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    Sysprep Windows 7


    by douglasf01 ·

    The company I work for is looking to migrate from Windows XP sp3 to Windows 7 Pro 32 bit in the near future. We are looking at once again using sysprep to setup and lockdown our new images, but I have come to a stop with this at the moment.

    When working with sysprep I thought it would be as simple as using the sysprep.exe inside of Windows 7, but I was apparently wrong after reading many blog posts and discussion forums.

    I downloaded WAIK and the supplements and I suddenly realized that I ran into something I was completely unfamiliar with.

    Has anyone had any successful experience using WAIK and sysprep with a Windows 7 OS and pushed it out to multiple machines without any issues, if so is there a guide that you followed?

    Just a thought, is there an easier way to build an image without WAIK and sysprep to lock it down?


    Douglas Futrell

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