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    Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear


    by tink! ·

    I’m for kids having cell phones to keep in touch and all, but shouldn’t there be rules that keep them out of the classrooms? They can always check messages at their locker, between classes.

    Heck at one time there was a rule that kept us from even having graphing calculators in class, why not phones?

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      :0 calculators ?

      by dawgit ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      You graphing calculators when you were in School? geeez, That makes me feel old :_| We had to use slide-rules. (Boy, I am getting old)

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      I can’t wait

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      I’ll be laughing in my rocker when all these young whippersnappers get old like some of the rest of us. Then they won’t be able to hear their own ring tones. Oh, that will be the day when everyone is as old, grumpy and nasty as me.

      I’ll especially revel in the days when my own kids have to stretch for 10 minutes before rolling out of bed and need another ten minutes later on in the day to locate their bifocals on top of their heads before going to the bathroom to read a magazine. I know that my wife will enjoy it when the kids pee a little bit every time they have a hearty laugh.

      Ah, just imagine a world where everybody is a miserable middle-aged old coot. It’s my little version of Martin Luther King’s dream.

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        What a sick idea…

        by boomer_sexy ·

        In reply to I can’t wait

        I agree with DMambo and would like to add that they should experience. Everytime “they” leave home they will have go around the block to make sure they closed the garage door. Miss their favorite television programming because they cannot find the remote control. Get a euphoric rush from their pacer whenever someone pushes the garage door opener. Wonder what the squabble was all about when Janet Jackson was revealed. Try to figure out why they keep making the steering wheels so much higher and when is GM going to poke a whole through the dash board so you can see where you are driving.

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      My husband

      by maecuff ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      Read that story and downloaded the ring tone. He kept playing it to see if he could hear it. He couldn’t, but after a few times, the two older kids (18 & 20) and the 8 year old went into his office and said “What are you PLAYING?? STOP it, it’s horrible.” So, of course, he randomly played it all evening long.

      He turned his speakers all the way up, and I could hear it then. It is rather annoying.

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        I can hear

        by tonythetiger ·

        In reply to My husband

        high frequencies well enough. I just can’t tell where they’re coming from 🙁

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        where did he download from?

        by tink! ·

        In reply to My husband

        I’m curious to test it. I’m a 1st anniversary 29 year old and my hubby is 21 years older.

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        My cat can hear it

        by jaguar182 ·

        In reply to My husband

        It drives her NUTS, I can also hear it..I am 44 years old…:)

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      Cell phones AREN’T allowed in classrooms

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      Tink, they ruled that awhile ago- at least here in the Midwest. The whole point of using the inaudible tone is so that students can HIDE their cell phones. In Minneapolis Metro, a student caught using their cell during school hours gets the phone confiscated and a parent called. The parent is the only person that can receive a confiscated phone- it isn’t released back to the student.

      That kids have found an inaudible ring is vastly amusing to me. But they should watch out- my partner is a hunter with very keen hearing. He didn’t have a problem with the tone. There will be others…

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      by tryten ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      What’s funny about this is repeated exposure to these very high frequencies will cause the kids to become deaf to the frequency much earlier than normal.

      I think its going to be fun telling them they are old when they cant hear it anymore. Wow, hearing loss caused by ringtones. Thats just funny.

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      Can’t happen

      by jmgarvin ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      A) I can hear at that frequency
      B) Cell phones can’t produce this frequency
      C) The media is stupid…

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      doesn’t matter here

      by sir_cheats_alot ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      Here cell phones aren’t even allowed on the school property. If caught it’s automatic suspension(not OSS, but ISS; OSS is pointless), and your phone is taken away, and is released to your parents.

      OSS(out of school Suspension) is seen as a reward to most students here; it’s like giving them permission to skip.
      ISS(in school)on the other hand is torture…you have to be doing something at all times, and no sleeping either…in other word take a long book…you’ll likely finish it at the end of the day. Yes, i speak from experience…I was late durring freshman year…a lot.

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      another use

      by dr dij ·

      In reply to Students using ring-tone teachers can’t hear

      the article mentioned that the original creator of the tones was a store owner who used it amplified to get rid of kids hanging out in front of his store, not buying anything and keeping customers away.

      another article mentions that chinese students use cell phones to cheat on exams.

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