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    Tell us about your first serious crush, romance or relationship


    by jardinier ·

    To get the ball rolling, here is my story.

    It was in the final year of high school ? the year we both turned 17.

    I met Kathy during the summer holidays at the beginning of the year, at the local swimming baths. The accepted methods of courtship at the time were to throw non-stinging jellyfish at the girls and/or do a ?bomb? in the pool adjacent to where they were sunbathing and splash them with cold water. [I will not digress into a description of the sophisticated art of ?bombing.?]

    Her parents, especially her mother, encouraged the relationship, which proceeded very amicably. We were both virgins and so my groping attempts were vigorously fought off until that magical day when she said: ?You can touch me anywhere you like.?

    I had been raised in a very sheltered environment in which everybody was either a practising or nominal Christian and voted Conservative. I knew almost nothing about sex and one was not supposed to experiment before marriage.

    Despite our natural compatibility, two issues arose which eventually led to the termination of the relationship. Sharing a common fear of sex, on our first attempt at intercourse Kathy complained that it hurt, and that was sufficient to deter us from further attempts.

    And then there was the ideological conflict. Kathy?s parents were communists and atheists and had raised their four daughters to share these beliefs. I could not deal with the conflict with the ideologies into which I had been raised. However Kathy loved me so much that she offered to change her beliefs if I would continue with the relationship but, being extremely na?ve I said: ?No, it wouldn?t work,? and that was that.

    Although I almost immediately regretted my stand, Kathy was not going to stick around for more rejection and further attempts by myself to revive the relationship were not successful.

    She then attended the Eureka Youth League (the Communist Party?s equivalent of a church youth fellowship) and met a slightly older man who knew what to do in bed and shortly afterwards they got married and had four brilliant kids, with an unplanned fifth when Kathy was 45.

    As I have remained in contact with her mother up until quite recently, there is a lot more that I could add but enough?s enough.

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      by amcol ·

      In reply to Tell us about your first serious crush, romance or relationship

      Why do you suppose no one responded to your posting?

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        Who knows? Who cares?

        by jardinier ·

        In reply to So…

        Some of the most unlikely threads really take off, while some quite serious ones are still-born.

        Oh I’m quite sure you have an opinion as to why this discussion never got off the ground, but I really don’t care.

        I had actually forgotten all about this one as I have been actively participating in some new ones.

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          That’s precisely the problem

          by amcol ·

          In reply to Who knows? Who cares?

          In addition to the amusement I derive from occasionally tweaking your nose, every so often I feel compelled to take people to task, you especially, for the disrespect you show the rest of us.

          That’s right, disrespect. You clutter up this space with a lot of self-serving folderol that quite frankly WE don’t care about.

          Go back and read your posting. Do we really need that much detail about you? Look at your so-called “professional biography” in your profile. It’s mostly personal stuff. What purpose does all that information serve, other than to inflate your already swollen opinion of yourself? Thanks, but no thanks.

          While I’m on the topic…call me a snob but this is supposed to be a forum for the technical community. Exactly how do you come about your self appointed status as a “professional”? I monitor other sites in other disciplines, notably finance and international relations. I’m hardly an expert in either and have no professional standing whatsoever, but I find the information interesing and useful. Once in a great while I post a response, but out of respect to the actual professional audience I stay mostly on the sidelines, because they don’t go there to read my amateur claptrap…they want a public forum in which they can converse with each other and occasionally get feedback from non-practitioners. And I wouldn’t DARE post something that rightly belongs on Yahoo. There’s a time and a place for everything, and that’s the concept you’re not getting.

          Can’t you show us the same respect you want? Stay on this site, by all means, but please…put your ego out in the garage before you sign on. It’s wearisome.

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