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    The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread


    by tomsal · it’s a slow day and I’m roaming through the discussions. I notice at least a dozen political threads, at that point I stopped counting.

    Can someone please make another political thread, I’m not sure enough has been said on the issue yet here at TR. 😉

    My vote — quickly becoming “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.


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      by maecuff ·

      In reply to The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      Something different. A topic that can incite much name calling and hatred amongst we humans. Because, we all know there is NO room for difference of opinion here.

      How about this.. a spirited debate on the pros and cons of boiling puppies alive? And the subtle difference in boiling a stray off the street versus a five year old child’s Christmas puppy..

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        Boiling alive – not puppies – but frogs

        by maxwell edison ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        We’ve all heard that the way to boil a fresh frog is to drop him in cold water, bringing it very slowly to a boil. By the time he realizes the water’s getting hot, it’s too late for him to jump out and he’s cooked – and someone has fresh frog legs for dinner.

        And we are just like the frog – all these Democrat Party social programs are cooking us like frogs. And by the time we actually realize that it’s getting rather “hot”, it’ll be too late and we’ll all be cooked.

        (Sorry, I couldn’t resist – and TomSal did, after all, want a political discussion.)

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          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Boiling alive – not puppies – but frogs

          You are the polar opposite of my husband, who, is in NO way a Bush supporter, on the other hand, you are very much alike. It gets tiresome though, that no matter the subject he can always turn the subject back to Bush. I can honestly say though, he’s never turned a ‘boiling frog’ conversation into a political one. I think you win. 🙂

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          I’m glad you saw. . . .

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to sigh..

          ….the intended humor (I think).

          Regards to you and your husband.

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          Yes, yes..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to I’m glad you saw. . . .

          of husband fits Bush rants into nearly every conversation now just to watch me clutch my forehead and whimper..How many times can one person say..’Preaching to the Choir”????

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        by tbragsda ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        You, sir, have offended my sensibilities. I would never boil puppies!

        …how about on the grill?

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          Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          by mrafrohead ·

          In reply to Disgusting!

          /me grabs the BBQ sauce!

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          You can grill em, too..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Disgusting!

          And I too, am offended. I’m not a ‘sir’.

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          Gimme a ZigZag

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to You can grill em, too..

          I’ll give it a shot.

        • #2707222

          That puts..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Gimme a ZigZag

          a new spin on the possibilities..

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          As the MASK would say

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to That puts..


          No big deal, I’m in BC, people will light ANYTHING here, if it doesn’t burn, swallow it.

          Loved the pun tho

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        You blithering, self-righteous, bigoted, commy, hatemongerinng freak

        by ippirate ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        I can’t believe that you would even begin to present such a proposition on any level given the current socio-economic crisis that we are buried in, here in this great nation. Furthermore, I hope your face turns black and putrid, sliding off as a your grandchildren look on in horror at the demonic neanderthal that you are is exposed for all it is.

        How’s that? Is that the desired tone of hatred and name calling we are aiming for? LOL

        If it needs to be more brusque then please let me know, I will give it my best shot. LOL

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          What would you know!!!!!

          by tbragsda ·

          In reply to You blithering, self-righteous, bigoted, commy, hatemongerinng freak

          If thats how you feel, go sumswhere else!

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          Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          by ippirate ·

          In reply to What would you know!!!!!

          Now, that is vague. I honestly don’t know whether you are serious or not. No offense, honestly. If your comment is a move at sarcasm as comic then bravo for your subtlity.

          I really was not trying to be negative, just trying to go along with the comic of what was originally posted.

          If I have offended and it has been taken otherwise, I apologise.

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          None intended

          by tbragsda ·

          In reply to Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          I thought starting with ?how best to cook puppies? we could all agree, sarcasm was the intent.

          I have a 18 month old pointer. Best dog ever, but she does look tasty sometimes. She runs a lot, but still has some puppy fat. Bet she would be great!

        • #2707238

          And I hear

          by ippirate ·

          In reply to None intended

          That if you kill a pointer at post it makes it lot easier to eat, kinda like corn on the cob

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        What kind of puppies we talkin’ about? ;p

        by mrafrohead ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        Puppies – soup de joure (spelling?)
        One less dog to have to kick.
        Not having to smell the mangy beast any longer.
        No longer have to waste money on food.
        Goes great with ranch. ;p

        One less dog to get to kick.
        The odoriphorous emination of the cooking…
        Still have to waste money on food.

        The suble differences:

        A stray won’t be missed, therefore the joy would be less grand as if it was owned.

        Where as if it is not off the street, you could have the child, help cut the carrots, and even peel the potatoes.

        It could be viewed as a “family event”. And we all know that now a day’s there just isn’t enough time really spent with the family.

