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By swat3commander ·
I'm looking for a good web site company that has to offer very large storage.

Reason why I say this is because I have 2 harddrives and really it's time to start uploading all my mp3's to a site to store for awhile.

One harddrive is full 7.6g'sof all mp3's WOW EHH yea I know.

But I don't want to delete them just to free up some disk space I know there is opition to upload but where is one of the best sites that can support 7.6 g's for the price.

Any ideas where?

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by TheChas In reply to Storage

For the most part, the on-line storage sites have shifted entirely to buisiness customers only.

There are 2 ways that they can make money on the storage they offer.
1. Off-site backups of critical files.
2. A resource for mobil users.

In any event, the pricing plans tend to exclude the individual user.

Personally, I would either archive the MP3 files onto 3 sets of CDs. (1 to use, 2 to store)

Or, spend the $100 and get a 120MB hard drive so you have room for lots of files.

Either way, you will spend a lot less money then you would for on-line storage.


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don't pay someone!

by ghstinshll In reply to Storage

Purchase an IDE RAID card from adaptec and 2 identical hard drives... Then set up a mirror and then put your MP3s on these drives...

By the way, I suggest getting larger (80GB) hard drives since you're only at the tip of MP3 collecting... Once ihad over 40GBs of albums from my personal CD collection over the years, and I lost them all when my PC crashed. Now I'm running RAID for my mp3s.

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