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By ExCorpGuy ·
After working for 8 years for the same company, we got
sold to an outsourcer. A year later, I got an instant
message from my boss on a Friday afternoon if I had
time to call him.

Basic line of phone chat follows...

How have you been doing?

(Background: Just had a heart attack, three stents
installed couple of months earlier...)

Well, you may not have heard as you were out, but we
are eliminating your job as it is second level.

(Note: Everyone else except one other person on team
is third level. This even though both the other co-worker
and I do the same daily work and have good job
evaluations with the former employer.)

Boss: I am not sure what is available via online internal
job postings, but this is a great chance for you to
advance your career.

Any questions? No... Well, have a great

Aside from being extremely tacky, this is a real kick in
the teeth. I guess on the bright side, at least he did not
phone me in the hospital while hooked up to IVs and an
EKG to give me the news!

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The Board Says..

by wordworker In reply to Tacky?

My right-sizing event was done in person, but it was nonetheless tacky. The CTO called four of us into a room at 2:40 and said, "The Board says we have to show a profit, so your positions have been eliminated." Then he handed out 9x12 envelopes. It was a cold message, delivered in a calm, cool, and rehearsed manner. I ripped open the envelope looking for how much (if any) severance would be offered, while the others cried and fumed and attempted to negotiate with the CTO. Then he said, "We want you to quietly leave the building within 15 minutes. You'll get a chance to come back and get your stuff at a later date..."

What was left unsaid was, "The Board says we have to show a profit BECAUSE...." the CEO had pi$$ed away $15 million in venture capital in the previous 10 months on ill-conceived, poorly executed plans that didn't generate promised revenues, and some of those millions went for severance to some VP-level boneheads who had been brought in to spend that venture capital.

Six months later, the company started rehiring most of the positions that had been eliminated. Tacky? Add heartless, stupid, uncaring to the list of adjectives. And the CEO and CTO are still there, enjoying their huge salaries and benefits, while the 31 people they laid off are still trying to find consistent work.

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A lesson from GenX

by admin In reply to Tacky?

A lesson from GenX that was learned watching parents getting taken out by their corporations after employees became dependant on them and their retirement plans, stocks etc.- of course the corporations let a whole generation of people fall flat with no parachutes.


The only person you can rely on is yourself- your skillset- your training- your abilities- whatever you can muster.

It really sucks- I agree- but you have to always keep some work options open and always improve your own abilities to gain employment every day. That is how the working world is now.

What happened should be wrong and socially disproved of- but the stockholders don't care and the company will replace or eliminate your old boss as soon as they possibly can.

The company didn't care about the workers or they would have not sold it. The outsourcers don't care about the workers and your boss doesn't either.

GenX didn't do this to the world BTW, just figured out how to live with it.

One of the best ways is to not go in debt (or get out of debt as soon as one can) and save every cent possible. Also, reduce your needs- if you're already used to buying second hand and have a mortgage you can pay off in 15 years or less stick with it. Then whenever you lose a job you don't have a higher lifestyle that you have to keep making payments on. Invest some for the future but realize you can lose your stocks at any point and have a savings plan that to rely on.

I still think the way you were treated sucks. The best revenge is to stand up and give them a big finger while you continue to prosper. Maybe someday you can send the burgers back when your old boss is flipping em at the local MickeyD's.

Tacky? Yes. Expected as a possibility? Yes, every day- even those of you that think it could never happen.


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Thank you...

by ExCorpGuy In reply to A lesson from GenX

While now layed off, and stil looking for work, I
appreciate your advice. I am hopefully about to gain
employment as a contractor, your words give me hope.

I have since trained for SQL which should offer other
avenues in future employment.

I take comfort in the fact that the company I left is in
total chaos.

I still have contacts both inside the outsourcer and the
original company that it was MUCH better to get out
under ANY circumstances even under those which I
was forced to leave.

IMHO, outsourcing has many downsides that are not
apparent in the glowing benefits that the 'bean
counters' cite for the cost benefits to do it.