        Now if y’all don’t mind, I’m going to finish watching my movie of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


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        by tbragsda ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        Well, the stray?s pelts would be all nasty. A nice lab puppy could make some mittens.

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        Political Puppies?

        by hereinoz ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        Firstly, a Socialist would want to make sure that the puppy really wanted to be boiled, whereas the Republicans would look strictly at the possibilty of selling the boiled puppy oversea at a profit.

        The Democrats would want to know how much profit the Republicans were really going to make on the boiled puppy, and they would also check whether the ballot that the socialists took to decide the fate of the puppy was rigged or not, particularly if it was a Florida based puppy.

        • #2706820

          Very astute!

          by tbragsda ·

          In reply to Political Puppies?

          Really! I have been debating politics with people for? well, long enough. Can I keep, and use this?

        • #2706819

          You’re welcome

          by hereinoz ·

          In reply to Political Puppies?

          Go for it – its all yours


        • #2707356

          Its wrong to boil puppies.

          by admin ·

          In reply to Political Puppies?

          Its just wrong.

          I don’t want my government telling me that I have to pay for it either. 🙂

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        Me’s like a good puppy stir-fry….

        by tomsal ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        Oh yeah….slice them puppies up into cute little pieces add some worstershire (spoken in perfect redneck) sauce, add some veg-a-ta-bles (again perfect redneck) and woooo weee we’s have ourselves some puppy stir fry….


      • #2707255

        Are ingredient subsititutions permitted?

        by salamander ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        If so, I’d like to fry up a few of those annoying hamster-like creatures from the Quizno sub commercials. They look like they’d be nice and crunchy, like buffalo wings. And eating them has the added bonus in that doing so would presumably keep them from singing.

        • #2707221

          I like the little guys.

          by tbragsda ·

          In reply to Are ingredient subsititutions permitted?

          Took me a bit, but I like them? I don?t know if it was test marketing, but I assumed they would be offered at some point. Or, it could be that they have been on the menu for some time. How would I know what?s in my chicken sandwich?

        • #2715709

          Your title

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I like the little guys.

          A running joke since high school has a punchline “I especially like little boys”.

          Talking about eating children and puppies and then seeing YOUR title “I like the little guys” I thougt you were gonna say you liked barbequed LITTLE BOYS.

          BOY, was I disappointed 🙁

          Children make great warm snacks either way (head or feet first that is).

          I’m just glad my kid finally grew up and stopped screaming last year, when he was old enough to drink.

        • #2715632

          Vending machine mystery meat

          by salamander ·

          In reply to I like the little guys.

          Could be the same stuff that’s found in our vending machine here at work…there’s a product called “Meat Stix.” It appears to be some type of a jerky product, but nowhere on the label does it indicate exactly what *kind* of meat it is.

          I’ve also noticed spaghetti sauce at the grocery store that says something like “contains one pound of meat!” on the label. I might consider buying it if it said something like: “one pound of beef!” or “one pound of turkey!” but the ambiguity bothers me greatly. I can’t bring myself to sling it in the cart and take it home without knowing what the heck it is!

          Makes one wonder…

        • #2715453

          Especially when the can weighs less than a pound

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Vending machine mystery meat

          Makes you wonder how they get a pound of meat into a half pound of sauce.

          As a teenager, I worked P/T one summer for BC Packers and Olympic Meats, EVERY kid works there as a teen. $18 an hour (in the early 80’s!) and tonnes of O.T.

          FORKLIFTS would drive over fish after coming in from the yard and the fish got SHOVELED back into the spew mix. They say it was Dog and Cat food but even still, ewwwwww!.

          At Olympic Meats, that was just GROSS! I still won’t choke back a hot dog or smokie after looking at the garbage that went into the expensive, supposedly ALL BEEF wieners!

          Thank for reminding me?

          And who was that sick bastard who WISHED he was an Oscar Meyer wiener? What a wierdo!

        • #2715428

          That song always makes me smile…

          by salamander ·

          In reply to Especially when the can weighs less than a pound

          I remember when I was in college, dragging myself back to the dorm at 0600 after a *very* late night, when I encountered none other than the Oscar Meyer weinermobile driving down the street with the jingle playing. I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was awake.

          They should do that more often to encourage sobriety among today’s youth.

        • #2708360

          Buy the vegetarian variety and add your puppy!!!

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to Vending machine mystery meat


      • #2708818

        Modest Proposal

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to Maybe..

