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By mikeewalton ·
What is up with all of the unrated questions? This is uncalled for, maybe we need to get TechRepublic to start rating the questions.

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by master3bs In reply to Tech Support Questions

Are you talking about rating the questions or rating the answers?

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by mikeewalton In reply to

Answers, I'm sorry I should have clarified.

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Rate the answer

by mjd420nova In reply to Answers

to do the rating
The one who posed the question
or a seperate panel of ??

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The way the system works

by jdclyde In reply to Rate the answer

you post a question and offer tech points for who ever answers the question correctly.

When people post an answer, the original poster is suppose to rate EACH answer as accepted or rejected, and hopefully a note of what worked or didn't.

When everything is done, the poster is suppose to close the question and award the points to the person or persons that provided the correct solution.

This has been an issue for as long as I can remember.

Some people join TR, post a question and then never come back.

Others will just ask multiple questions, yet never close and rate any of them.

If you look at someones profile, look at their participation in the Q&A section. It is common to have a 30% of accepted answers, and 20% rejected, and 50% not rated.

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Well maybe it's just me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The way the system works

But I find the first 2 figures way to high and th last of Unrated Answers way too Low. :^O

I've just had a peek at my profile and 64% on my answers go unrated with many of them getting either just plain and simple not rated and the question remains open or they get rejected when they are right but not what the person asking the question wants to hear so they reject every answer and keep the Tech Points for themselves. Though what they are going to do with them is way beyond my feeble understanding. I think Maxwell Edison said it best a couple of years ago now the only purpose that Tech points serve is that if you have a major problem you can ask a question and award 400,000 tech Points so it is bound to get answers quickly. :)

But unfortunately most of them will not be the right answers.

Col ]:)

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Many others have asked the same question

by stress junkie In reply to Tech Support Questions

I asked the same question a few months after I joined TR. Since then the question seems to come up every few months. The TR staff will probably post a reply to this discussion saying that they are working on changing the TQ&A to address this question. Welcome to TR.

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Rating the Answers

by BFilmFan In reply to Tech Support Questions

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on a rating. I've been here for years and I've always understood that the Tech Q&A was a freebie giveaway.

Post an answer and move on soldier.

Welcome to the 100.

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Look at a members profile before posting answers

by jdclyde In reply to Tech Support Questions

Look at a members profile before posting answers.

If they have an history of not rating answers, I refuse to answer their questions and everyone else should as well.

If their track record is really bad then I will actually post a chastisement instead of an answer to warn off others from answering this useless persons requests for unapreachiated help.

I am hoping they develop a user rating system witht the TQ&A revamp. The ratings should come from the members on the following basis.

Does the member rate all answers?
Do they even close the question?
Do they let people know what the resolution was?

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