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    Tech Q&A is now Ask For Help


    by Jay Garmon ·

    Thios week’s Thursday reveal is going to be a little anticlimactic, since several of you stumbled onto it yesterday when the change was first deployed. We’ve changed the name of Tech Q&A to Ask For Help, based on the suggestions of members of this forum.

    It’s going to take us a while to propagate the change out through the site, as some of the headers are images, some are text-based, some are native to a page, and some are served as an include. It will likely be a multi-day process, but I can already sense you guys have feedback.

    Yes, we need to make some obvious toggle between Discussions and Ask For Help. Yes, we need to serve a link to All Open Questions. Yes, we need some introductory text on the Ask For Help main page. Anything else, now’s the time to ask.


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      Top 10 list

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Tech Q&A is now Ask For Help

      Ten most commonly asked questions.

      I think you have toyed with this before, but even if you did it as a blog where you have the 10 most commonly asked questions, it would be helpful.

      Might not be as easy to get a quick 150 points from a cut and paste (form letter) reply but it would help visitors.

      I think there will still be those who just browser right on by suggestions and post thier question anyway, thinking how unique thier spyware problem may be.

      I think it’s a real good start so far.

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