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The 3 Day- Tig's June News

By Tig2 ·
To those that have asked that I keep them up on the Breast Cancer 3Day.

Well, it?s June. Another busy month gone by! We be WALKIN!

It?s hard to believe that we are only two months away from the event. When we started, it seemed like a long time away. Now it is almost here!

So far we have walked over 275 training miles. Since shoes wear out at about 500 miles, we are both in need of new shoes so that the next pair is broken in before the old pair wears out. I will need two pairs for the Walk itself so that I can change back and forth between them. After a day of walking, the pair on my feet are sure to be wet!

My partner still loves his Ascics but they didn?t give my feet enough stability. So I went to Schullers and talked to the podia?something. He looked at my feet, looked at my calluses, watched me walk, and looked at the soles of the shoes I had been wearing. He discovered that I ?pronate and supinate? when I walked. (have fun Googling those!). Anyway, he recommended the New Balance 1122 walking/running shoe. Perfection! They are wonderfully comfortable and are as light as the Asics were but much more stable when I walk.

A quick note about New Balance. Since they began their ?Lace up for the Cure? campaign, donating $5 of each purchase from the pink ribbon line to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, they have given nearly a million dollars this year alone! If you are thinking about a new pair of athletic shoes, consider New Balance!

My partner needs another pair of Asics. He still says they are the most comfortable shoe he has ever worn. He is going to put a lot of miles on over the 3 days! My partner is the fetch and carry guy, the keeper of the popsicles, Number one Cheerer and hauler of water. Not just for me but for the team. Without him, doing this would be SO much harder. He has been an incredible support since the beginning.

I lucked out and found the perfect walking socks- Cool Max wicking, lightweight, arch support, vented AND have pink ribbons on them. Best part? ON SALE! I should have enough socks to last through the whole event (6 pairs at a minimum) and training too.

Have to share a couple of stories from the month. I met another woman doing the walk through the 3 Day message boards who was having some trouble putting together an Applebee?s Breakfast fundraiser. I offered to give her a hand- I have done three of them. Finding a non-walker to help out was a challenge as the walkers split the money. My partner and I were up for it but we needed another body. Enter my dear friend! Last month I told you about the $6 donation from her son. This time she agreed to have her mother?in-law watch the children while she came out and gave us a hand. The girls were able to raise $400 from the breakfast that they only had to split between 4 walkers as everyone else was a volunteer. And she is proof again that there are some great hearts out there willing to lend a hand. Her mother-in-law is wonderful too. Made a donation to the cause!

I got two other donations this month that really touched me- they were both from people I have never met but know through a discussion board that I contribute to. When people come out of nowhere like that to contribute to something that is so very important, it touches me immensely.

Anyone interested in making a donation or just following the cause is welcome to peer me for more details.

Have to get this sent off and it is already pretty lengthy. No walking tonight but we have 14 miles on Saturday and 10miles on Sunday. And that is how just walking can get you so busy!

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Great Update

by j.lupo In reply to The 3 Day- Tig's June New ...

Thanks for the update TiggerTwo. Keep going you are doing a great job. We recently had a walk here in my area of the world and it was great because we had so much media coverage about it.

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