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The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

By TomSal · it's a slow day and I'm roaming through the discussions. I notice at least a dozen political threads, at that point I stopped counting.

Can someone please make another political thread, I'm not sure enough has been said on the issue yet here at TR.

My vote -- quickly becoming "NONE OF THE ABOVE".

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by maecuff In reply to The Can Someone Please Ma ...

Something different. A topic that can incite much name calling and hatred amongst we humans. Because, we all know there is NO room for difference of opinion here.

How about this.. a spirited debate on the pros and cons of boiling puppies alive? And the subtle difference in boiling a stray off the street versus a five year old child's Christmas puppy..

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Boiling alive - not puppies - but frogs

by maxwell edison In reply to Maybe..

We've all heard that the way to boil a fresh frog is to drop him in cold water, bringing it very slowly to a boil. By the time he realizes the water's getting hot, it's too late for him to jump out and he's cooked - and someone has fresh frog legs for dinner.

And we are just like the frog - all these Democrat Party social programs are cooking us like frogs. And by the time we actually realize that it's getting rather "hot", it'll be too late and we'll all be cooked.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist - and TomSal did, after all, want a political discussion.)

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by maecuff In reply to Boiling alive - not puppi ...

You are the polar opposite of my husband, who, is in NO way a Bush supporter, on the other hand, you are very much alike. It gets tiresome though, that no matter the subject he can always turn the subject back to Bush. I can honestly say though, he's never turned a 'boiling frog' conversation into a political one. I think you win. :)

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I'm glad you saw. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to sigh..

....the intended humor (I think).

Regards to you and your husband.

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Yes, yes..

by maecuff In reply to I'm glad you saw. . . .

of husband fits Bush rants into nearly every conversation now just to watch me clutch my forehead and whimper..How many times can one person say..'Preaching to the Choir"????

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by tbragsda In reply to Maybe..

You, sir, have offended my sensibilities. I would never boil puppies! about on the grill?

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by mrafrohead In reply to Disgusting!

/me grabs the BBQ sauce!

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You can grill em, too..

by maecuff In reply to Disgusting!

And I too, am offended. I'm not a 'sir'.

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Gimme a ZigZag

by Oz_Media In reply to You can grill em, too..

I'll give it a shot.

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That puts..

by maecuff In reply to Gimme a ZigZag

a new spin on the possibilities..

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