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The Birthday of Lady Liberty

By maxwell edison ·
Contrary to what many of my TechRepublic friends may believe, I am deeply saddened when I hear of the contempt shown toward the United States of America, whether that contempt be aimed at her people or her government, and there's nothing I would like more than to see that trend reversed. And while I agree with the notion that many Americans don't understand the various positions and sentiments of other people around the world, I also believe that much of the world doesn't understand the average American either. That's become painfully obvious to me by merely reading the thoughts and opinions of not only individuals from other countries who participate in these threads, but by reading news accounts and opinions published in foreign newspapers as well.

I believe that when America was formed, much, if not most, of the world lived without freedom and individual liberty. And I believe that America, while not alone in the quest for such lofty goals, was certainly the cause's standard-bearer. Perhaps that's why so many Americans are "obsessed" (others' sentiments, not mine) with such things. Why is it so hard to understand Americans' infatuation with freedom and liberty, when those were the very principles upon which our country was founded? Just as the British have an affection for their "royal family", Americans have an affinity for theirs as well. Our "royal family", however, are not mortal beings, but rather lofty ideals. Those ideals have served us - and others - very well, and they have produced what could probably be called the most influential nation the world has ever seen.

Today we celebrate the birth of the idea that became America. Today we remember those who risked their lives and fortunes so that those who came after could enjoy the fruits that resulted from the seeds of liberty planted a mere 228 years ago. Others paid the price for the establishment of liberty in our land, but we reap the rewards. To those people, the ones who came before me, I will always be grateful. Perhaps the only way I can pay back the sacrifices made by those brave and honorable men and women, is to continue to carry the banner of individual liberty. After all, that's such a small price to pay for such a precious gift.

Happy birthday America. May your beacon of freedom and liberty shine brightly for generations to come.

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Here Here!!

by TheChas In reply to The Birthday of Lady Libe ...


I fully agree with your sentiments.

May our leaders, present and future, remember to hold the agenda of freedom above personal, political, and special interest goals.


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by GuruOfDos In reply to Here Here!!

"May our leaders, present and future, remember to hold the agenda of freedom above personal, political, and special interest goals"

Hang on a minute...our leaders are politicians, aren't they?!! I echo Max's sentiments but sadly Chas, there aren't too many leaders anywhere in the world prepared to put their own personal gain to one side for the sake of the common good.

True, there are those out there who do preach the 'good word', but without the financial backing of big business behind them, their voices don't get heard. What is even sadder, is that when election time comes round, in whatever country, we all tend to vote based on what we perceive as to our own best advantage, be that tax cuts or other pledges to make us 'as individuals' better off. Then, just to add the cherry on the top, having voted the side in who promise us the best 'deal', the promises rarely come to fruition, and when they do, there is usually a sting in the tail.

'Freedom is the ability to democratically elect a government and give them the remit to take back with one hand what they give with the other...'

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Polly Anna

by TheChas In reply to Unfortunately


I don't have a Polly Anna view of the world.

My sentiments are those of hope.

I don't expect the US political climate to change anytime soon.

I can however hold out hope that a few wise and selfless individuals will rise to positions of political power.

After all, it is hope that keeps us all going.
It was hope that sparked the first seeds of liberty.


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Excellent Post Max

by Garion11 In reply to The Birthday of Lady Libe ...

Happy Birthday America!

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