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Survey-How many IT people know how to play chess - Yes or No?

By Black Panther ·
Do you know how to play Chess?? Yes or No

Does playing Chess mean that you are a 'nerd'??

I have found that Chess is mostly played by technically minded people but I could be wrong!

Did you know -- there are 10 to the power of 120 possible games of chess!

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I do!

by ITgirli In reply to Survey-How many IT people ...

So there's one.

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good on you

by Black Panther In reply to I do!

Do you enjoy it?

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I love it.

by ITgirli In reply to good on you

I have a nice glass set. The next set I get will be the shot glass set. I also have the small travel magnetic version.

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Geek or Nerd

by jardinier In reply to good on you

As I don't play chess and have never had any interest in learning to play, does it follow that I am neither a geek nor a nerd?

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by cesarcomputers In reply to I do!

does this should prove intelligence? I dunno!

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aaahhhhh!! <deep sigh>

by Sleek1 In reply to I do!

Props to you, subtropicalmist... excellent question, and one I have wondered about myself. I think IT people are predisposed to be above average chess players. I consider myself a very good amatuer. I just wish I had enouygh time to play at work!

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Knights Challenge?

by grignaak In reply to I do!

I Do, that's for sure. Something I'm actually "good" at, That is if someone will play me, I finally had to buy Fritz 8!

But a related question: How many IT ppl know how to do the Knights Challenge? (#s probably not as high, but I bet they're higher than any other field besides maybe astro-physicist.)

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by Black Panther In reply to Knights Challenge?

I have heard that Fritz is one of the best chess programs around - never actually seen it yet!

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I play Chess too

by Prasanna M Mukundan In reply to Survey-How many IT people ...

but not all that often..and no I certainly am not a nerd

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I also play chess...

by ballistabob In reply to Survey-How many IT people ...

I do not believe that playing chess makes one a nerd. Yes, I do believe that a technical mindset does bring one a greater love of the game.

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