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The Chicken Hawk Parade

By Peter Warren ·
Take a look at this list of those who served in the military and those who didn?t. In a strikingly inverse relationship, neo-con Republicans who advocate war avoided military service when it was their turn. Although they have no problem sending other people to war, it looks like most neo-con Republicans had no stomach for it themselves. I propose a new holiday to honor these neo-con blowhards: national hypocrisy day. You can find more information about the Chicken Hawks at

Prominent Democrats
? Representative Jack Murtha (D-PA) - distinguished 37-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts, retired from the Marine Corps Reserve as a colonel in 1990. (1)
? Representative Richard Gephardt, former House Minority Leader - Missouri Air National Guard, 1965-71. (1, 2)
? Representative David Bonior - Staff Sgt., United States Air Force 1968-72 (1, 2)
? Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle - 1st Lt., U.S. Air Force SAC 1969-72 (1, 2)
? Former Vice President Al Gore - enlisted August 1969; sent to Vietnam January 1971 as an army journalist, assigned to the 20th Engineer Brigade headquartered at Bien Hoa, an airbase twenty miles northeast of Saigon. More facts about Gore's Service
? Former Senator Bob Kerrey... Democrat... Lt. j.g., U.S. Navy 1966-69; Medal of Honor, Vietnam (1, 2)
? Senator Daniel Inouye, US Army 1943-'47; Medal of Honor, World War Two (1, 2)
? Senator John Kerry, Lt., U.S. Navy 1966-70; Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V, and three awards of the Purple Heart for his service in combat (1)
? Representative Charles Rangel, Staff Sgt., U.S. Army 1948-52; Bronze Star, Korea (1, 2)
? Former Senator Max Cleland, Captain, U.S. Army 1965-68; Silver Star & Bronze Star, Vietnam (1, 2)
? Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) - U.S. Army, 1951-1953. (1)
? Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) - Lt., U.S. Navy, 1962-67; Naval Reserve, 1968-74. (1, 2)
? Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) - U.S. Army Ranger, 1971-1979; Captain, Army Reserve 1979-** (1)
? Senator Fritz Hollings (D-SC) - served as a U.S. Army officer in World War II, receiving the Bronze Star and seven campaign ribbons. (1)
? Representative Leonard Boswell (D-IA) - Lt. Col., U.S. Army 1956-76; two tours in Vietnam, two Distinguished Flying Crosses as a helicopter pilot, two Bronze Stars, and the Soldier's Medal. (1, 2)
? Former Representative "Pete" Peterson, Air Force Captain, POW, Ambassador to Viet Nam, and recipient of the Purple Heart, the Silver Star and the Legion of Merit. (1, 2)
? Rep. Mike Thompson, D-CA: Staff sergeant/platoon leader with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, U.S. Army; was wounded and received a Purple Heart. (1, 2)
? Bill McBride, Democratic Candidate for Florida Governor - volunteered and served as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam; awarded Bronze Star with a combat "V." (1)
? Gray Davis, former California Governor, Army Captain in Vietnam; received Bronze Star. (1)
? Pete Stark, D-CA, served in the Air Force 1955-57
? Wesley Clark, Democratic Presidential Candidate - lengthy military career.

