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Switch user?

By dwashbur ·
I read with great interest the column about running two X
sessions simultaneously. My problem is this: when I start
a second session, I need to have it be a different user. I
tried su'ing to said user's account (my wife's) and doing

startx -- :1

per the column, but the X server crashed without starting.
When I su'ed to root, it ran fine, but root isn't who I need to
be in that second X session. I want to have a quick way
for her to access her mail, web settings, blah blah blah.
I'm using Red Hat 9 with all the updates to date installed.
Except for using su in a terminal to become a different
user and run everything from the command line, I haven't
found a way to switch users without logging clear out. I
was hoping this multiple X-session thing would help.
Anybody have an idea how to do this?


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