        For another alternative, you might read “A Modest Proposal” by Jonathan Swift. His solution was a proposal to solve the hunger and population problem in Ireland. Just in case you read it and do not get the joke, remember that Swift was sympathetic to the plight of the Irish, and his suggestion was satire on the attitude of some people in England. (Disclaimer added for political correctness)

    • #2706849

      How about Alice Cooper

      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      For office, we know what he is about. No suprises, he would put on a great show when he talks to the peolpe. And he loves animals, except the ones he feeds to his snakes. And we would get great music with the fire side chats! But the fire may not be in a fire place:) If the terminator can have an office so can Alice and think about it a president named Alice.

      • #2707458


        by maecuff ·

        In reply to How about Alice Cooper

        We’d actually have a president named Vincent..I doubt he’d stick with his stage name.

        • #2707452

          Since My Thread Topic Already Offended *SOME*..;)

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to Well..

          Heck….sorry lady maecuff….lol…

          I say if we are going the celebrity route for president it has to be either Halle Berry, Selma Hayek or Brooke Burke. 😉

        • #2707448

          That would help..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Since My Thread Topic Already Offended *SOME*..;)

          We wouldn’t be at war then..all you guys would just be sitting there drooling all the time..who’d have time to fight then? And I’m certainly not offended by the topic, I was getting thoroughly sick of the others. It’s time for some fresh meat.

        • #2708356

          There’s a pun lying there but I don’t know if it was intended???

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to That would help..

          We need a gross meter or something to say how far we can go but then again maybe not.

        • #2708349

          A little while ago here at TR

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to There’s a pun lying there but I don’t know if it was intended???

          There was a discussion removed about Spam because some got offended and claimed that the subject matter wasn’t Technically related.

          Personally I found it funny that that discussion was removed as it was definitely one of the “Hot Topics” which was probably the reason why it was pulled as there where too many people getting involved describing the them Spam that was going around. Even since then I’ve leaned on the cautious side when posting as I don’t want to see good well subscribed discussions go the same way.


        • #2708309

          That’s what I thought as well but…..

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to A little while ago here at TR

          I decided to ‘skirt’ the issue. 😀

        • #2708197

          of course..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to There’s a pun lying there but I don’t know if it was intended???

          it was intended.

        • #2708357

          You scared me for a sec, I thought you were about to suggest boiling them

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to Since My Thread Topic Already Offended *SOME*..;)

          Now that would be a true waste. 😛 😀

      • #2708350

        Or we all could go to

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to How about Alice Cooper

        Alice’s Restaurant for those of us old enough to remember that song.

        Or maybe someone would like to start a discussion on the merits of “The Mothers” Billy the Mountain.

        Any takers?


      • #2708813

        He’s a good Republican

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to How about Alice Cooper

        I would vote for Alice Cooper. He is a good conservative Republican. Supports Bush and is a friend of John McCain, so he gets along with both wings of the GOP. And I love the remarks he made about the Hollywood types that support Kerry and liberal causes.

        • #2708812

          Or Ted Nugent

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to He’s a good Republican

          He is another rocker I would support for President. Similar views as Alice Cooper, just a little stronger and more outspoken in his views and more right wing, so even better.

    • #2707414

      can people please REALLY be patriotic?

      by misscrf ·

      In reply to The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      Your tired of political threads? go to another country where you can’t vote or have opinions.
      I am sick of the apathy of a country that is free.

      Free comes with responsibility. Our country was set up for us to run our government. How good can you really think it will be if you don’t invest any time or attention to it?

      Don’t like the candidates, then step up. No one is going to speak for you, but someone someday will decide to take your right to speak away.

      You can participate in your government or it will fail.

      Don’t expect a free country to be free.

      It is free for us to make it what we can, and that takes work.

      • #2707409

        yes, okay..

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to can people please REALLY be patriotic?

        I understand that, it isn’t that there is anything wrong with the political debates, it’s just that they all seem to degenerate into a pile of rubbish that means nothing. How does wanting to discuss something OTHER than politics bring a person’s patriotism into play??

        • #2707404

          I agree

          by misscrf ·

          In reply to yes, okay..

          I do agree that political discussions often don’t really stay on track, but we have to keep trying. These issues effect everyone. The discussion is not just the issues, but how responsible the ones we elected are at taking care of them. Fundamentally, how well we are being represented. We need to educate ourselves on the issues and come back to the debate table. It is that important.

        • #2707359

          Got Humor?

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to I agree

          Remember the old diary commercials trying to sell Milk….”got milk?”.

          Well, misscrf….Got Humor?

          I agree with maecuff. I think you don’t appreciate the value of the humor in this thread (which is the reason it was created) because maybe you haven’t seen the 1400 PLUS post thread on politics or any of a dozen other threads on politics. Does not all that count as enough serious discussion on politics.

          No one is being ignorant of politics here, no one making fun of politics (although trust me I’m often tempted too) its nothing like that at all..

          This thread is about having some levity, some humor….BECAUSE of too MUCH serious debate (sometimes looking like a flame war) on politics on these boards for too long.

