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try it again

by jdclyde In reply to Nominal

You don't have permission to access /2001/tma1/wav/ignition.wav on this server.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80
Odd, if you drop down to the directory level and then select the file, it will play.

Even more odd, that link looks VERrRRrryyy familiar........

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Does it now??? My original intention was to reach it via................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to try it again or

Then you must be a fan like me. I've got it on 1" reel to reel tape; 3/4" Beta; VHS and now DVD and soon either Blueray or HD-DVD, maybe both. Since the movie came out way back in the seventies and I can remember blowing a little grass while wearing earphones and having someone switching the balance back an forth. It tends to make me wonder what a mere rugrat, like you must have been at the time, was doing. If you like this then you've got to like Clockwork Orange as well. BTW my 1" tape has a lot of the outakes that were left on the floor; when I say tape, I should mention that there are 7 reels of just 2001. Don't ask. How I came by this, is one of those little secrets that only someone in the business could understand.

BTW I've also got Clockwork Orange as well and several others I've come across in my meanderings. Understand these are all copies but all are 1st dupes taken from the original material. For instance I also have an original print(film) of Citizen Kane, a milestone for any student of cinematography and I also have a remastered DVD copy.

Right now I am working on obtaining 1st dupes of Lord of the Rings but these I doubt will be on 1". For certain I'll have DVDs but I wouldn't mind having a 3/4" Beta copy. These are getting harder and harder to come by for some reason but the availability of master quality DVDs are becoming easier to acquire.

BTW you probably would want my original 1" 1st dupe of that old classic "Deep Throat" starring Linda Lovelace. While I may have it; it is in mint condition, mainly because I could never be bothered viewing it. I've never considered sex as a spectator sport. I do highspeed reel to reel transfers on it at least once a year to maintain tape quality and condition but I haven't watched any of these tapes in years. In fact the play back equipment is now approaching antique stature. Thank God I know how and have the ability to maintain and repair it.

Dawg ]:)

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I am actually playing "catch up" on a lot of this

by jdclyde In reply to Does it now??? My origina ...

I didn't become a geek until later in life. Started at the ripe old age of 29. Didn't have any geek friends either, and have only picked one up along the way and he is younger and not up on the classics.

It is kind of embarrassing, but you do what you can. I remember when 2001 came on TV. it seemed so boring I went in the other room. Starts out kind of slow and considering I was ONE when it came out........

I have been looking to get this because my boys are just soaking up all the geek stuff that I missed out on. They LOVE holy grail!

Took them to the theater when the remasters of Starwars came out as well as all of the LOR movies. We did read that one. (long friggin book!)

Oh well. I am catching up, slowly.

This is also part of the intimidation factor with ItGirli. She has already read more of the great books and I have over ten years on her! Bout the only thing I used to read was King books.

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