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Survey: Are Big Trucks and SUVs really necessary?

By ExCorpGuy ·
OK, For something off topic, I have to comment on the
title of the other post.

While I admit that H1s are neat SUVs, I have to state
that H2s are really marketing. I guess that I will get
flamed for this be it.

H2s IMHO are really marketing. If your REALLY want to
know what military vehicles are...look to H1 or real
military vechicles.

If you would like a chance to own a real military vehicle,
check out and bid on
vehicles when they become available. Know what you
are going to bid on and take it from there...

I have a M35A2C which is a 2.5 ton 6X6 wheeled
vehicle more commonly known as a deuce and an half.

My deuce will run on diesel, gas, heating oil, etc. as a
'multi-fuel' engine.

It is all wheel drive, all 10 wheels turning that will go up
a 60 degree incline like a H1. In addition, if I ever need
to cross a stream 5' deep, it will do the job.

I have heard that several H2 owners tried to cross
streams and had instead get to get towed to their local

It is what I call an H0... :)

The difference is that it goes most of the same places
and costs a fraction of the cost. Also, when driving it
around, many give you the look of 'WTF' it that thing?

Plus, it weighs about twice the weight empty too...

Surprising that it gets about 10 MPG which is about the
same as most SUVs such as Chevrolet Suburbans,
etc. It you want an economical vehicle, get a diesel

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Survey: Are Big Trucks an ...

could you also call that an H20?

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they can take the H2 and H3 and stick them right up their...

by anykey??? In reply to Survey: Are Big Trucks an ...

whew, sorry about that I get alittle worked up on this subject,

I absolutely despise what GM has done to the HUMMER name,being a hoosier I have alot of respect for AM GENERAL(they build the H1 and are based in Indiana)because of every thing that they have done for the military over the years.

IMO the H2 is just an overpriced suburban or a reskinned full sized van with a set of gears under the frontend. Just incase you are wondering fullsize van??? if you look at the H2 with the really short fender length it reminds me of a van.

And on to the topic of diesel trucks, finally the american auto companies have realized the potential of a GOOD diesel engine.
The biggest benefit of the diesel is fuel economy,you can take a 8500# truck with a diesel that has been tuned to like 500hp and 1000lbft torque and still get 20+ mpg.
My 99 300hp 1ton only gets 13mpg on real frickin good day and only weighs 6500#.
How can you argue with those numbers?

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On of MY favorites...

by Jessie In reply to Survey: Are Big Trucks an ... this site

Check out the link... a WHOLE bunch of pics of people flipping off H2s... Now that's just TOO GOOD!!

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