          That said….

          how you like your puppy rare or well done? 😉

        • #2707353

          For crying out loud..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Got Humor?

          Could you PLEASE be SERIOUS!

        • #2707319

          if we are going to break, lets make some sense

          by misscrf ·

          In reply to For crying out loud..

          there are too many debates? well not enough action. Here some info for all of you “taking a break” only have of the eligible voters in this country are registered, and only about half of them vote. That means about 25% of this country is actually working. and btw there is no break when it comes to running a country.

          You want to take a break? I have humor, but I don’t find an absurd discussion about harming innocent animals funny. I find it sick and wonder how serious every one of you are. I would love to have the ASPCA investigate to make sure no puppies were harmed in the making of this thread. now that was funny.

        • #2707302

          You are right.

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to if we are going to break, lets make some sense

          I’m very sorry. Harming puppies is a horrible thing. Suggesting that someone actually boil a puppy is childish and not funny.

          Cute, cuddly little kittens, though…

        • #2707263

          Take a chill pill …

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to if we are going to break, lets make some sense

          Take a chill pill for crying out loud. Don’t get the humor, think its sick (you are right we are sick-minded twisted inviduals who harm animals and kick small children for fun…etc.), simply don’t post to it then. Kinda like the deal with something you find offensive on TV — don’t like it change the channel.

          I don’t for one 10th of one second think that any folks here just for joking around are bad, evil or cruel people — to animals or otherwise.

          In fact, I LOVE dogs….and I love kids….especially when they aren’t mine and I can send them home at the end of the day. 😉

          Now please excuse me…I lost my trophy made of the heads of baby seals, and I also left the water running on the outside spicket (just for kicks)….


        • #2707248

          Interesting timing

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to if we are going to break, lets make some sense

          Once upon a time an art student at the Ontario Collge of Art and Design, decided to make a film of a live cat skinning.

          Someone else found this controversial enough to make a film about the person and the event. It shows no footage of said skinning. It tries to show both sides of the artistic freedom debate. And that film is being picketed at the Toronto Film festival as we speak.


        • #2707134


          by oz_media ·

          In reply to if we are going to break, lets make some sense

          That’s so totally Canadian Film Board, gotta love freedom of expression.

          Speaking of which, AND NOT GETTING INTO POLITICS, I heard that FOX News wants to air in Canada but can’t unless it provides 1/3 Canadian content, fair enough we are used to that, but they are going to decline because of it.
          Now Al-Jazeerea News ALSO wants to air in Canada, except they have shown more flexibility in showing Canadian based content than Fox News.

          Wierd CRTC, the screwed up politics when I worked there was a good enough reason for me to not move to TO permanently and just find a new job.

          NOW, I think it was Tom who said he loved Dogs and Kids. I agree, well cooked little girls are a great snack while at the ballgame or hiking.

          You have to get ’em mainly preteen though because otherwise you have to remove the braces first.

          The Tandori Hut in Vancouver was recently in the news while being raided for serving battered women.

          As Ron White said: I saw a girl at the beach with a seashell bikini on. So I walked up and held her to my ear. I was expecting to hear the ocean but I couldn’t. Not over all that damn screaming! She just wouldn’t shut up!!!


        • #2715711

          Interesting point , is Iraq and the election the right focus though?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to I agree

          I saw a newsline type of show last night that raised the question of whether we are reacting the right way to actually begin to know our enemy.

          Ted Koppel has done two shows on how we should be looking to WHAT it is that needs to be changed in order to protect ourselves or slow the growth or terrorism. He has said that ammending certain aspects of the constitution to make it more modernly mulitcultural accepting would be a start.

          al-Qaeda are USING the Constitution to build hatred for the west and we are using freedom as a tool of defense. People are TOO focused on the election and the war and not enough is being done to actually address the global war on terrorism. There are attacks daily and they are increasing, al-Qaeda is bigger and are growing/recruiting much faster than before, and the entire thought process of stopping terrorism is being focused ineffectively.

          It’s not as simple as ‘they are against freedom’ we need to fully understand them as they have the upper hand in learning WHO thier enemy really is at this point.

          OK NUFF POLITICS. (but I never mentioned a single name or coumtry!)

      • #2715677

        Everyone agrees but every now and then you need a little comic relief!!

        by sleepin’dawg ·

        In reply to can people please REALLY be patriotic?

        Now if you don’t mind would you please pass the Bar-B-Q sauce. My boiled puppy tastes a little bland 😀

      • #2708348

        OK I’ll try to be very cautious here as I don’t want to start any arguments

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to can people please REALLY be patriotic?

        The main problem with elections and the current party system is that no matter which side eventually wins we all know that it will be a politician who has all the power.

