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Suggestions for vendor in California?

By tscushing ·
Hi Everyone -

I've just been informed by my Accounting people that by buying my hardware & software out of state (from CDW in Ill - I'm in California) it has been screwing up our tax records (don't ask - I'm no accountant!) Anyway, I *love* CDW for all of it's online features, great inventory, and service. Needless to say, to ditch a vendor I have a great relationship with makes my job quite difficult. If I have to go that route, can anyone suggest to me a comparable vendor in California? Thanks in advance.


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Tax problems

by timwalsh In reply to Suggestions for vendor in ...

I understand exactly what the problem is. Buying online is usually a great way to save some money by not having to pay sales tax. Technically, everyone is liable for that sales tax whether the vendor collects it or not. States usually have no wayof inforcing these sales tax laws on individuals.

It is much easier to enforce these laws on businesses though (especially larger ones). It sounds as if your accounting department has no process to capture which purchases have not included sales tax so that they can send the proper sales tax to the state.

You ought to inform them that they need to correct this issue while you are looking for an in-state vendor. You changing you vendor won't fix the problem because you may not always find in-state vendors for everything you need.

BTW, I'm not aware of ANY vendors, with an Internet presence, on the scale of a or that have a presence in CA(which would require them to collect sales tax for CA).

If you are willing to settle for other than an Internet vendor, I recommend

R & M Enterprises,Inc
**2 Sol Court
Ridgecrest,CA 93555
Voice # 760-446-5609
Fax # 760-446-6230

This is essentially a one-women shop but she can get you just about anything and resonably quick. If you do any government business, you get browny points for using this company because it qaulifies as small, disadvantaged, woman-owned business. She will compete with prices quoted by CDW or Warehouse.

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Try Insight.

by tbragsda In reply to Suggestions for vendor in ...

I have had a great relationship with Insight (call 800 467-444 try Jermy @x 5311. I know that they have worked the tax thing with us. They are headed in Phoenix (I think) but the bean counters at my co, seem to be ok with them.

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Ask accounting to clarify

by maxwell edison In reply to Suggestions for vendor in ...

"...screwing up our tax records"???

What the h*** does that mean?

Companies do business with out-of-state vendors every day. I’ve been doing it for years, and our accountant can handle it just fine. Thousands - maybe millions of companies do it.

Ask the "tax expert" what he/she means by screwing up. That’s pretty vague. Just what exactly is the problem.

Ask the "tax expert" why he/she has trouble with that very common practice while other accountants do not.

Ask the "tax expert" if it's better to spend 30% more on parts just to save 5% in taxes.

Ask the "tax expert" …. well, you get the idea.

It sounds like an incompetent accountant to me.

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Accounting 101

by djent In reply to Ask accounting to clarify

Its time get the accountant off the tall stool and take off that green eye shade, we are in a GLOBAL economy, evolve or get a new career.

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