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Straw man arguments bite both ways

By Gnunzo ·
George: Thank you for debunking these straw man arguments. I appreciate it greatly.

I really liked how you used those same straw man arguments as the only evidence for your argument that there is no real argument for net neutrality. That is the real coup.

So let me get this straight: a few bad arguments for net neutrality are bunk. Therefore net neutrality is bunk. Okay, I get you.

Karl Rove could take lessons from you, buddy.

Why not try a real argument for net neutrality. If you want to start an online store to compete with some big online retailer and you wish to compete on price alone, you can now. You may not be able to in the future without guarantees for net neutrality.

And BTW, since 2000, dozens of very important pieces of legislation have been introduced and/or modified without giving any time for congress to read the bills about topics in which they may actually be experts. Arguing that congressfolk shouldn't vote on bills about which they know nothing is now, thanks to the K streeters, the normal way of doing business.

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