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    Text & Images


    by bigmoose ·

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to put a body of “text” inside of an image and be able to open it later as to read it?

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      Two possibilities

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Text & Images

      Some applications allow you to add a text box to an image. Most dont allow later editing. Most show the text on the image.

      You can embedd extra code in the image coding, that is how they make a virus like the ‘happy virus’.

      Dont see why you would want to do this except as adding text to an image, like a cartoon ballon or caption.

      If you are talking about having text and an image available together on a web page, that is a totally different thing and is a standard part of html coding tohave text alternatives or additions for image placements.

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        Thanks for the help

        by bigmoose ·

        In reply to Two possibilities

        You got my attention when you mentioned viruses but that is not my intension.
        The link below sheds a better light.

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          Didn’t think you were

          by deadly ernest ·

          In reply to Thanks for the help

          I really did not think you wanted to embedd a virus, people who want to do that dont ask in these sorts of forums.

          Personally I can not see why you would want to embed a message within an image except for subliminal programming purposes. The safest and oldest code method is to use a split code where by you give references to another text the other person has and they decode it from looking up the reference. But so much is available in the way of commercial coding systems that such extra methods do not seem very useful (at least to me they dont).

          Anyway good luck with your project.

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      by john_wills ·

      In reply to Text & Images

      In medieval Europe woodcuts – and, I suppose, engravings – had images which sometimes included text; eventually Gutenberg and others generalized this with movable type and the modern printed codex was invented. Did early movable-printers put their type within pictures, as you want to do, or did they just continue to use picture blocks which happened to include lettes as part of the picture?

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      by jackofalltech ·

      In reply to Text & Images

      If you are talking about ‘hiding’ a text message in a graphic format file (a form of encrypting) then yes, it can be done. Do a Google search on Steganography.


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        by bigmoose ·

        In reply to Steganography?

        Excellent!! Thank for the info.

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        Early days of home computing!

        by guruofdos ·

        In reply to Steganography?

        Reminds me of the times when Sinclair and Commodore cassette-based computer games came with a special ‘lens’ to hold up to the TV screen to reveal an encripted word or characters which you then typed in to make the game run! The game could be copiedon a dual cassette deck as many times as you liked, but without the ‘lens’, none of your pals could play the game!! The lens was laser-etched and was virtually impossible to copy by anyone without access to a decent optical engineering lab!

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