Prominent Republicans
? Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert - avoided the draft, did not serve.
? Former House Majority Leader **** Armey - avoided the draft, did not serve.
? House Majority Leader Tom Delay - avoided the draft, did not serve (1). "So many minority youths had volunteered ... that there was literally no room for patriotic folks like himself."
? House Majority Whip Roy Blunt - did not serve
? Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - did not serve. (An impressive medical resume, but not such a friend to cats in Boston.)
? Majority Whip Mitch McConnell, R-KY - did not serve (1)
? Rick Santorum, R-PA, third ranking Republican in the Senate - did not serve. (1)
? Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott - avoided the draft, did not serve.
? Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld - served in the U.S. Navy (1954-57) as an aviator and flight instructor. (1) Served as President Reagan's Special Envoy to the Middle East and met with Saddam Hussein twice in 1983 and 1984.
? GW Bush - decided that a six-year Nat'l Guard commitment really means four years. Still says that he's "been to war." Huh?
? VP Cheney - several deferments (1, 2), the last by marriage (in his own words, "had other priorities than military service") (1)
? Former Att'y Gen. John Ashcroft - did not serve (1, 2); received seven deferment to teach business ed at SW Missouri State
? Jeb Bush, Florida Governor - did not serve. (1)
? Karl Rove - avoided the draft, did not serve (1), too busy being a Republican.
? Former Speaker Newt Gingrich - avoided the draft, did not serve (1, 2)
? Former President Ronald Reagan - due to poor eyesight, served in a noncombat role making movies for the Army in southern California during WWII. He later seems to have confused his role as an actor playing a tail gunner with the real thing.
? "B-1" Bob Dornan - avoided Korean War combat duty by enrolling in college acting classes (Orange County Weekly article). Enlisted only after the fighting was over in Korea.
? Phil Gramm - avoided the draft, did not serve, four (?) student deferments
? Senator John McCain - McCain's naval honors include the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross. Why did the Bush campaign smear him so? At least Senators Cleland (D-GA), Kerry (D-MA), Kerrey (D-NE), Robb (D-VA) and Hagel (R-NE) defended him.
? Former Senator Bob Dole - an honorable man.
? Chuck Hagel - two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star, Vietnam.
? Duke Cunningham - nominated for the Medal of Honor, received the Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, fifteen Air Medals, the Purple Heart, and several other decorations Recently entered plea bargain on felony charges of bribery, etc. etc.
? Senator Jeff Sessions U.S. Army Reserves, 1973-1986
? Colin Powell. What are we to make of Powell? On the one hand, a long career as a military manager. On the other hand, accused of covering up the My Lai massacre. Back on that first hand, one of the seemingly sane voices in this administration when it comes to Iraq (or at least he used to be). On the other hand, a clear hypocrite ("I am angry that so many of the sons of the powerful and well-placed... managed to wangle slots in Reserve and National Guard units...")
? Representative Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD), served in USMC in Vietnam; wounded in action.
Here are a few more...
? Chuck Robb, US Senator from Virginia, served in Vietnam
? Howell Heflin... Democrat... Silver Star
? George McGovern, famous liberal, awarded Silver Star & DFC, dozens of missions during WWII.
? Former President Bill Clinton - avoided the draft through student deferments; in the autumn of 1969, Clinton entered the draft but received a high number (311) and was never called to serve. (CNN article.) " was his doubts about the morality of the war and the Selective Service system that led him to abandon the ROTC idea and to subject himself to a draft lottery. Only the luck of the draw - a high lottery number - kept him out. " (Jeff Greenfield, ABC News, quoting Gov. Clinton.)
? Former President Jimmy Carter, most recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, seven years in the Navy. "Except for his fellow service-academy graduate Dwight Eisenhower, no President of the twentieth century spent more years in uniform than Carter." (New Yorker Magazine)
? Former Vice President Walter Mondale, U.S. Army 1951-1953
? Former Senator John Glenn, D-OH (1974-1999) - Served in WWII and Korea; extensive military commendations include the Distinguished Flying Cross on six occasions, and the Air Medal with 18 Clusters.
? Congressman Tom Lantos, D-CA - Did not serve in the US military; did serve in the Hungarian anti-Nazi underground in WWII. Saved by Raoul Wallenberg, is the only Holocaust survivor to serve in Congress.
? Senator Richard Shelby, did not serve (1)
? Senator Jon Kyl, R-AZ - did not serve (1, 2)
? Senator John Cornyn, R-TX - did not serve. (1)
? Senator Tim Hutchison, R-AR - did not serve (1, 2)
? Rep. Christopher Cox, R-CA, (formerly) fifth-ranking Republican in the House - did not serve. (1)
? Rep. John T. Doolittle, R-CA, sixth-ranking Republican in the House - did not serve.
