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By bjramsey ·
Why do I get a dropdown asking me to OK going to or something like that when I click on a link in your newsletters?
Seems to go to the site I want, but curious?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to techrepublic,com

Firstly this is a community Q & A Board and no one from TR regularly watches over this forum. If you wish to contact TR Direct there is a Blue Help word that's a Hyperlink to the TR Staff on just about every TR Web Page so that would be the correct way to reach TR to ask a question.

As for a pop up appearing that is most likely because your Web Browser doesn't accept any redirection without confirmation so you need to confirm the Change before the site will load. This is a Security Issue with the Browser and is generally thought of a Good!


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by bjramsey In reply to

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I just want to go to Tech Republic and not be redirected. But I have to make a choice, accept or deny the new URL. Sorry to ask this in the wrong place...

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by jdclyde In reply to techrepublic,com

Could be your Anti-virus as well.

I was testing a new one over the last few daze and when I would click on a link in my email, the AV would freak out.

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by bjramsey In reply to

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I have had AV issues in the past and realize this is perhaps something to do with that. Thanks..

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by bjramsey In reply to techrepublic,com

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