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TechRepublic needs killfiles

By nighthawk808 ·
A while ago, TR started a personalization push. They gave prizes for filling out profiles, created a "My Workspace" thingy, etc. I can add other members to a contacts list, but if TR can keep track of my contacts, why can't I create an anti-contacts list?

In the good old days of Usenet, we had things called killfiles. If someone was such an idiot that we didn't want them wasting our pixels, we put them into a killfile with a satifying PLONK, and it was as if they never existed. A good newsreader even hid the titles of the posts, so there was no trace of them at all. If you clicked "Next" to go on to the next post, if that post happened to be by someone in your killfile, it skipped right over it and on to the next one.

Does anyone else miss these things?

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by dawgit In reply to TechRepublic needs killfi ...

I don't think that the Tech-Rep is so bad that we have to resort to that. No, I just don't believe that. I you, or any one else has a problem with one person, chances are other do too. Report them, with a good 'Why' they are bugging you. There's a way to do this. Every one here (so far) has something to bring to the table, that's why it exisits. You don't always have to agree with everyone, all the time, to learn.!. (In fact, learning is seeing what's new to you) Also, you're not going to like this, check out your own; profile, attitude, and posts. Are they, or could they be offencive to others? Do you, or would you, seem arogent to someone? If no, ok, then let others know, who you have a problem with, and why.
(Now you'll probably include me on that list, but oh-well, I'll live)
Welcome to the Tech-Rep, BTW. -d

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You can't be banned for simple stupidity

by nighthawk808 In reply to Nope.!.

I wouldn't put you or anyone in a killfile simply because I disagree with them. I never did that when I was on Usenet and had the option to. In fact, most of the individuals whose posts I flagged so they would stand out and be the first to be read were ones who disagreed with me and could put those reasons into a well-written, intelligent post that made me think. Besides, what fun is a discussion that goes something like this:

Me: I think such and such.
Someone_else: Me too!
Another_person: Me too!
This_other_guy: Me too!

That's kind of boring.

You bet there are plenty of people out there that find me arrogant or worse. Drop on over to the "USB 2.0 a Goner" discussion and you'll find plenty. I'm also the guy that invented Larry's Law of Lame Posters right here on the TechRepublic boards: Not all managers are stupid (there are some very bright ones), but most stupid posts come from managers. That lit quite a few people up. Killfiles work both ways.

Thanks for the welcome. It is nice of you, and is appreciated, but I'm not new here by a long shot. I've been in the Top 100 posters list quite a few times myself. I drop in and out as time allows, so I'm not consistent enough to stay in it all the time.

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do you mean..

by Jaqui In reply to TechRepublic needs killfi ...

something like the ignore user feature a lot of discussion scripts have?

Those are designed for children that can't play nice if they don't agree on something, TR treats us like adults and professionals, able to work with people we don't like.

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That would be nice, but....

by nighthawk808 In reply to do you mean..

In an ideal world, that would be the case. But in some discussions, one or two people often make up for a large percentage of posts. Look in a discussion of 300 posts and you'll often see one particular individual has posted 100 of them. This person never does anything but lower the S/N ratio and basically renders the "next" button useless.

I'm not talking about people like you, apotheon, Tony Hopkinson, HAL 9000, et al. You guys post a lot but also contribute a lot to the intellectual level of most discussions. I'm referring to people you are both stupid and prolific. It's okay to be stupid, and it's okay to be prolific, but stupid and prolific is a Bad Thing, especially when there's a simple solution.

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by Jaqui In reply to That would be nice, but.. ...

I personally don't use killfiles functionality even where it is enabled. If a particular person has shown that they aren't worth reading I don't read their posts.

There have been a few times where people's responses to such a person have hown they did contribute something worth reading, so I went and read it. the ignore / killfiles function would have made that impossible.

I don't worry about if people think my posts are a waste, or even if it pisses them off. ]:) I actually will post just to irritate people to get them thinking.

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I've noticed Jaqui

by dawgit In reply to True,

It works.!. :-) But, that's good. We need to keep on our toes then. And sometimes we need to be rocked back on our heels.

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by Jaqui In reply to I've noticed Jaqui

we all need to check our assumptions occasionally.
I know I do. If we don't get a shock we tend to get complacent and assume our world view on all subjects is accurate.

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ooh :0

by rob mekel In reply to ~chuckle~

Ain't "our" (is it our??) view on the world as regarding to all subjects accurate? :0
It shocks me that it wouldn't be. "We" (is it we??) never make assumptions, do we? Further more if we do it is because others want "us" (is it us ??) to make assumptions and look like fools. We don't like that, so we tender to shift responsibility to someone else not belonging to the us part of us.

**** and this on Monday, where did the weekend go to!!! :^0

( hopefully "someone" (is there someone??) sees that it's a bit overdone and meant jocularly as I do agree on Jaqui. To be more exact that we do need to check our assumptions ALL the time. Special as wrong assumptions lead to mis-interpretations/communications and make discussions go ridicule out off hand/control)

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Hey, wait a minute...

by nighthawk808 In reply to ~chuckle~

Are you trying to say I don't know everything about everything?

But seriously, I do agree with you. I wouldn't bother to read or post to discussions if I wasn't looking to learn something from what other people had to say. But there are some things (and people) not worth wasting time on. These people are to discussions as Gartner is to tech news: completely devoid of any substance whatsoever, yet they manage to produce an impressive amount of BS. (Or, as Shakespeare put it, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.") Sure, even Gartner manages to make a correct predicition occasionally (usually something along the lines of "Gartner Group foresees that computers will still be used by businesses next year!"), but that doesn't make them worth spending a few precious seconds on. There are people who actually believe the world is flat; the fact that they have that opinion doesn't mean their opinion is worth mulling over.

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~evil grin~

by Jaqui In reply to Hey, wait a minute...

but the flat earthers are basing their opinion on beleifs held by everyone for far longer than the round earther beleifs have been around. ]:)

how can you say that they are wrong without at least looking at where they are coming from?
[ remember, is a conspiracy by the USA to promote the round earth fiction, they are the only one's publishing photos to prove the theory. ]:) ]

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