? Representative Saxby Chambliss, Georgia - did not serve (1, 2), had a "bad knee" (yet somehow feels he has a right to attack Max Cleland's patriotism)
? Former Representative JC Watts - did not serve (1, 2)
? Jack Kemp, did not serve (1, 2) (was unfit because of a knee injury, though he heroically continued as a National Football League quarterback for another eight years - source)
? Former Vice President Dan Quayle, avoided Vietnam service, got a slot in the journalism unit of the Indiana National Guard when the unit was at 150% capacity (at least he showed up for his duty, unlike GW) (1, 2)
? Eliot Abrams, did not serve (1, 2) (however, played a key role in subverting democracy in South America)
? Paul Wolfowitz, did not serve (1, 2)
? Former Representative Vin Weber, did not serve (1, 2)
? Richard Perle, did not serve (1, 2) (is the current bloodshed in the Middle East a direct result of his treasonous meddling in Clinton Administrstion foreign policy?)
? Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy - did not serve. (1)
? Rudy Giuliani, did not serve (1, 2)
? Michael Bloomberg, did not serve (1, 2)
? George Pataki, did not serve (1, 2)
? Spencer Abraham, did not serve
? John Engler, did not serve (1, 2)
? Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) - website used to claim service as a "Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran." A current biographical website makes no such claim. In reality, was a National Guard lawyer who never left South Carolina during the Gulf War.
? Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-CA, did not serve (1)
? Rep. Darrell Issa, R-CA/49th, there were some problems with his service.
? Rep. John M. McHugh, R-NY - avoided the draft, did not serve (1)
? Rep. Todd Platts, R-PA - did not serve (1)
? Arnold Schwarzenegger, CA Republican Governor - went AWOL from his Austrian army base to enter a bodybuilding competition
? George Herbert Walker Bush, pilot in WWII. Awarded Navy Cross. Shot down by the Japanese; was lone survivor out of airplane (link).
? Representative Sam R. Johnson, combat missions in both Korea and Vietnam, POW in Hanoi from April 1966 to February 1973 (1)
(don't ever run for president Sam, they'll spread rumors that you're crazy)
? Senator Ted Stevens, R-AK, WW II pilot, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Air Medals, and the Yuan Hai medal awarded by the Republic of China.
? Sen. John Warner, R-VA - Served in the Navy 1945-1946 as a RM3; reenlisted in the USMC 1950, 10 years service in Marine Corps Reserve, retired as Captain.
? Congresswoman Heather Wilson, R-NM, served in the Air Force 1978-1989
? Former President Gerald Ford, served in the Navy, WWII
? Former Senator Strom Thurmond - apparently believes, along with Trent Lott, that America should have been a segregated society. Still, he served.
Fighting Democrats
Back from the front lines, and headed for Congress in 2006. Why are almost all the veterans coming home from Iraq running as Democrats?
? Paul Hackett - U.S. Senate - Ohio
? Charles Brown - California 4th District - 26-year career in USAF; jet and helicopter pilot; recently retired as Lt. Colonel
? Patrick Murphy - Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District
? Bryan Lentz - Pennslyvania's 7th Congressional District
? David Harris - Texas 6th Congressional District
? David Ashe - Virginia's 2nd Congressional District
? Andrew Duck - Maryland 6th Congressional District
Website at
? Eric Massa - New York?s 29th District
? Tim Dunn - North Carolina's 8th Congressional District
Check out the Band of Brothers 2006, as well their candidates page, for a good list of veterans running for Congress in 2006, such as:
? Karen Marie Otter, US Army 1983-1985, California's 52nd District
? Phil Avillo, lengthy career as a US Marine, Pennsylvania's 19th District
Punditocracy and Preacher-types (See also Media Whores Online)
? George Will, did not serve
? Chris Matthews, Mediawhore, did not serve.
? Bill O'Reilly, did not serve
? Paul Gigot, did not serve.
? Bill Bennett, Did not serve
? Pat Buchanan, did not serve
? Rush Limbaugh, did not serve (4-F with a 'pilonidal cyst' [see "The Rush Limbaugh Story" by Paul D. Colford, St. Martin's Press, 1993, Chapter 2: Beating the Draft.])
? Michael Savage (aka Michael Alan Weiner) - did not serve, too busy chasing herbs and botany degrees in Hawaii and Fiji
? John Wayne, did not serve
? Pat Robertson - claimed during 1986 campaign to be a "combat veteran." In reality, was a "Liquor Officer."
? Bill Kristol, did not serve
? Sean Hannity, did not serve.
? Kenneth Starr, did not serve
? Antonin Scalia, did not serve
? Clarence Thomas, did not serve
? Ralph Reed, did not serve
? Michael Medved, did not serve
? Charlie Daniels, did not serve
? Ted Nugent, did not serve
? Country Singer Toby Keith, did not serve. (1)
? Radio Host Phil Hendrie, did not serve.
? Ollie North - Convicted in the Iran-Contra scandal, at least he served.
? Charlton Heston - served in WWII, but went AWOL when Michael Moore asked him some tough questions.
? James Carville, a.k.a. "Corporal Cueball" - Served in the United States Marine Corps, 1966-'68. (1)
? Markos Moulitsas, a.k.a. "Kos" (leading liberal blogger) - Served in the United States Army, 1989-'92. (1)
? Gov. Jesse Ventura, U.S. Navy SEAL training, did UDT work
? Senator Jim Jeffords, U.S. Navy 1956-1959

