System slow down

By cmdx2 ·
Whenever I type at my computer, the person in the adjacent office complains that his computer works extremely slowly. His speed also decreases if any of the other employees are typing -- but the problem is most acute with me. Any thoughts?

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by jimmy-jam In reply to System slow down

That doesn't make any sense. Are you sharing a PC through a terminal box or something?

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Sneak in a keyboard

by Dumphrey In reply to WHAT????

and type on it while its not plugged in, wait for him to complain. Then hit him over the head with the 2nd keyboard.

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And then

by jdclyde In reply to Sneak in a keyboard

add that user to the "dumb user" lists that are on the net.

Some people are just LOOKING for a reason to beotch.

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Or even better, a tape recording of a keyboard typing

by robo_dev In reply to Sneak in a keyboard

Then sneak around the corner to see what fleshy web pages he's viewing

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by cmiller5400 In reply to System slow down

Is this when your computer is just ON? Or only when you are physically typing? Curiosity is killing the cat here...

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Bottom line

by jimmy-jam In reply to System slow down

Someone is yanking your chain. Kind of like when I worked at the grocery store in high school and the sent me in the back for a left handed squeege sharpener...

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