        But personally I think that the Australian Electoral system is slightly better than the US system as while we have to vote there is always the possibility of if a certain percentage of the population in an electorate are unwilling to vote for any candidate they ave to have another election with different candidates who are acceptable to the population.

        Unfortunately in the US if you don’t like any of the standing Candidates you don’t have to vote and even if you feel really strongly about the unsuitability of the offered candidates you have no option of not having one of them elected even if only 3% of the electorate vote for them. While the Australians are a fairly apathetic bunch we do at least have the ability to not have any candidates in a particular electorate elected if the people offered by the parties are so bad that they are unpalatable to the general community.

        Perhaps that is something that could be written into the US Constitution. Anyone want to comment on that idea?


        • #2708803

          Compulsory vote?

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to OK I’ll try to be very cautious here as I don’t want to start any arguments

          I like the “none of the above” choice in Australia, but the compulsory vote aspect bothers me. I would think a corollary of the right to vote would also be the right not to vote. If someone is too apathetic or lazy or ignorant to vote, then why make them vote anyway? They might vote out of ignorance instead of choosing a candidate that fits with their point of view, when forced to vote, when otherwise they might just stay home from the polls.

        • #2708549

          Well Australia has an interesting history regarding voting

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Compulsory vote?

          Upon Federation women had the vote and that was along time prior to either England or the USA {granted I only learned this when doing some research for my mother in her quest for family history records.}

          But without compulsory voting you could conceivable have the position where only one person votes in am electorate for their chosen Representative other than those directly involved in an election campaign so if those election campaigners where removed from the vote you could conceivable only have one person voting for a politician which is hardly Representative.

          As I’ve worked on a few occasions for a couple of friends who ran as independents in local elections I got to observe the ballot papers for myself and from my experience those that really didn’t want to vote in the first place generally wrote derogatory comments on the ballot paper.

          An “Informal Vote” which then goes into a pile and if it exceeds a certain percentage of the entire vote for that electorate means that another election must be held with different candidates.

          Without compulsory voting I really can’t see how you would be able to decide if the offered candidates where acceptable to the electorate as you would have no base knowledge of possible votes that would be made.

          It is interesting to read some of the comments on the ballot papers it is a real eye opener.

          It’s just without compulsory voting I don’t know where you would set a minimum limit for people voting to throw out the current candidates and even if some number was set would it stand up to a Court Challenge? I’m open to suggestions though.


        • #2712662

          Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Well Australia has an interesting history regarding voting

          If a citizen does not care enough to vote, then they have voluntarily given up their say. I see no problem with that, as long as there is nothing stopping them from voting. I do think that “none of the above” should be added to the options in the USA. That will give an option to people who care enough to vote, but do not like any of the candidates. Then we could do like Australia and hold a new election. I just think a vote from people who care enough to vote is better than one where everyone is compelled to vote, whether they want to or not. Let those who care enough about the issues decide things. So what if the majority is apathetic, they gave up their opportunity to vote voluntarily. I would rather things be decided by 10% of the populace that cares than the 90% that is apathetic (to throw out some numbers as an extreme example). The key is that no one is prevented from voting who is a citizen of age, and no one is forced to vote. Was there a problem in Australia where few people voted and it was then made mandatory? I also like the idea of writing comments, but most ballots in the USA are done by electronic or mechanical voting machines or punch cards. Very few paper ballots anymore, in only a few localities.

        • #2712402

          Actually while I’m not really sure WHY!

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          Compulsory voting was something introduced at Federation by our “Founding Fathers” maybe it could have been that we had such a small population that they saw the need for this I don’t know and maybe even it is something that should be looked into again since we now have a bigger population even though it is small compared to the US.

          I do like the idea of “None of the above” but with some of the problems that have arisen at the last USA election there could very well be problems with any new law being challenged in the courts by interested parties. Then again I really can not see any political party willingly allowing the general population dictate to then who to offer as a candidate. While I do think it a good idea in reality it has never been invoked here either and that is because it is not told to anyone you have to dig in the legislation to see this and that is something that most people just are either unwilling or unconcerned about. Naturally it isn’t made widely known to the general public by the Political Parties as it would undermine their power.

          Maybe where lucky over here as we still have to write on the ballot papers and not just punch a hole or similar but even still once upon a time we had to fill out every box and now that has been reduced to only voting for who you may like in office with no second or third preference or as in one Senate Ballot paper quite a few years ago all 128 people standing for the Senate in Queensland. You should have seen that ballot paper it was about half a mile long.


        • #2720635

          Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Actually while I’m not really sure WHY!