I have spoken with several 'retained' people that state
without reservation, after the 'deal', and my departure,
things are MUCH worse than when my former company
operated with the organization in house.

I have to admit that I take pleasure at the chaos that is
described to me and what I am missing by not being in
the middle of it.

My two cents....

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tacky too

by price.becky In reply to Tacky?

I had a lime sized tumor in my liver. After numerous tests, it was found non-cancerous, but had to be removed because it could become cancerous. I was scheduled just as they were doing phase 4 layoffs (level above me) and was told repeatedly by bosses, "Don't worry!" So, the day I returned, I was laid off. After 24 years.

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Call a lawyer!

by wordworker In reply to tacky too

I think in your situation it would be appropriate to call a lawyer and sue their sorry buttocks.

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It happens

by angry_white_male In reply to Tacky?

Where I work - girl in HR was out for surgery/recovery for several weeks. Management used this opportunity to start reassigning her work to others and line up a replacement for her. After two weeks she was shown the door - laid off citing cost cutting/reorganization.

So they shifted some people and ended up hiring someone within a week to fill a vacancy created by this lay-off with a personal friend of the HR director's, who ended up quitting after a week. The HR director took a new job with another agency 2 months later (he knew he'd be leaving sooner or later, so this was probably a spiteful layoff for some unknown reason).

Crummy situation for the girl - was basically lied to at her exit interview. Never given a reason why she was let go - they handled it as a layoff, had her sign the claim waiver so she'd get her severance in return for not suing the place... much cleaner for the company and makes her look better when she's out job hunting. But where we are (public sector), layoff = firing... you don't turn a company around by sacking a $32,000/yr secretary. Not much she can do.

When I was laid off from a big Fortune 100 company, it was along with 2,500 other people that day. We were all called in one by one. Those who kept their jobs were informed verbally, those who didn't got a big thick envelope. My boss handled it very professionally... wasn't a fun day for her either.

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One Year out...

by ExCorpGuy In reply to It happens

I have been laid off since January and still looking for a
decent position. I have had several offers for
temporary contract work in other cities. Moving for
such work is not economically practical for me. I even
had one offer to work in Iraq as a contractor. Sorry,
but 130F with IEDs and bullets are not in the cards for
any IT assignment for me.

I am hopeful that I will find something soon that is non-
contract work. I am not using permanent in any job
offer after being outsourced two times in two years
from former employers.

It really astounds me that Fortune 100 companies
today layoff thousands without looking ahead past the
next quarter or two. IMHO, the vast majority of
management has no concept of the work that their
employees do on a daily basis in IT. I can understand
them understanding assembly line work, but all of the
day to day work not covered on a work plan is not
missed until you are no longer on the job.

I am really glad that I am no longer in the pressure
cooker of my former assignments. But, I am also sorry
for my former customers left dealing with the results of
over worked remaining staff to help them.

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New Job

by ExCorpGuy In reply to One Year out...

After much searching, I am now hired once again in the
IT field. I accepted a position with another (much
larger) company. One of the areas that they deal in is
outsourcing. I decided that if you cannot beat them join

I am hoping that this position will offer the opportunity to
advance while at the same time offer some stability in
the long term. Given the flux that IT seems to be in
recently, if it lasts for several years I will consider myself

While I hope to be valued and appreciated, I don't
expect this job to be the last job that I will have to find in
my career. I guess that being outsourced two times in
two years will do that for someone. Especially given
how I was informed of the former layoff with my former

I don't want to sound too negative, but given business
today, your job is only as secure as the most recent
balance sheet.

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Looking Again...

by ExCorpGuy In reply to New Job

Well it happened...out of work once again. I was laid off due to lack of work. My former company lost a major client and had to cut headcount.

Logic would think that they would cut those that only worked the account lost. But, apparently logic is not factored into layoffs.

BTW, I was with my last performance review the second highest performer. I guess that did not matter with the office "click" in deciding who was getting the axe.

I am not too surprised how things turned out. I am just going to "roll with the punches" and see what happens in the end. It might give me the push to change careers entirely. I am currently not too fond of IT as a career choice.

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