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Ten things that made me smile this week...

By GuruOfDos ·
Maxwell started an interesting thread regarding people complaining all the time. This got me thinking (something I do sometimes) about counting my blessings and looking for some positives. I tried to mentally 'rewind' over the last week and find 10 things that made me smile. Some are work-related, some aren't:

1) The Penny Pot. I filled up the car on my way back from a business trip this week. You know how it have a ?10 note and try to squeeze in exactly ?10 of fuel. As you put the nozzle back, the pump ticks over to ?10.01. On the counter in the filling station was a pot full of pennies and a notice saying 'Need that extra penny? Help Yourself!'

2) Finding out that my four week old daughter can belch louder than I can...and trust me, that's saying something!

3) Sorting through a box of old floppy disks, and finding a coverdisk from a 1992 PC magazine with a classic strategy game I thought I'd never see again (and yes, it was less than 1Mb in size!). I KNEW I held on to that last 486 for a reason!

4) A client telephoning me to say sorry he was out of the office when I called in on the way back from another job. Could he buy me lunch next week to make up for me missing him?

5) Copying a music CD for a colleague (so he can use a copy in the car and not tempt thieves with an original) and finding myself 'mysteriously' supplied with fresh coffee for the rest of the day.

6) Returning a faulty 30Gb Fujitsu drive to the vendor (out of warranty, but exchanged as a goodwill gesture) and recieving a 40Gb WD in return.

7) Purchasing two PC133 64Mb memory sticks in an 'online auction', for ?5 the pair, and on testing them finding they were actually 256Mb sticks!

Seeing my daughter smile for the first time, without it being caused by wind!

9) Shaving my beard and mustache off (for safety reasons...Guru Jr. has taken to swinging from it!) and then later watching Mrs Guru get out of the tub with an unusually hairy ***!

10) Getting to the end of another week alive, upright and breathing. That is always a bonus!

Did anything raise a smile with you last week??

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nice idea

by maecuff In reply to Ten things that made me s ...

Too often we forget to focus on the positive things in life..

1. learned that a brain scan one of my employees had came back clean and normal.
2. 16 year old son cleaned his room without being threatened with torture.
3. My boss admitted he was wrong about something.
4. My daughter in who just started college has made new friends and smiles more often.
5. My five year old son'd teacher told me he does head stands to impress a girl in his class.
6. My husband ironed my work clothes for me while I took a shower.
7. I finished reading the Da Vince Code and convinced my son to read it also.
8. I made it through the week without putting another dent in my husband's truck.
9. I have a husband who doesn't get too pissed when I dent his truck.
10. I noticed this morning that it is starting to smell like Autumn outside.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to nice idea

>> 8. I made it through the week without putting another dent in my husband's truck.
>> 9. I have a husband who doesn't get too pissed when I dent his truck.

I had to pass a comment on the above! It highlights one the differences between 'American' and 'English'.

In the US, 'pissed' means angry or upset. In the UK, 'pissed' means drunk (we have an expression 'as pissed as a newt' meaning roaringly drunk!).

Your comment number 9 then caused me to raise an eyebrow or two! Taking it as either 'American' or 'English' makes sense! My ex-wife seriously dented my classic 1965 Series 2a Land Rover...just three weeks after I had finished restoring it and two days before I was due to take it to a show. I'm not saying I was 'pissed', but my first reaction was to hold my breath, count to a hundred...then walk slowly round the corner to my local pub and proceed to get incredibly 'pissed'!

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by maecuff In reply to Chuckle

Well, I wasn't pissed when I dented his truck (either time) which is a good thing, if I had been, my husband would have been pissed about me being pissed while driving.

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Bigger Chuckle

by GuruOfDos In reply to

I like!

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Looking at the bright side

by Jim Phelps In reply to Ten things that made me s ...

Wednesday I had to drive the new company truck to Houston (a six-hour drive). Some people would complain about the inconvenience, but I look at the bright side:
* I got to drive the NEW company truck!
* I got to listen to some nice music on the new stereo.
* I got to stay in a nice hotel and eat at a nice restaurant twice (supper and breakfast), all at company expense.
* Best of all, my boss was happy that I was dependable enough to get the job done.

But the thing which makes me the happiest is this:
Even though life is sometimes (often?) rough, my sins are all forgiven, I have a personal friendship with Jesus Christ (He actually loves me!), and I will spend forever with Him in heaven. THAT makes it all worthwhile.