          Although there is no “None of the Above” choice available on ballots I have voted on, there have still been some elections where I did not vote for a particular candidate. I just did not pick anyone for that office. Some cases have been offices (mostly local) where I did not know enough about the candidates, others have been where there was only one candidate running, that I could not stand, or none of the candidates were acceptable. These are counted as “No Vote” votes, but they have no official meaning, and are not part of the official tally that decides the office. An official “None of the Above” would be a way to recognize this. I know of no constitutional impediment to make this choice available in the USA. Just like with runoff elections, some states have them, some do not. For example, when Schwarzenegger was elected in California, he had the plurality, but not the majority, but still won. But in my state of Alabama, if no candidate has the majority, there is a runoff of the top two candidates. This usually happens in primaries, since the minor parties usually do not get enough votes to force a runoff.

        • #2723031

          Tom that makes quite a lot of sense

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Actually while I’m not really sure WHY!

          But I wouldn’t like to be the one to suggest it to any politician.


        • #2715171

          A two edged sword

          by hereinoz ·

          In reply to Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

          Making voting compulsory does get the “thinking apathetic” to make sure they go to cast their vote and have their say, because otherwise there would be many politically aware and caring people who just “didn’t find the time”. Making voting compulsory does make them think about who they want in office.

          I agree that it would be wonderful, and delightfully democratic, not to have voting compulsory, but my concern is that the majority of mainstream voters would perhaps not bother to turn out on the day, thinking their vote wouldn’t matter, and then some hardline special interest candidate would get in and cause a real mischief.

          I tend to think that the compulsory system, even with its obvious “undemocratic” slant, does actually get a more accurate assessment of the feelings of the community, as it makes people think about how they want to vote, and doesn’t give them the option of not caring to show.

          You do get a degree of what we call the “Donkey Vote” – those that number the ballot paper from 1 – 5 from the top in order (we have preferential voting here), but they are a small number.


        • #2705682

          Actually it’s the informal votes that are at issue here

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to A two edged sword

          What very few people here in AU know is that if a certain % of the electorate do vote informally there has to be another election in that electorate with different candidates.

          It’s a long time since I actually studied the electoral act but I think it is something like 40% requires a new election in that particular electorate. However with the constant resigning of defeated Party Leaders after elections we could very well end up with even more elections being required at an unknown cost to the public purse and in the worst case scenario we could not have a Government formed until all the seats had been re contested and a result come by. As it would remain possible that the second Choice Candidates where just as unpalatable to the electorate as the first choice of the political parties. It would of course tend to displace and dissuade independents from standing and if they did and the electorate voted to hold another election they would be bared from standing as well as the members of the political parties in that electorate in future. However they could stand in adjoining electorates if they wished at a latter election.

          Of course if this was to happen in a Senate Election then all candidates would be prevented from standing in that State again.


    • #2707290

      Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      by ippirate ·

      In reply to The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      Juvenile Canus Consumption On Rise – Secret Societies Suspected

      I just recently came across the above article. I find it amazing that we begin this discussion and with no shortage of irony, this last great bastion of unbiased and fully trustworthy exercise of both free press and speech would get the “scoop” on an apparent Washington scandal that has it’s roots in every branch of government without regard for party or position.

      Apparently the secret society within our society’s secret society is secretly leveraging puppy sacrifice and consumption in an arcane attempt to secretly leverage the secret powers of the Societus deSecretos. Not much is known about either of these organizations due to their secrecy and neither have been 100% verifiable though they are both strongly suspected of actually existing but in secret.

      In attempts to gather further facts on these guarded secrets and the societies in question, CNN Chief Secret Correspondant Ivagota Secretski, hailing from the Moscow Bureau, was met with much hush, hush and secrecy. As the plot thickened in her investigation it appears that no one is innocent in Washington. Initial indications are that this is either a plot by the Republican party to defame the Democratic party or a sinister attempt by the Democratic party to undermine the Republicans. Early evidence uncovered in recovered secret memos also indicates the direct involvement of these specific individuals, all of which would appear to be codenamed and as of yet, not clearly identified;
      “The Duck” Dean, Termi-Nader, Polly Perot, IfUcain McCain, Guts’n’Gore, Mr. Bear Kennedy and someone simply referred to as “Tha King”.

      CNN has issued a statement affirming it’s commitment to pursue this story to completion and get to the bottom of it all, stating they will do so in the name of justice, free speech and journalistic integrity.

      There have yet been no statements from Washington though calls to various offices have resulted in condescending snickers and the startling observation that many of the offices in Washington house numerous cucoo clocks but and in much need of updated phone service as calls were consistently dropped.

      • #2707275

        people have been eating dogs for years.

        by admin ·

        In reply to Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

        On that note, I saw a list of video game scores by different mammals once and the Pigs had edged up and won over the Chimpanzies. I grew up on farms and I believe it. Pigs are amazingly smart and even laugh at their own jokes- or if thats too much of an anthropomorphism then they perhaps seem to laugh at what seems to them to be funny.

