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By dawgit ·
I'm a little slow sometimes and just cought this from MSNBC, no I did't make it up, and it's not dated 1 Apr.
"You Might Want to Do Your Shoplifting Elsewhere: Increasingly, police departments and government offices (customs agencies, NASA, even the FBI) rely on state-of-the-art investigation support from the Target Corp. (as in Target department stores), according to a January Washington Post report. Target's world-class forensics lab in Minneapolis is the first choice by many departments for examination of surveillance tapes and other evidence, and it was Target in the mid-1990s that finally moved agencies to coordinate previously incompatible databases of criminals (treating the felon population as a nationwide "inventory control" problem). A Target executive said he works for "a high-tech company masquerading as a retailer." [Washington Post, 1-29-06]
While I think it a good Tech story, it still kind of makes me wonder (more than just a little) and might explain a few things lately. (all the gov. credit card bills to Target, I thought they were buying hammers) It could be, also kind of scary. No?

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They got away with Daylight Saving Time

by DC Guy In reply to Target?

Yes, it's scary. But we're the ones who let the IT genie out of the bottle, so we're not the ones who get to complain about it.

People have been predicting for decades that computer technology was going to make slaves of us, so we have no excuse for being surprised by things like this.

Just look at how a primitive, fragile little artifact of 14th century technology rules the entire population. Suppose the government issued an edict demanding that everyone start getting out of bed an hour earlier each day. The people would rise up as one and drag the despots out of office. So instead they call it "Daylight Saving Time." Each morning a stupid, lying CLOCK tells us to get up an hour earlier...AND WE DO IT!

(Credit to Isaac Asimov for the original rant.)

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Highly understandable considering their client base

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Target?

Target aim to serve the lower end of the social economic retail market and thus have more stores in or near the poorer sections of most communities - I am not sure but I also think that they have more stores than most other retailers. They are a more likely target (pun intended) for shoplifting from those that cannot afford to pay for the goods. Thus they would have the best video surveillance systems that they can get and the best people and methods to get the most out of those tapes.

So simply due to their demographic situation they should be the best experts or using the best - thus others would be going to those experts when they need them.

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Actually, I disagree on one point

by Mickster269 In reply to Highly understandable con ...

Ok, I actually disagee with your whole statement.

Target actually aims to server the "Middle-Class" section of the socio-economic market here in the USA. Target has always been considered a step above Wal-Mart and K-Mart.

Their stores are found in or close to large shopping malls or high-density marketing areas. They have had higher-end (compared to the *-Marts) products, and have decidedly gone for the Middle-class market that wants nicer items for reasonable prices.

At least, that's how it is in the USA.

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Sorry - I spoke from my Australian experience

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Actually, I disagree on o ...

Here the to low end stores are Target and K-mart they both go for the same economic demographic client base - they are the lowest end department store. The only thing cheaper as a chain are the Clints and other '$2 Shop' type stores that sell bulk crap extra cheap when they buy them by the boat load, not true department stores or supermarkets like Target and K-mart.

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Target or Wal-Mart?

by Leee In reply to Highly understandable con ...

Ernest, I don't think it's "completely understandable." Target is a respectable retailer of all sorts of affordable goods.

As for Target's "aim to serve the lower end of the social economic market and...more stores in or near the poorer sections of most communities" (which I have not seen - do they have Target in poorer areas in Australia?), I'm puzzled as to why this high-tech surveillance system wasn't pioneered by Wal-Mart, which is known for its presence in small-town, often lower-class areas. Perhaps it's because their government clients would figure out that they're providing just-this-side-of-legal bare minimums for their employees, or the simple fact that a significant number of Target shoppers (paying or not) would not be caught dead in a Wal-Mart.

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Whaddya know...Two Kentucky guys agree

by Mickster269 In reply to Target or Wal-Mart?

Even if one of them is L'ville.

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What is a wal-mart, is that where you buy walls?

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Target or Wal-Mart?

Sorry, I was speaking from my Australian experience where Target is the low end of the department store / supermarket line up. We don't have Wal-mart, we do have K-mart which is aimed at the same economic demographic as Target.

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Fair enough -

by Mickster269 In reply to What is a wal-mart, is th ...

Then what you commented about is a fair statement about the stores in Australia.

How long have you had Targets/K-Marts? Could it be that all the "good" land is already built upon, and these companies build where they can?

And if you are really unfamiliar with Wal-Marts... Just imagine a store that attempts to sell EVERYTHING (and I do mean everything) at the loswet price possible.

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About 30 years for Target and K-mart

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Fair enough -

and they try to out do each other on the concept of having everything at the lowest prices. You wont find either in the central business districts of the major cities, or the posh suburbs; but almost everywhere else. Most of their stores are in shopping centres (think small mall for you guys) that have either been built or renovated in the last 30 years. Nearly all the suburban and country department stores are in shopping centres, but not all.

Land is something we have a lot of, almost as much as continental USA but only around 20 million people spread over it.

Both K-mart and Target are part of corporate empires that include upmarket department stores and when a new area is developed the corporation puts a store in Myers or Grace Bros etc if it is a high income area and Target or K-mart for lower income areas. If the area charges dramatically in its economic demographic the store is likely to undergo a refurbishment and change companies and prices as well as quality of merchandise.

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you forgot..

by Jaqui In reply to Fair enough -

the part about wal mart trying to drive their suppliers into bankruptcy with their purchasing practices.
wal mart is directly responsible for 45% of the manufacturing outsourcing done by their suppliers, they pay so little the only way the supplier has any hope to break even is to open a plant where labour is cheaper than life.

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