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Talk about letting Marketing and Sales getting in the way of Operations...

By Mickster269 ·

"...a senior Hezbollah official said Tuesday the guerrilla group did not expect Israel to react so strongly to its capture of two Israeli soldiers last month.
"The truth is ? let me say this clearly ? we didn't even expect (this) response.... that (Israel) would exploit this operation for this big war against us," said Komati.

Sounds like some US Companies I know - Hezbollah used the same marketing plan as last year, and didn't update information on the competition.

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Pretty funny

by Prefbid II In reply to Talk about letting Market ...

I would not have thought of looking at it that way, but your analogy seems to work.

-- now if they would only see that this is not going to end up well even if they can fight to a draw, then maybe they will give up early.

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retaliation for an armed assault is 'exploitation'

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Talk about letting Market ...

boy do these guys have a weird mind set. They are supposed to be allowed to *****, shoot rockets and civilians and attack across borders but the people they attack aren't supposed to strike back. Sheesh.

Even looking at this from a legalistic point of view. It is unlawful in any country for private citizens to kidnap people or to hold them against their will, except under extremely restricted situations covering lawbreakers.

These guys invade Isreal, murder soldiers and kidnap two more. Then when they return with them to Lebanon, they have committed capital crimes in Lebanon as they are keeping them prisoner. that is unless they are acting with Lebanese govt approval. Now these attacks etc have been going on for some time without the Lebanese govt taking any action against Hizbullah. Add in the fact that Hizbullah is a major organisation within Lebanon and has a political wing heavily involved with the govt. This makes it look suspiciously like they're acting with govt support and approval.

Isreal get finally get fed up with these attacks and respond accordingly to end them. Now the initiators are screaming foul?

Sounds like Sadam bitching when the IDF hit Iraq in Gulf War part 1.

MAybe the Israelis could have saved themselves some PR trouble by just dropping contact poison all over the area at night from stealth bombers.

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by JamesRL In reply to retaliation for an armed ...

It wasn't Hesbollah that started the chain of events. It was in Gaza that the first soldiers were kidnapped, and that wasn't Hesbollah. Hesbollah escalated after Israel invaded Gaza. And rocket attacks were very infrequent until Israel started bombing Lebanon.

The Lebanese Government is still fairly young and weak. Once upon a time, it was dominated by Lebanese Christians. Then the civil war came, Israel invaded to help the Christians, The Christians massacred civilians (Look up Shatila), and the Syrians invaded to help the muslims. Unfortunately this resulted in a long term stalemate - the Syrian army occupying the North, and Israel occupying the buffer zone.

In 2000 an agreement was made, and Israel pulled out. Syria followed. The Lebanese goverment has really only been able to stand on its own for the past few years, and has had to work hard to rid itself of Syrian influence.

The leader of the movement to get Syria out was assasinated last year.

Hezbollah is supported heavily by Iran and Syria. Iran funds them, and Syria is the transit point for weapons. If you want to stop the war, you need to bring Iran and Syria to bear on Hesbollah and thats easier said than done.

The Lebanese people are caught in the middle. Two soldiers kidnapped, Isreal bombs, and inevitably hundreds of civilians are dead. Israel claimed the other day to have killed 100 Hezbollah, but 300 people have died in Lebanon, including many children.

Yesterday, a UN peacekeeping site was hit and four were killed. Lebanese army bases have been hit too.

And over half a million people are homeless. The infrastructure is ruined. Many parts of the country have no electricity. People wanting to flee have a difficult time because the bridges were bombed. Even though Hesbollah is primaril in the south, the whole country is under siege.

This all started from a kidnapping of 2 soldiers. An eye for an eye(or two eyes for an eye) and soon the whole world will be blind.


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Seems that I'm saying much the same

by neilb@uk In reply to escalations

but you beat me to print. :)

The saddest thing is that Lebanon was indeed getting itself together both economically and politically. They even had a flourishing tourist trade. The wreck that the country is now in will take years to rebuild economically - assuming Israel doesn't test any more US weapons there - but politically, it will never recover. Israel has shot itself - and possibly us - in the foot with this one.

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And sadly

by JamesRL In reply to Seems that I'm saying muc ...

These events further weaken the Lebanese gov't and make it more likely that Helzbollah will maintain or increase their influence over the people of south Lebanon.


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"respond accordingly"

by neilb@uk In reply to retaliation for an armed ...

Debatable point. Israel has been waiting for just this opportunity and is obviously doing what it wants with the full backing and armament support of the US. What it appears to be doing is bombing Lebanon - a country just starting to get itself together - back into the Stone Age. That's "respond accordingly?" - I don't think so.

Hizbullah is a terrorist organisation, targeted against Israel, bankrolled and supported materially by Syria and Iran. We know that. Everyone knows that. We've always known it. Why does anyone think that the Lebanese government has any chance of stopping them doing exactly what they want? Isreal knew that they didn't. My f*cking dog knew!

What we will have when and if this stops is a larger pool of terrorists for Hizbollah to draw on.

I've not got any particular down on Israel and I hate the Arabs a lot. Israel has taken some crap down the years but they've dished out a lot as well. They don't seem to be getting anywhere lately. When this current debacle is over, supposing that it doesn't escalate beyond the current boundaries, Israel will have gained nothing. Anyone got any ideas what they actually want? Yeah, they want Hizbollah to stop the rocket attacks. Bombing Beirut is certainly going to achieve THAT! Not.


I do wish that US-poodle of a Prime Minister of mine would show some chuffing BACKBONE and get his head out of GWB's arse!

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This was escalated by the Syrians

by faradhi In reply to Talk about letting Market ...

Hezbollah is an arm of Syria. Any doubt? Look at the A section of USA Today from Monday July 24. It reported that any agreement would only be brokered by Syria if the Golan Heights are returned. (According to Syrian Officials)

This was escalated by Hezbollah for the Syrians to regain the Golan Heights.

Lebanon is caught in the middle.

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