        Since cannibalism is considered “bad” and generally the more one moves away from their same species level to kill things the better it is, perhaps we should replace ham with dog at our fast food chains in a move away from eating the more intelligent things.

        Then again, cannibalism is on the rise again….

        • #2707274


          by admin ·

          In reply to people have been eating dogs for years.

          Now that I am on that subject, didn’t the word “Anthropomorphism” rise to popularity back when we thought those of African descent were not really humans, but “Human in Form”?

          How can anyone else really tell what I know anyway- they are not me. I guess thinking about whether anything else can really feel pain or has emotion is a complete waste of time, as is all of observational science if you get into that “Anthropomorphic”” loop! ~LoL~

        • #2715706

          Isn’t it Chinese eat Cat and Phillipino’s eat Dog?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to people have been eating dogs for years.

          I used to always joke with an old friend when he came over that I had to hide my cat first because he was Phillipino. He said that actually it is Chinese who eat cat and Phillipinos eat dog.

          As for smart pigs, I agree they can be pretty clever little buggers. Pigs are easier to train than most breeds of dog, are CLEAN as opposed to being dirty but DAMN do they ever stink!!
          Worst place in the barns was around the pigs!

          But when I reflect on many people I’ve met, I wonder why we eat bacon with breakast and not people. Uh Oh ! Soilent Green flashback, “it’s made from PEEEEEOPLE!!!”

        • #2715675

          At the Seoul Olympics they had fast food dog and snake stalls. McPuppies??

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to Isn’t it Chinese eat Cat and Phillipino’s eat Dog?

          They’ll be serving up dog and snake at the 2008 Olympics. Here Fido, here boy. 😀

        • #2715668

          Watch yourself in Vancouver

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to At the Seoul Olympics they had fast food dog and snake stalls. McPuppies??

          They have a MASSIVE Asian population there. In Richmond alone without including China town, get on a public bus, IF you can find another caucasian you will STILL be a minority.

          Now with a name like ‘DAWG’ I would say you’re pushing your luck visiting the mainland.

        • #2708354

          Nah, They also have temple dogs and besides I have a lot of Asian pals.

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to Watch yourself in Vancouver

          I have spent a lot of time in China, Japan and Southeast Asia without trouble. Anywhere I’ve ever gone I’ve always been able to go where I want, when I want. If you walk like a victim you will be a victim. Why is it some people can’t seem to walk anywhere without getting mugged and others stroll all over with out any problems. I remember someone once saying that victims have a certain way of moving that makes them victims. I’m not sure I believe that but why is it some women will be accosted on the street and others aren’t and it’s not based on appearances. I’m lucky because I have size working for me but some short or slightly built people seem to be able to move about without hindrance. All I know is that wherever I go if someone is in my way and I’m thinking about stepping aside to let them pass they always seem to anticipate me and move aside for me. I never really thought about why that is; it just is. I don’t ask for it or expect it, it just so happens that way. Just lucky I guess??

        • #2708241

          The interesting thing here is

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Nah, They also have temple dogs and besides I have a lot of Asian pals.

          When i was in training doing martial arts there was a guy who was all of 5 foot nothing weighed about 30 pounds and looked like he would be squashed if you so much as looked at him.

          He was the hardest person I ever sparred with as I was regally left sitting on a mat wondering what had happened I mostly never saw it coming to defend myself. On the other hand there was a guy who was well over 6 foot and he was easy to sit down when sparing with because he was just too slow. He always complained that he could never understand how we all moved so fast.

          I don’t think size is important it is more the confidence that you have in yourself.


        • #2708308

          THey’re Asian now?

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Watch yourself in Vancouver

          They were a bunch of nips last time.

          As for parting the waves, aelf confidence is sonethimg many lack in public, it is the whole ‘comfort zone’ issue that makes people defensive and take them out of thier element.

          That’s why you see everyone walking around with eyes to the ground and bumping into each other.

        • #2708290

          Chinese,Cambodians,Laotians,Vietnamese and JapaneseWhat should I call them?

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to THey’re Asian now?

          My Japanese friend whom I’ve known since we were kids refers to himself as’The Great Nipponese Sensei but you may refer to me as the Great Nip for short’ You could call him anything else at your peril. Amongst my friends I have Indians, East and North American varieties; Nepalese; Ghurkas; Malaysians and Philipinos. What would YOU suggest I call them, if not Asians. I suppose you have a colorfully inappropriate name in mind????? Oh and I also know several Pakistanis and Bandladeshis as well. You must have a name for these peoples as well. If per chance you wish to sling racial epithets around look to your own prejudices because other than my anti-Islamic radical one I sincerely doubt that you don’t have your own secret prejudices as most English people seem to have. Oops that’s another of my prejudices and I keep forgetting it but the filthy sassenachs are such a forgettably nasty people. 😀 I see you’re still prevaricating. Aren’t you supposed to be at the races today??? Or are you afraid of crowds now, as well you should be??????? 😉 Hmmmmm? All those different faces????? Who knows It could be anyone at any time now. 😀

        • #2708254

          You uttered the racism not I

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to THey’re Asian now?