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by jkaras In reply to The Chicken Hawk Parade

To tell you the truth I dont think you have to serve in the military to be a political official, but I do agree that one holding those particular positions understand what happens to the soldiers when they commit their lives to a supposed solution. Some of these politicians served with honor sticking their necks out for others and you and me. What they did in the past is defintely appreciated, but I dont equate politicians as heros or patriots. My justification is they dont put the country's or people's need infront of their own career or their party's agenda. If they were the patriot they claim to be then they would passs laws and adjust those accordingly to benefit the masses working with the other party. I just dont see that happeing today, yesterday, or tomorrow for that matter. It all comes down to which party is going to get the credit, backing a fellow party member when they screw up and diffuse blame to the opposing side, back door money schemes, adultry, drug use, supporting any side that has the demographics, and failure to respect the laws getting away with everything while pointing fingers at other criminals like they are a pillar to society. To me they are ALL hypocrites and liars. We allow them to destroy our country for their gain acting like the cattle we have been bred and told to be. What I find funny is we expect more from minimum wage employees for perfection then we do our leaders, now that is truly sad.

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Why do you think ....

by Peter Warren In reply to interesting

Why do you think we expect more from employees than political leaders? It's puzzling that we tolerate such mediocrity, hypocrisy and corruption because we don?t have to.

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by jkaras In reply to Why do you think ....

It is due to laziness. We as Americans expect others to shoulder the burden citing we paid our taxes/other persons job, what can I do I'm nobody, I have work to do, and so forth. I too am in this group of wants a change but does nothing about it. There is just a level of futility that all politics are corrupt and I'll have a more effective time bailing out the Titanic with a dixie cup then trying to talk sense to a politician. The only way we as Americans will be able to take back our country is if everyone refuses to go to work. Only then will regain control of our country, and I just dont see that happening anytime soon. Something has to give and I think it will happen sooner than later.

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Work for Change

by Peter Warren In reply to honestly

I appreciate how you feel. The work we need to refuse is to continue allowing the likes of our politicians to get away with their bs. We can overcome our laziness a little at at time and what a difference an energized electorate will make. Remember, our "leaders" are counting on us remaining lazy.

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Thank you for that

by dawgit In reply to The Chicken Hawk Parade

While I'm proud of those did......
The rest make me sick.!.
But, remember, the American People put them there. That's the sad part.
I think that I'll just stay living in Germany. -d

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You're very welcome

by Peter Warren In reply to Thank you for that

Unfortunately too many of the American People have been very slow on the uptake when it comes to neo-conservative bs. But pass on the chicken hawk list to your friends. Sooner or later, we will put these hypocrites back in the crapper where they belong.

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EPW ! Let's start by removing the vote from those who never served!

by X-MarCap In reply to You're very welcome

Do you think that is fair also?

Let's give votes by paygrade! e1-10, 1-10 votes O1-O-10 11-20 votes.

85% of those who serve currently aren't liberal. The officer Corps is strongly Republican.

I'd bet that 75% of the local VFW (Canton,OH) wouldn't ever vote for a Democrat after Kerry ran, if the world would end for them.

You complain about Chicken Hawks. How about Colin Powell, Tommy Franks, and George Bush our 41st President. The same BS came out during the first Gulf war.

Why don't you stick your commie-loving, terrorist appeasing, head back up your rear end where it recently was until you had to read this post.

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I read this two weeks ago when you posted it

by oneamazingwriter In reply to The Chicken Hawk Parade

and was waiting for more people to reply. I've been very surprised that they haven't. Thanks for making the post epw. Perhaps few replies means that those who like to debate know that there isn't much sense trying to deny this truth.

Again...thanks. Every male member of my family served in the armed forces. "Put your money where your mouth is" means a lot to me. Those who don't walk what they talk would bless the world by shutting up.

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or maybe "they" see no point

by jdclyde In reply to I read this two weeks ago ...

something that agrees with what you think doesn't always register as an intentionally bias paper.

Dems that didn't server, just didn't serve.
Reps that didn't server, well lets just go into detail about that and intentionaly be as venomous as possible. Hate is never a pretty thing.

I didn't see YOUR senator Clinton on the list. hmmm.

Had this been just a list of ALL current members of Congress and a simple but factual listing of service records or N/A, there would be something to discuss.

The poster was not looking for an open, honest discussion, thus a waste of time for those of us that do. Been too many political hate posts for me to care about trying to set stupid people straight, and this was just one more example of that. Let the poster live in their hateful world alone, I don't have the time for it.

I also missed here the poster listed their own service records? hmmmmm.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to or maybe "they" see no po ...

I'm not a Democrat, jd. I don't vote in primaries, so that I can remain independent and choose whichever candidate I want at the time of election. I say that because you capitalized the word your when you refered to Senator Clinton. I don't believe Clinton ran in New Jersey, and that's where I live.

I do believe that those holding office deciding what military people are to do would do well to have first served in the military in some fashion.

You may be right, just as I may be right as to why people didn't choose to reply to this post. We won't know if people don't reply. But now, at least, you and I have replied (You taught me to do that so that you would know my tone) and maybe others will.

edited: because I can't use my reading glasses at the just doesn't work! LOL

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