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By john.a.wills ·
The latest edition of The Economist argues that jihadism will wither just as the anarchism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries did.
No special legal remedies are, it appears, necessary or useful.

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That'd be tough

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to terrorism

Sit about waiting for things to get better won't get you voted in, pander to racism though much better vote catcher.

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by Absolutely In reply to terrorism

...jihadism would certainly wither and die. I consider it an open question, though, whether that would happen before or after it puts an end to civilization, in the extremely unlikely hypothetical case that it is allowed to fade by passive resistance or inaction.

There are several important differences I see between anarchism and jihadism. As a political philosophy, anarchism is subject to rigorous intellctual analysis which inevitably shows it to be impractical. Jihadism, as an interpretation of a faith, is subject to authoritarian interpretation by select authorities, whose evaluations are then to be believed uncritically by the followers. Also, anarchism never promised an afterlife, inluding a fleet of virgin mates, for its assassins. We all know that Islam promises exactly that. Some obviously believe it. I can imagine no rational argument that would dissuade me from such a promise, if somehow I had been convinced to believe such lunacy.

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