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Some positivity still in 'Life'

by kirtishah In reply to Ten things that made me s ...

After all the worries and miseries in everday life, it really feels so luxurious to think of atleast 10 of those things that made you smile in the past week:

1. I made my husband proud on being able to fix the long-awaited hardware problem of our home PC.

2. Connected with my 6 year old nephew who hardly reciprocated with me.

3. 'Husband' owning up, that he's less than me in many of the aspects of life.

4. Parents were happy knowing how proud I was the way they have brought me up.

5. Sent a birthday card to my best friends that said that I'm still as stupid as I was when we first became friends.

6. Thought of many more high jinks while going thru cards in a card shop.

7. Getting comforted by my husband, saying that it was okay to cry if your heart felt heavy 'cause of outrage.

8. Have the largest music collection among my friends with some of the most-unforgetable deserted songs.

9. Everybody cherishes the food I cook inspite of knowing that my cooking skills are not much polished.

10. Writing all the above 9 point made me smile AGAIN.

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Great week!

by Oz_Media In reply to Some positivity still in ...

*I smashed my toe on my bedpost and the nail is now black and ready to fall off
*I realized that my cat was really gone and not just exploring, so I threw out the old bowl and toys
*My mom's car needed a transmission swap, in a backyard in Vancouver
*The girl I was hitting on for a week or two got married
*My laptop died, but it has new life now
*I missed the ferry on my way to Vancouver and was late for a seminar
*my royalty check is "In the mail" from San Diego
*One bands vocalist has a sore throat and I just cancelled a big show in Dublin.

What's good about that you might say?]

Tonight I'm going out for a nice dinner and some drinks/dancing with an OLD friend who has been a sister to me for many years.

I will hopefully wake up tomorrow and have the undying privilege of doing it all over again next week.
Waking up in the morning and realizing you have yet another day to enjoy this fantastic planet is what really keeps me going!

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Highlights of my week ...

by jardinier In reply to Ten things that made me s ...

1. When I called into the office of a local Anglican church to return some Bible software which I had borrowed from the rector, I found Andrew Parken sitting at the reception desk -- he is a TR member who lives in the suburb adjacent to my own. He follows the discussions but rarely contributes. But he knows all you guys with your various idiosyncrasies.
2. The rector's blue Burmese cat responded enthusiastically when I stroked it. [If you happen to live in an apartment where pets are not allowed, then you will understand what a precious moment this was for me].
3. I received an email from a female friend in Adelaide who loves cats, thanking me for some gifts which I had surprised her with: "Tarot for Cats," a CD-ROM about cats, and a delightfully appropriate card.
4. After weeks of procrastination, I finally installed a DVD drive in one of my computers, and connected up the DVD player which I had purchased for my TV.
5. I purchased a printer for my "new" Mac G3 which runs OS 10.2.3
6. I re-established communication with my nephew, Alexander, who is a Unix Systems Administrator, and the only family member with whom there is a mutual desire to communicate.
7. I watched an interview on TV with my favourite Federal MP, Shadow Treasurer Mark Latham. [When he finds time he answers my emails].
8. At a second-hand book sale, I acquired an excellent book about one of my idols, Albert Schweitzer.
9. I looked through my Dad's photo albums, and was rewarded with a lovely nostalgic trip from his university days in Bristol, England, to his stay over in South Africa, and the early life of my family. Boy, was I cute at age 6 months!
10. I had the satisfaction of seeing the many thought-provoking postings to my discussion: "Let's talk metaphysics."

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The rector's blue Burmese cat ...

by Oz_Media In reply to Highlights of my week ...

" The rector's blue Burmese cat responded enthusiastically when I stroked it. [If you happen to live in an apartment where pets are not allowed, then you will understand what a precious moment this was for me]."

That's probably the nicest comment I've read on TR to date.

Nice thought to remember!

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Well I can't list 10 but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Ten things that made me s ...

The end of the week involved a Microsoft Partners Meeting so that ment that 1.5 days away from the office and all the mess ups that occure {like a holiday} so that was good but what did bring a smile to my face was the way that all the MS presenters actually believed what they where saying {all very good company people} but when questioned they pleeded ignorance and said that they would look into it.

Don't get me wrong but it is something that I've heard before and nothing gets done about it but what is good for Microsoft is good for its dealers right?

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