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By j.lupo ·
Last year we had a pretty big discussion aobut people not rating, awarding points, closing questions. There were some suggestions about what might be possible to do something about this. Was anything done? Was a decision made? or is it still allowable that people can post questions and not rate/close the questions?

Now that I am back again ;-) I am concerned that the issue appears to not have been addressed. Any comments?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Tech Q & A

Nothing has ever been done, we have bithched, moaned, complained, adressed issues, readdresses issues, been asked for feedback and suggestions etc. Tech Q&A is simply a place most have stopped trying to work with now.

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Thanks OZ - that is a real shame too

by j.lupo In reply to NO

because, if my memory is correct, we didn't just *****, moan, whine, etc we gave some good suggestions on how to attempt to fix it. I wonder what happens when we do give suggestions/feedback back to TR?

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They are generally addressed quickly

by Oz_Media In reply to Thanks OZ - that is a rea ...

TR now that they have proactive people such as Jay and Sean on the task, has been very good at addressing our issues and wants.

They have teh TRInsiders forum now that allows some regulars to offer feedback on rollouts before teh changes are applied. They really do try, but I guess that just as in any company, it's not always up to one or two guys to decide on changes and that they also have many levels to deal with in order to improve things.

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At least

by rob mekel In reply to They are generally addres ...

they are trying to make things change for the better/best.

and on every try, you know to have some set backs. But as you say they're more on to it as ... well ... when I started at TR.
So that is a change for the better :)


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Yes..and, sadly, no

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Tech Q & A

Tech Q&A is getting major overhaul. In fact, most of the code is written, and been tested internally, but won't be deployed until this fall. There are various technical and business reasons why we haven't rolled out the changes yet, but we've based the new version very much on user feedback. Believe me, we're just as anxious to get the upgrade into view as you are, but we'll have to be patient a while longer.

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Thanks TTG - I appreciate the update

by j.lupo In reply to Yes..and, sadly, no

I wonder if maybe TR would consider an Update Newsletter that lets us know about improvements in the site and project timelines? I would be interested, I don't know about everyone else. :^)

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