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Stuff we've won

By Oz_Media ·
Well after reading about the first i-Pod draw, I thought it would be fun to discuss we've won, or perhaps NEARLY won.

I've won a bunch of different stuff through dealers and draws and such, but I think the most memorable was when when I entered a contest when I was about 5 1/2 and won a Raleigh bike! COOL BIKE TOO!!!

It was a cereal called ReadyBrek (an porridge) in England. You had to color in the street signs on the back of the cereal box and write a poem about what you'd do if you won the bike.

So don't laugh too hard, I was only six years old OKAY?!

"If I had a Raleigh bike, I'd ride it far and wide. I'd stoke up on my Readybrek to keep me warm inside."

So I won this really cool bike that I had for years, I learned to ride on that baby!

WHen they delivered it (a few weeks before Christmas), we weren't home, so the neighbour (a kind elderly lady) snapped it up and stored it in her house, thinking it was a Christmas surprise. Only thing is, she went away for three days, so when the Readybrek guys called my mum to congratulate me it was pretty confusing.

But the neighbour came home, I got my bike and we all lived happily ever after. :)

I also won 5 quid for being dressed up as a sugar cube for a fancy dress contest, a Coleman stove for winning the 'MISS' Strawberry Flats contest and a trip to Vegas for dressing up as a ballerina (tutu and tiara included, alcohol can be dangerous you know) at a Halloween party, but that's another story altogether.

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by j.lupo In reply to Stuff we've won

Never won anything, but competing was always fun. Of course you have to "play" to win and I do but so far the only luck I have had is bad luck.

Maybe I will get lucky here at TR and win an i-Pod over the next few weeks.

Hey Oz Tell more about that Halloween party story. That sounds like an interesting story. :)

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Me, the big winner?

by jdclyde In reply to Stuff we've won

My first big win was back in cub scouts. they did a raffle of cakes that different dens would bring in to raise money. First I won and ran up and grabbed a box of cup cakes. I then won again and ran right back up and grabbed a cake before my mom could pass on us winning twice. (as about 8ish).

As a door prize I won tickets to see the Detroit Pistons last year, that was a good time.

My boss went to a seminar with me but didn't have a business card with him when they collected for a door prize so he wrote his name on one of mine and of course he wins $100 cash. He took me out for a nice steak dinner at Harri Karri's in Chicago with the ill gotten gains. (First time I EVER had a $50 steak!)

Besides that I have never won more than a two dollar scratch-off lottery ticket.

so the highlight of my life, cupcakes and piston tickets. I thought I would amount to more somehow.....

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by JamesRL In reply to Me, the big winner?

Lets see.

When I was a little gaffer, the local radio station had a contest in the spring to promote a local gardening store. First caller won some triple mix and fertilizer. I was bound and determined I was going to win. But I only had a rotary phone, and I figured some of those people with push button phones would beat me.

So I carefully noticed what the queues were that the contest announcement was coming, and I began to dial. I finally won....not that it was about the prize.

I have won a cell phone at a golf game(highest score - not the one you really want to win), won a pair of tickets to "Wicked" a couple of months back.

When I worked at a big multinational, our computer vendor would have a presentation and at the end have kind of a trivia contest to see who had been paying attention. As a real trivia nut, they finally had to take me aside and say, let someone else answer first, you win too many times. I did get baseball tickets, logo jackets etc.

At another vendor's event in the 80s, they had an Indiana Jones theme and I won a leather whip and a waist pouch thingy. My wife looked at me really strangely when I came home with a whip. I also won a copy of dBase IV v 1.2 at the event - big woop cause I already had all the free FoxPro I needed.

My son won a bike in a contest held by the police at a country fair a few years back.

I came second out of 50 in a NCAA big four basketball pool even though I didn't follow college basketball. I just looked at the odds published in the paper, and figured that 3 out of 4 times the published odds would win, and I would look for the well known basketball school was an underdog to beat the odds.

In the same year 3 colleagues on my floor had wives all due in the same week as my wife. We had a pool to predict the delivery date/hour. I won.

I think having some university stats course helps in these ventures.


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Gambling counts????

by jdclyde In reply to Winnings

My last job (was a shop rat) was big in the football (real american football that is!) and Nascar pools.

As they were all random, someone like myself had a chance as I do not follow sports AT ALL.

I would win about a quarter of the time, which really pissed off my companions as I would have to walk into the shop to find out what the score was and who even one.

Also after the Andrew Dice Clay show a few months back held at the casino, I got on the roulet table and paid for my ticket and most of my drinks from my winnings! Gunna have to get back out there the next weekend I don't have the boys!

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Ok, a short list

by IT_Lobo In reply to Stuff we've won

Short list of things I have won at Ducks Unlimiter and Pheasants Forever

Browning .12 Ga
Remmington .20 Ga Youth Express
2-Remmington 597 22
2-Ruger 10/22
Franchi O/U 12 Ga
Marlin 22
2-sleeping bags
5-Prints (1 really cool pencil sketch by Terry Redlin)
Boot chest
and many more small items

I am sure for some reason this is not what Oz is looking for, but he will have to live with it.

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by JamesRL In reply to Ok, a short list

My brother used to take me to tirkey shoots (no live turkeys are harmed) and I used to shoot with my old 12 gauge single shot that I gave him when I left for college.

He always beat me buy a few pellets... Finally I wised up and asked if we could alternate shoots so I could win something - and I got a nice ham.

My dad once won a "Texas Mickey" of Canadian Club at a Rod and Gun club event. It had a plunger like the ketschup dispensers in college, that would dispense 1 oz shots. I think it was an Imperial Gallon (160 ounces).


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My pathetic history of winnings

by TomSal In reply to Stuff we've won

1 Big Mac from McDonalds
2 Medium Drinks from Subway (this and the McD's thing was from those "scratch and win" cards)

1 Computer Game (Red Faction - mentioned in another thread on here)

Oh I also "won" a few trophies from my Martial Arts days..but considering the hefty entry fees for those tournaments, I think I pretty much paid for those trophies

One time I felt special because here in Philadelphia the local rock station WMMR were giving out tickets to a free concert they were sponsoring. I got a set of tickets thinking I was some lucky guy or I find out to call in and get the tickets wasn't winning them, they were giving them to ANYONE who called and asked for them and while supplies

My brothers each got a pair, I got a was a fun night...and not a bad concert for a freebie.

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You reminded me

by JamesRL In reply to My pathetic history of wi ...

In university I worked on the campus FM radio station(5,000 watts and stereo), and one of the tasks I did was work with the station librarian, listening to and cataloguing new material. It was lots of fun.

He went on to work at a local commercial station, and late one night he was giving away tickets to a special premiere of "This is Spinal Tap". He asked for the 6th caller, and when I called and said hi, he asked which caller he had asked for. He told me, "Congratulations, you are the 6th caller" even though I doubt I was.

The fun part of it was that all of the people at the special screening won tickets, and some of them were not in the least aware it was a parody. I swear that even as we were leaving, some people had no idea that it was satire, not reality.


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Don't Usually Win, but...

by comp1systems In reply to Stuff we've won

I enter a lot of contest and don't win a thing, but it's not
discouraging. I just recently won a $50 gift certificate from
Sharebuilder, and $10 from playing an Easy$10 lottery
scratcher. So imagine how pleased I was when I won! I
have always wanted an iPod if I win -- Woopee! If
I don't, it was fun trying...there'll be other contests in TR,

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I won

by maecuff In reply to Stuff we've won

A car payment from a Cincinnati radio station by writing an essay about my 'car from ****'. I also won a dance contest at a club, but I think that was because I was the least drunk person there at the time..

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