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By TomSal ·
Sorry guys (and gals) but I couldn't let this week go by without getting a thread in on the Super Bowl, I know I'll probably get slammed by all non-US folks (I understand many outside of the US just don't get our style of "football").

However I live in a suburb of Philadelphia and have cheered for the Eagles for my whole life. The last time they went to the bowl (and lost) I was just about 6 years yeah..its pretty big if you are an NFL fan...but HUGE if you are an NFL EAGLES fan this year..


thanks for allowing me to rant about the game..

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Tongue firmly cocked in cheek........

by Fonken Monken UK In reply to SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

Buch of fully grown men wondering round in enough pads for an automotive crash test centre.
Bunch of girls!!!
The 6 nations rugby is kicking off over here this weekend. That, my friend, is a proper game! Non of this 5 yard, 10 yard "He's made 4 yards in that last down" nonsense! There's only 1 lot yards in Rugby, and its 22!
And what is it? 4 hours those games last? Whats allegedly gruelling about that?! Those big chaps get to have a break every 5 minutes! Rugby is 80 minutes of ****!!!! and whats more, its played in mud!! Rugby players dont worry about getting theor kit dirty! Nor brain damage and associated sprains!

Do you guys call it football because of the units used to measure the pitch? I mean, its not like the ball gets kicked much!

OK, p1ss take over!

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Well now....

by jdclyde In reply to Tongue firmly cocked in c ...

First, using pads to reduce injuries is a sign of INTELLEGENCE. After watching your pigs roll in the mud for 80 minutes, that probably isn't the first word to come to mind.

We have better cheerleaders too! Woo Woo! (I like girls)

Now that I have that out of my system, I have to say I bet your games are the biggest party going. Sounds like fun!

oink oink! : >

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by Fonken Monken UK In reply to Well now....

Yeah, its fun rolling in the mud! Often Rugby is referred to the thinking mans game, unlike football (proper, soccer to you US guys) which really really isnt. Just watch a post match, in the tunnel interview with a football and a rugby player and the difference is startling.

OK, you got something with the cheerleaders!! NO FAIR!!!

Also unlike football/soccer, its often said that with rugby all the violence is on the field, not in the stands. You'll never see a rugby crowd getting violent, more likely sleeply having consumed too much real ale.

As for intelligence, well, before rugby was made a pro sport, most of the team was made up of doctors, lawyers, wealthy business types, solicitors, you name it!

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Wonder if they ever televise rugby over here?

by jdclyde In reply to LOL

Anyone know if they ever televise rugby in the states? I admit I don't know much about it, but always willing to check it out. (even if they don't have chearleaders).

Getting sleepy. Reminds me how rock concerts used to be. Everyone was too high to want to fight over anything but the last nacho.

Now all the kids are on uppers and are tweeked out big time. And of course the latest trend in Metal is now HATE metal. How appropreate.

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Injury rate

by jdmercha In reply to Well now....

I'd like to know the injury rate of the NFL compared to Pro Rugby. It seems to me that all that padding in the NFL just means you can hit people harder, and hit them with plastic paddding which is much harder than a human body.

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I agree with you

by TomSal In reply to Injury rate

But I know how passionate folks I just grin when folks talk about the toughness between the two sports.

The funny thing is...the padding a football player wears is far from comfortable. Its not like you feel the comfort of being wrapped up in the "fluffy" quilt you have on your bed. I played football fully suited up before..the pads , between the stiffness of them and just the added weight its actually uncomfortable.

When you are "suited up" you tend to have a false sense of "safety" and that makes you make more bold hits too.

Trust me...even compared to Rugby, the NFL guys take some mean punishment I don't care what they say.

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I don't think NFL pushes as hard

by jdclyde In reply to I agree with you

because the pampered millionairs do not want to lose their livelyhood I don't think they push themselves as hard as a bunch of drunk guys rolling in the mud together.

So I will give you that.

We still have better cheerleaders. Woo Woo!

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YOU have cheerleader for anything though

by Oz_Media In reply to I don't think NFL pushes ...

NOt that it's a BAD thing, but even WalMart has cheerleaders at the door, okay, 'greeters' same thing.

"Ricker racker firecracker sis boom bah, WalMart WalMart rah rah rah!" Did I not just walk through the dorr already though? Is this to stop me form running away? Or is it just another fancy/nonthreatening name for the last set of eyes at the door?

England has cheerleaders too though, they are generally referred to as football hooligans (ever played Hooligans? GREAT game!). Every team has a group of 'travelling cheeleaders'. Usually hairy guys that are professional full-time drinkers with big mouths and bad attitudes.

Better than those 'sissy' cheereaders! LOL

Canadian sports don't have many cheerleaders. They don't get paid for cheerleading at CFL games, they don't travel with the teams but they gain dance experience and free hair care products.

All the other Canadian sports are too cold or too dangerous for cheerleaders.

Hockey, Lacross are too dangerous and Curling (zzzzzzzzz, brrrr).

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Bow to the mighty Walmart

by TomSal In reply to YOU have cheerleader for ...

Walmart is the Borg, you will all be assimilated.


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We like girls

by jdclyde In reply to YOU have cheerleader for ...

yes, yes we do.

America, land of the free. where else can a bunch of guys that are bald and have a beer gut have pretty girls talk to them? (instead of AT them like they get at home?)

But then again, Canada having the soft porn on TV makes up for that I guess. Why would you need cheerleaders when you have porn?

(of course, not that I have ever notices. I have just HEARD of all this.) : ]

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