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Subscriptions not working either

By Oz_Media ·
Has anyonw else been having this major headache with the new way Discussions are being listed?

after contacting TR's tech support about the recent Discussions being changed to list old atricles instead of the most recent discussions, I was told to subscribe to the discussions.

Well this wasn't what I was looking for but I did so just the same. I searched for some recent discussions and subscribed to them, which was working OK I suppose but not as it used to.

today, I clicked My Discussions and NOTHING turns up under subscribed discussions.

Is it JUST me or is everyone else just assuming they have always done it this way?

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I first noticed this. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Subscriptions not working ...

...a few weeks ago, shortly after they fixed or updated something else (but I don't recall what that was).

A work-around is to simply do a search for the alias (Oz Media, for example), and you'll see the list of discussions, arranged in order of the most recent contribution. However, I think that might be a day behind in accuracy. But it's better than seeing the old and obsolete discussions.

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Yeah I caught that one

by Oz_Media In reply to I first noticed this. . . ...

I noticed your suggestion in another post and it does work, sort of. Since then, I emailed TR and asked what was up, the response was, subscribe to the discussions (AAARRRRGH!!!). Not exactly what I had asked but I searched under my alias and subscribed all the same. Today, I went to login and they were all gone. I sent another TR support question, not yet responded to.

Anyhow, they have magically appeared right now, out of the blue but Max, I am sure you must agree, the old format of just having a list of recent discussions you had participated in and having them update by the most recent post was quite effective.

I think what is picking me the most is that we were all asked for input of the needed changes and problems with the 'old' site. We all pretty much had similar suggestions, moving or changing names for the discussion group and tech Q&A, adding edit to posts etc.

NONE of these have been addressed in the 'new and improved' site, yet all these annoying little changes keep happening and we are left in the dark. No notice of new changes is provided, no information that site design has been changed and now you need to ...etc.

What the **** is happening to our water cooler, it's turning into an oasis?!?

Thanks for your reply Max!


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Actually no matter what I do

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yeah I caught that one

I end up with the same old listings on the my discussions every time that I log on.

I've tried following Max's suggestions but I get the same listings as on the My Discussion page and no matter just how often I "Subscribe" to a discussion it just isn't there the next time that I log on.

But I live in hope and with a bit of luck they will eventually get it right!


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TR has gone down the tubes

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually no matter what I ...

This is not what we've become used to over the yaesr at all. This is unaddressed garbage.

Today, ALL of th enewly subscibed discussions are gone. Searching by alias brings up the same posts I was seeing three weeks ago.

I remeber when the TR staff would respond and get to these things, they would post saying there was an issue and they were trying to resolve it.

Now they just seem to quietly ignore these issues that actually made TR a cool place to visit.

Seems ilke InetFix may be worthwhile now, at least the forum works. Perhaps TR can get Andy to fix their site for them if they are unable to.

Hats off to Jive software! Great partnership choice that was.

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Actually what's worse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Subscriptions not working ...

Is that when you do find a discussion that you where contributing to quite often it is no longer marked what you've read which is even more frustrating than not having then there in the first place.

Perhaps TR has switched to Windows 2003 and these are all undocumented features of the New OS either way it's a major pain in the arse.


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