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By tmaclennan ·
I'd like to start a thread here on building more meaningful icons than the 5k and 10k ones I see. Can we come up with some suggestions that are technically possible and will give those seeking advice in the Q&A areas a better idea of the type of person answering the question? I think this is important because I found myself thinking that the guy with the 10k icon was more credible than the guy with the 5k icon...and that isn't necessarily true. All those icons might imply is that a person has been around a while.

Perhaps one answer would be a "forum expert" type icon. It would be awarded if a person had questions accepted from, say, 10 different users, 25 total questions accepted, 100 questions answered, and a minimum of, say, 5000 points received from answering questions. This would be difficult to spoof.

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Great idea..

by anne.jan.elsinga In reply to Tech Republic User Icons

I think this is a great idea. Perhaps there are more possibilities like an MCSE/CNE/CCNA icons. Then you know in what field they are qualified.

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Disagree with this one

by tmaclennan In reply to Great idea..

I think that icons on this site should only come as a result of site activity. Self-reported certs can be claimed by anyone. What I am suggesting is an icon that has to be earned on the site and is granted by one's peers through accepting specific answers and granting points.

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