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Techrepublic Desk Flag!

By Joseph Moore ·
A couple of weeks ago, there were some questions open in the Q&A section from TR staffers. They were offering TR swag for correct answers.
My answer for a MS SQL Server question was accepted, and I was then asked what I wanted.
I picked the Techrepublic Desk Flag, just to see what it is!

If you are curious about it, like I was, then go here to see the Desk Flag in all its glory!

PS: my digital camera is cheap, so this is a very low-quality picture. But good enough.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Techrepublic Desk Flag!

Isn't it cute?!!! Now what about some other merchandise??

How about a pair of TR boxer shorts? Printed on the front, you could have 'Techrepublic. Real World, Real Time, Real IT...Real Hard!'

Or the T shirt? 'I spent three years of my life answering Q&A on TechRepublic and all they sent me was this lousy shirt!'

Perhaps a TR coffee mug? Printed with the TR logo and a warning 'Contents HOT!' or perhaps '**** me off and you will be wearing contents'.

Hey, we could all submit photo's to TR and they could issue commemorative statuettes of famous TR peers. 'Hey...I got two GuruOfDOS's...anyone wanna trade me for an OzMedia?'...'Damn! I had a limited edition Maxwell Edison until last week but some a**hole from the help desk broke his head off!' or even 'Look how realistic that one of Jules can even see his digeridoo!'

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I'm frightened

by Joseph Moore In reply to Awwwwww

Ok, I am just totally frightened by this entire concept!!!
Besides, something like this is already in production:

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Oh balls!

by GuruOfDos In reply to I'm frightened

That's another money-making idea blown out of the window!!

Scary though, isn't it!

My only concern was the association with 'geek' and 'happy worker'. I CAN be both, but not simultaneously!!

It's like the original Pentium with MMX. You had to 'pull the MMX lever' to swap the FPU over to MMX mode. In my case, I can be a perfectly happy worker one minute, minding my own business and generally plodding along contentedly, then some b****rd comes along and 'pulls MY lever', turning me from Mr Happy to a raging Geek in seconds.

Trouble is....there isn't a 'reset instruction' for Geek mode...a project has to perform an 'illegal operation and be shot down' before I can return to happy normality!

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Bobble heads

by Oz_Media In reply to Awwwwww

Well beanie baby's are getting old and it seems that bobble heads were last years big draw.

THen you could have half of them bobbing back and forth, YES, and half bobbing left to right ,NO.

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by TheChas In reply to Techrepublic Desk Flag!


My main question is:

How did I miss those questions.

I do not even recall seeing them.

Anyhow, thanks for the picture.


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Chas - the questions

by maxwell edison In reply to Wow

I was alerted to the questions via a newsletter email from TR. (I forgot which one - I get so many.)

There were about three or four made up scenarios, and the best/correct answer got the big prize.

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Thanks Max

by TheChas In reply to Chas - the questions

Thanks Max,

I'm over a month behind in reading my TR emails.

I thought I was going to have more free time starting this past week.

Then, they decided to put us on 12 hour days plus Saturday.

At least I can look forward to 10 hours of time and a half, and 18 hours of double-time in my paycheck.


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Way to go - I tried one of the questions as well

by maxwell edison In reply to Techrepublic Desk Flag!

I answered the one about distributing a Word macro over a network to users with different versions of Word.

I think my answer would have worked, but I suppose there was a better one.

Dang - I missed out on the flag.

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Given up on TR prizes

by Oz_Media In reply to Techrepublic Desk Flag!

Well it seems they do actually send out prizes after all. We've head the prizes will be shipped out soon, the prizes are being taken care of, the prizes are......

Never did see anything from the Geek contests.

Oh well, maybe they forgot again.

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Now that's one **** of a prize

by JimHM In reply to Techrepublic Desk Flag!

Wooo Baby - I'll take two of them -

Can they get any cheaper ...

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