          Very briefly, it was YOU who referred to NIPS and Krauts, not I.

          YES, everyone including me has some form of “secret personal predjudices”.

          That’s the whole point, it is unethical to say as much nowdays because we have decided to build multiculturalism within the country.

          Now while you may be speaking to only me here, well Max still gives it a look every now and then, it is STILL a public forum not a private chat room.

          For this reason, until your coming to TR, we have always respected people’s right to privacy, thier choice of an alias etc. You know this already because you’ve been around quite a while, for some reason you have chosen to display how untrustworthy you are by trying to hack into my personal life and display your findings here. I havee offered clear and concise explanations to appease your curiosity, yet you still insist on digging for more. Yet you are the ONLY person on TR who even cares the slightest and needs to mouth off in some weak and pathetic effort to prove you just have nothing better to do. Sad. 🙁

          Yes, I am deathly afraid of being outdoore now, I actually spent the day in my friend’s closet with all the lights off.

          Good thing I’m not at home, I certainly wouldnt want you building a side walk and installing a hydro box in front of my home so you can prove your point!

          I think I’ll call for a ride to site tomorrow, never can be too safe, especially when Sleeping liar could be snoozing in the gutter right out front.

          As for what I did today, yesterday, Friday, you keep asking and then saying you didn’t want to know, brain sore?

          YOu should know exactly what I’ve been doing anyway, my secret stalker. Maybe I should get a restraining order to keep your hungry eyes off my private bits.

        • #2708195

          Do you have

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to THey’re Asian now?

          any idea, dawg, as to how juvenile you sound? Enough with the threats. If my teenage son spoke the way you do, I’d tell him to grow up. Grown ups settle their differences without threats of violence. Grown ups don’t lower themselves to threatening others. Why don’t you just give it a rest. You’re making the rest of us humans look bad.

        • #2708810


          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to At the Seoul Olympics they had fast food dog and snake stalls. McPuppies??

          Hyundai is building an auto plant here in Montgomery, AL. I have been thinking if I get laid off, I could sell my dog to one of the Korean executives that have moved here, or sell it to one of the Korean restaurants that have opened here. I like Kim Chee, but I have not tried dog. I guess they would go together.

        • #2708708

          how exciting

          by thelastword ·

          In reply to Hyundai

          to sit and ponder about selling your dog to a new restaurant.

        • #2708706

          nono its chinese eat rat

          by thelastword ·

          In reply to Isn’t it Chinese eat Cat and Phillipino’s eat Dog?


        • #2715674

          In two different places, Brazil and Borneo,it’s called eating long pig!!!

          by sleepin’dawg ·

          In reply to people have been eating dogs for years.

          It seems strange that two places so widely separated would use the same terminology.

      • #2707251

        I heard that they were outsourcing…

        by salamander ·

        In reply to Reply To: The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

        …puppy sacrifice and consumption overseas. Shameful!

    • #2708715

      Here’s one: Iraq

      by aldanatech ·

      In reply to The Can Someone Please Make Another Political Thread

      Iraq is going from bad to worse. The number of U.S. dead in Iraq already passed the chilling 1,000. More than 20 U.S. servicemen were killed in one week, 11 in one day, hundreds of Iraqi civilians also dead. Iraq’s major cities, including Fallujah, Tikrit, Karbala, Najaf and Ramadi, are all under the control of insurgents. Where is this grim situation heading? Answer: Civil war. So is the most likely future for Iraq, says a brand-new report from the regarded British Royal Institute of International Affairs.

      It is also a view shared by many American analysts. The three-way civil war scenario is as follows: One, the Kurds in the north gained breakaway self-rule in the 1990s and will not give up their autonomy. Kurdish militias are battling now for control of Kirkuk, a city outside of Kurdish-held territory and oil-rich. Two, the Shiite majority that suffered under Saddam Hussein and his Baath Party government, dominated by minority Sunnis, do not want to suffer under Sunnis again. Three, the Sunni minority, in control of Iraq for decades, like it that way. Sunnis now hold much of central and northwestern Iraq and will resist both Kurdish domination in the north and any attempt at Shiite control of Baghdad.

      What are your projections for Iraq in the following months or years?

      Source: PBS

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