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TechPoints: What's the Point?

By TomSal ·
Ok I know this is a unique discussion to have..but what's the point of TechPoints on this site?

Do they serve a purpose or just some valueless "deed scale".

And if they ARE good for anything, when is this going to happen, 5 years from now?!Finally, the system is easily subjected to lamers. I'm assuming the points are good for something, so when you help someone in Q&A and then they don't give you any points - that's lame. This happened to me twice now. I've answered the person's question and gave lots of detail, they write a comment that it solved their problem..but they close it out as rejected so they don't "pay" any points. How lame is that?

Sorry for venting, but it just is messed up how there is a system in place (supposedly) to reward those that help others and then you help someone and they don't "pay" you the points. 2 cents on that...

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Good Question

by SyscoKid In reply to TechPoints: What's the Po ...

1. There used to be a whole page explaining about Techpoints, how you earn 'em, and stuff. It said "In the future you'll be able to trade 'em for cool merchandise from our partners. Because of tax implications it'll be limited to $600 per year."I emailed 'em once to ask when that was going to happen. They didn't have an answer but they sent me a t-shirt. BTW, that page is gone. Maybe the IRS scared 'em.

2. I think they have a major flaw in the design of Q&A. I've had many people say they meant to accept my answer, but messed up and ended up rejecting it instead. The really nice folks post another q just to give you the points. So it's got to be the design. I emailed 'em about that too but never got a response (other than the auto reply).

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that page is still there

by Klingon In reply to Good Question

in your account info - near the bottom of the page there's a link that says "Go to the TechPoints Program Guide". It details how the points are awarded and mentions redeeming them for merchandise.

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Oh, Thanks

by SyscoKid In reply to that page is still there

It used to be right on the front page. I'd have never looked there. Thanks.

"Soon, you'll be able to spend your points at any of our participating merchants and travel providers."

Uh huh.

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by e-Fellow In reply to Good Question

Someone supposedly did a study on Techpoints and found that in order to compensate for lost work time for employees playing on this site they would have to give each member 1.8 trillion dollars. Can I get mine in a lump sum please?

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Another Thing

by SyscoKid In reply to TechPoints: What's the Po ...

I stumbled on this by accident while searching for "TechPoints" to see if I could find taht missing page. I rarely come to Discussions, because most of the stuff here seems to be things that more properly belong in Technical Q&A.

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One More Thing

by SyscoKid In reply to TechPoints: What's the Po ...

How come you don't get a notification when there's a new comment in a discussion you're following, I wonder?

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by Dragon Katie In reply to One More Thing

i believe you have to be subcribed to it

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Yes and No

by SyscoKid In reply to notice

Yes I noticed that later on. I subscribed to it. I have yet to receive any notifications, however. Nice feature!

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Subscribe to discussion?

by Russell Cohen In reply to One More Thing

If you "subscribe" to the discussion, you do receive a notification of new comments. Or did I misunderstand your question?

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by Dragon Katie In reply to Subscribe to discussion?

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