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Strange problem

By foreversupreme ·
Hello to all!

This is a bit long but the help would be extremely helpful. Thank you

I'm experiencing this problem that is becoming a annoying and I can?t understand how it?s being caused or how to fix it. Let me give you a scenario. Ok this random day I try to connect to the internet using dialup on a w2k pro system, after dialing and trying to authenticate it returns "error 6** incorrect username and password" so I opened the connection again and the password field was blank!! I re-entered the password, checked the "remember password" box and dialed again... same error, opened the dialup connection box again and AGAIN its blank!!! So my I thought that I entered an incorrect password and forgot to check the "remember password" box. After doing this about 6 times (making sure I entered the correct username and password and checking the remember password box) I get the same problem. Somehow the password is being erased as soon as I click dial. I?ve tried making a new connection, reinstalling the modem, scanning for viruses & spyware and double checking the connection's options. What worked the first time I entered the password and username and immeadeily restarted the computer and it worked after the restart BUT that doesn?t work anymore lol. Now what is really annoying is that i'm trying it on another pc (same house) and its happening again! Also changed hard disks to another hard disk with XP pro installed and I got the problem about 3 times... I really have no idea on what can be causing this.

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Nothing strange at all!!!

by GuruOfDos In reply to Strange problem

Dial Up Networking (on all versions of windows from 95 onwards) will not, repeat NOT, 'remember' a password in the password box UNTIL you have made at least one successful connection! The first time you connect, negotiate and establish a connection successfully, your password will be remembered. What you are seeing is not a strange problem, but an inherent feature of Windows DUN!!!

Why remember a password if the connection failed because of the password or username?!!

It didn't work (error 6** means precicely 'wrong user name or password') so DUN will forget it.

If the username is wrong, even if the password is correct, then it won't remember it as the password is linked to the username.

However, if you ARE putting in the correct name and password, but it's throwing you out and forgetting the password, then it may be the authentication process at the ISP end. Failure to authenticate (password server at the other end) is the same to DUN as 'Wrong Username or password' and the DUN program dumps the password.

It may be that you have dialled in a thousand times with no problem...then the server at that end generates a 6**. Your perfectly good password will be dumped. DUN unfortunately can't differentiate between a wrong name/password or the failure of your ISP to log you in with a correct name/password!

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For future reference.

by GuruOfDos In reply to Strange problem

Why not try posting in the Q&A section and offer a few TechPoints next time? You will get answers faster and the satisfaction of knowing you are keeping to TR etiquette!

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by foreversupreme In reply to For future reference.

Thanks alot Guru.
I will contact my ISP and inquire about it.

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