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Tech Q&A - possible bug?

By j.lupo ·
Hi All, I think I may have uncovered a little nuisance (sp?) bug in TQ&A.

I posted an answer to a question. I was the only poster so far. I then added a comment to my answer. However, when I look at My Questions, the total answers counter says 2 answers posted.

Is it counting my comment as another answer? Is this a bug? or a feature?

Thanks in advance.

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Been that way

by TheChas In reply to Tech Q&A - possible bug?

That "feature" has been present for a long time.

All posts including comments from the member when they close the question count toward the total posts for the question.

The "feature" that bothers me is the delay between when another peer posts an answer and I can see their post.

Nothing is more maddening than to answer a question and find that 3 other people posted answers before yours even though no answers were posted when you posted your answer.


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by j.lupo In reply to Been that way

Yes I have seen that too. I know they are revamping the system eventually or so TR has said. :) What I would really like to see and I have seen others mention is some way to close the really old questions and get the points or something. I mean, We answer in good faith and no comment even comes from the original poster.

Here's an idea. TR has access to all our e-mails, they could set up an automated e-mail notice to Question posters who don't do anything with their questions after posting them. Say a 90 day notice?? Just a thought.

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