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Tenn. Woman Files Suit over Super Bowl

By wordworker ·
Is it just me, or is this proof that people are too sensitive and too lawsuit-happy in this country?

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not too sensitive

by maecuff In reply to Tenn. Woman Files Suit ov ...

I don't think sensitivity has a damn thing to do with it, I think there are too many people who have sacrificed any sense of shame or dignity to make a quick buck.

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Class Action Soon

by mrafrohead In reply to Tenn. Woman Files Suit ov ...

We aren't too sensitive.

The thing is this... I used to live in Germany, I recall on German TV shampoo commercials of women washing their hair and it showed from the waste up.

So, that shows a whole country that could watch that stuff and it was no biggy. After all, we all have the same anatomy. It's nothing that anyone has not seen before.

What we are dealing with is the almighty dollar.

That waste of skin see's the chance for herself to get a few extra bucks at the expense of the rest of us. And I would almost bet my next paycheck that A LOT more wastes of skin will jump on the bandwagon.

It's too easy to sue people in this country. I mean, I can break into YOUR house and start to steal YOUR stuff, and if you shoot me on the way out of the door, I can sue YOU! HA. Funny huh. Even though I broke the law, and you were defending yourself, I have more rights than you will when it goes to court.

Hope that helps...

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Is this true?

by jkaras In reply to Tenn. Woman Files Suit ov ...

I havent heard anything about this yet but I'm not suprised at the least. I say let her sue and embarrass herself like the lottery liar who got jail time for fruadulent lawsuit. I like the idea that if these people want to earn that free buck they risk jail time and public ridicule. They can even get a hall of shame to have the coffee crotch burn and hand burn, the lady who sued for a pest commercial that she thought a real insect was on her tv that caused her to shatter her t.v. out of fear of the insect, the "I'm too fat cause of fast food that claimed it was healthy", and the star could be the lottery liar. In fact I think I will sue for the erectile med commercials, feminine hygene commercials, that I was emotionally scarred by their content. Once I complete my eradication on t.v. I will then concentrate ads in magazines.
What is sad though is the Star Wars kid that got humiliated world wide and cant do a thing about it.

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KY jelly

by maecuff In reply to Is this true?

There was a lawsuit against KY jelly because a woman spread it on toast and ate it. She sued because there was no warning against eating the product.

And I agree about the star wars kid, he gets humiliated across the globe, but some weenie gets millions for burning herself with her coffee.

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How sad have we become?

by jkaras In reply to KY jelly

I doubt it was merchandised with the other jellies let alone stored in her house in the fridge.

I too get to join the ranks of going to court. Last month I was on the highway in the fast lane when the work truck in front of me had a large box full of electrical fittings got swept up in a gust of wind. As I saw the box flipping end over end heading towards my windshield I noticed that all outs were covered due to traffic. The only thing that I could do to save myself was hit the brakes hard and pray for the best. It hit my hood scratching it in multiple places as it rolled over my windshield spilling the fittings. It took me about 2 miles to pull the unaware driver over to get the info. Due to low damage no cop would do anything. I report the accident to the boss who stalls for three days where I called the insurance company to make my claim.

They finally contacted me after a week to deny the claim since their was no proof of the "alledged box". They claim that I need to produce the box to pay out the measley $800 worth of damage. They claim that they dont think I'm lying or delusional but no proof, no check.

Despite that they dont have their own boxes with their company logo and the possibility that they would put an invoice that says it's their box, I must be trying to shake them down. I argued also that they want me to find the box further risking my life on the side of a major highway searching for the box in question.

I cant believe that both insurance and the sign company want me to go thru all this for $700 because I'm shakin them down for a payday! Yeah right, I'm going thru all this to get paid? If I was out to get paid I would have claimed a complete paintjob rather then just the hood and an injury attorney sueing for emotional trama over the possible horrific death. Lets face it, the box, if it had anything of weight would have impaled me thru the windshield where I would have killed other drivers as my car carrens into theirs causing massive deaths on a scale that would have made national headlines. The driver would have never known. I currently have better than 20/20 vision, 13/20 meaning I can see at 27 feet what others can see at 20 feet. Apparently I'm either delusional, lying, or mistaken like it was a UFO or weather ballon?

So I get to go to court and fight for justice with the possible outcome that I wont win, all because of money and a loophole that the two companies are exploiting, and I'm the greedy A-HOLE? Ah justice, only the frivolous win and upstanding people get screwed!

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How sad have we become?

No matter what the Lawers always get paid!

Do you see a reason forming here?

Could it be that we already have too many legal whores only too willing to to run to court to "Get Justice" when in fact all they want is the "Fast Buck?"

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In contrast

by Oz_Media In reply to How sad have we become?

I was driving behind a logging truck that hadn't claned it's tires after leavuing a gravel logging road (a rule for all dump trucks and logging trucks). As we headed down the road, he kicked up a rock that shattered my windshield.

It was a Friday and I was busy, on Tuesday of the following week. I went to ICBC (our provincial insurance company) and filed a claim. They didn't ask for a licence number, company name or anything. $50.00 deductable and my windshield was replaced that afternoon, no questions asked.

Gotta hate what ever it is we are supposed to be, Liberal or Socialist or something. Either way, it works for me.

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Apply Pressure Here...

by SoldierJedi In reply to How sad have we become?

Why not contact them again, notifying them of your INTENT to sue for $zillions due to emotional trauma, caused not only by the damage on the road, but also by their treatment of you. See how fast thteir legal dept back tracks on paying you the $800...

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I wish

by jkaras In reply to Apply Pressure Here...

The truth is they are playing the numbers game that its not costing them anything to play the odds that I wont fight. I file legal papers we go to a room to attempt to settle out of court where they decide to be generous by offering me half payment or go to court. They are already paying for the lawyers time whether or not he is litagating. In court they can win, lose, or settle, till then they are not out any money which is what they are all about.

The only issue that might cause me to lose is that I dont have a witness to coroberate my claim nor absolute proof that it was their box since there wouldnt be any box with their logo to prove it was theirs regardless of the common sense. I will do my best in court but I will probably lose or a letter of the law due to probability that I could be lying with is the farthest from the truth for $800. Next time I get an ambulance chaser and go for the frivolous lawsuit and bs truama.

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Which is why

by GuruOfDos In reply to KY jelly

American English is so (American) wife and I find it easier to communicate in a 'neutral' language like French or Swahili!

In Britain, what you call 'jelly', we call jam.
What you call 'jello', we call jelly.

We have KY Jelly here too, but just the word 'jelly' shouts at us Limeys....


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