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Text Book Q&A (is it just me?)

By eBob ·
Is it just me, or does anybody else find those questions that are so clearly cut out of atextbook, or exam, or whatever, just plain "curious"? Maybe even annoying?

For example:


good/bad points of structured cabling
what are key benefits of implementing a strutured cabling system in an office block and highlight the potential problems or restrictions that structured cabling may have on network design options


It looks an awful lot like somebody is trying to do their homework, perhaps for a course for certification. They hit a topic that stumps them (fair enough, we have been there, every day!) and they elect to turn a group of "peers" for some clarification (fair enough, too).

BUT, this "copy & paste" makes it LOOK like whoever is posting the question hasn't stopped for even one minute to try to figure this out for themselves. This LOOKS like "oh gash, I dunno, so I'll just post it to TR". What do they do with the answer when (if?) they get one? Probably just plug it into the CBT and go on to Q 43?

OK, maybe I'm just having a nasty-attitude day. It's Monday. Whadya want?

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by admin In reply to Text Book Q&A (is it just ...

I just wish that when you do post a right answer they would actually accept it and give you the points. Some do, but the "exam" types seem to not only not have time to write it themselves, but also seldom have time to actually rate the ?'s.......

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and another thing that p******s me off

by eBob In reply to Yep.

It's not like "we" are not OK with helping people out.

And heck, "we" get stuck and come here looking for answers ourselves. Sometimes "we" ask questions from real life, and sometimes it's an acedemic question as "we" continue to upgrade our owncerts., or whatever.

It's just that these types just seem so damn Lay-Zee! They should all go back to the employment agency and get a job with the federal government where this damn tendency won't be so noticeable. And get the heck out of the real world.

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