications and some definitions? I thought those grey smokey-colored bags with the black lines were "safe" and what you were supposed to put computer components in. And I din't know plastic or foam could conduct electricity at all, so how could they build up a static charge? Maybe we should go back to pieces of cardboard anc cutting up the boxes for pieces to lay a circuit board on. Send replies direct as well as to TR posting. Thanks.

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Static cling

by generalist In reply to Static Smatic, help

I guess that you haven't run into many situations where you take the protective plastic covering off a CD jewel case and have a hard time keeping it from clinging to your fingers. That is a classic case of static electricity at work.

While the grey anti-static bags are useful, you do have to watch out for them when the hardware is out of the bag. One of the reasons they are anti-static is because their exteriors are conductive if I remember right.

You might want to get ahold of a good PC maintenance book and read about static electricity and PC components. There are a lot of things you can do wrong if you aren't careful.

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by epepke In reply to Static Smatic, help

Materials that are insulators (do not conduct electricity) are precisely those that do build up a static charge, as the electrons have nowhere to go and no waye to get there. Conductors are safer, because the charge equalizes and also bleeds off.
Smokey shiny bags are doped to make them conduct current. The black foam that crumbles easily has conductive material in it.

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