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Thank You God.

By stargazerr ·
When I came on TR today ... I expected it to be <turns up nose>PINK</turns up nose> like everything else on the internet today....

But seems like someone up there still likes me ...

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. Hope all your secret (;)) wishes come true.


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well, I have a fix

by Jaqui In reply to Thank You God.

for the over use of pink.
I just go to poser pros where my default interface settings are black with gold text.
or renderosity, where it's black with cyan text.

happy valentines? oh, yeah, that's right I hid for my birthday and didn't talk to anyone. ]:)

[ yes, the 13th was my birthday ]

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Not Fair Not Fair

by stargazerr In reply to well, I have a fix

Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a brilliant day ... and will have an even greater one today ....


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Mmmm, late

by rob mekel In reply to well, I have a fix

but non the less meant heartily: Happy Birthday :)


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Well Jaqui

by jdclyde In reply to well, I have a fix

Happy spankings too youuuuuu
whips and chainsss for youuuuuu
may the leather not chaff you
happy spankings too youuuuuu!

(to be sung to the original "happy birthday" music)

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If it's ok

by Old Guy In reply to Well Jaqui

I would like to chime in on the song. Happy Spanking(?) to you!

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Just as long as it is clear

by jdclyde In reply to If it's ok

that while I am hoping he gets the beating he desires, I am NOT OFFERING to assist in the delivery!

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by Old Guy In reply to Just as long as it is cle ...

Just in singing the song. :^O

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I admire the sentiment; very similar to mine.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to well, I have a fix

I don't know why, precisely but I haven't enjoyed making a big deal out of celebrating my birthday, since back in my twenties. I guess my logic is a bit weird but I just don't see a reason to celebrate being a year older and getting closer to death. Besides, when people throw you a "surprise party", which you invariably find out about before hand, they always seem to come to your house, to throw it and who in the **** is going to clean up that mess afterwards???

My idea of the proper birthday is to be on my own and being able to do something that I want to do. It could be anything like spending the day at the movies, going fishing, just doing whatever I want to do without being the focus of somebody else's idea of celebrating my birthday. my idea is, it's my birthday, ergo it's my day and I should be permitted to do with it, whatever I please. The one thing I've managed to do, with minor exceptions, is to never work on my birthday. The exceptions were the three times I actually forgot it was my birthday until my mother phoned to wish me a happy birthday.

My insistence on taking my day for myself once got me into trouble with my first wife. She had set about throwing an elaborate surprise party and she actually succeeded in keeping it a secret. After 10 years of marriage plus three years of living with me, you would have thought she would have learned that the idea of me having a birthday party in my honour was not very high on my list of to do things, on my birthday. Well she succeeded in keeping it a secret, alright and it was a marvelous party; everybody having a great and good time. The only problem was the guest of honour was missing and he didn't put in an appearance until everybody was leaving to go home. That one was good for over a month of nagging. I had told her what my plans for my birthday were going to be, about a week prior to that and if she had been paying attention, she would have worked out a ploy with some of my friends to ensure my presence. She didn't and I wasn't. Was it my fault that I wasn't there??? The way I saw it, everybody had a good time drinking my booze so, my presence wasn't really necessary and hey she had succeeded in surprising me; I just wasn't there to appreciate it until after the event.

I hope you had an excellent birthday and were successful in hiding out from everyone. I hope you were able to do precisely what you wanted to do and I hope you enjoyed every minute of it and the day worked out exactly as you had planned. It was your day and whether anybody else enjoyed it or not, you certainly should have been able to. Happy Birthday, Jaqui!!!

Dawg ]:)

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by stargazerr In reply to I admire the sentiment; v ...

Birthday is "your" day ... I agree.

But hey, its another excuse to party ...

Other than that ... I make it a point to spend the day with my folks ... They are the reason I have that day in my life .... or life itself ... :)


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It's his day, ok, but I can see a bit of fun heading

by gadgetgirl In reply to True

in someone's direction.....


I know when Dawgs' birthday is!

I have a coupla months to sort out in exactly what form the hit will land....

You up for this, Gazer?


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