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The FCC, Howard Stern, and Pat Robertson

By Go_Jetskiing_800SXR ·
I know this has been posted but I do not think it's been posted in this manner.

Why is it the FCC fined, banned, and then had his company fire Howard Stern for so-called "violations" of the FCC code but it's ok for this idiot Pat Robertson to spew out anything he wants both on cable and over the air tv and radio about assasanating people, and my favorite--talking to god or saying that god tells him to say these things about Sharon and other people and places?

Mr. Pat is one over the rainbow, one can short of a six pack crazy and what is really scary is a lot of people take him seriously.

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by Old Guy In reply to The FCC, Howard Stern, an ...

One is filth, decadant, immoral, and demoralizing toward women. The other is an idiot.

Let's see, I know the one is an idiot and only idiotic stuff will come from his mouth so I don't put any value in what he says. I know the other one is one of the filthiest, vilest person I have heard. No, I don't have to listen to him but we don't need that kind of filth spewd out over the air waves either.

Just my personal opinion. Thanks.

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Who's Who

by SupahTech In reply to Combo

Putting aside the reality of public airwaves vs. Private- which is the accurate truth.

I see two idiots, one is a harmless trash mouth, the other is a dangerous pseudo self proclaimed religious icon.
I can understand parents of small children not wanting to have their children subjected to the Howard type of talk, but the only real dangerous one is the one pretending to be representing god.
If god speaks to you, you are a nut, go to an asylum.
And there are many religious fanatics that I see on my non-cable channels every Sunday- I of course change the channel or shut off the tv.

There must be some sort of decency expectation on non-premium cable as well, or the stations would have full cursing and nudity on all the channels. Cable does not give a license to be indecent, but pay per view or subscription channels might. :) 
Who would get more money you think? Pat, or Howard? I wouldn?t pay to hear either of them, though I would pay to make them shut up.

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by jdclyde In reply to Who's Who

Celebrity death Match!

Oh I can see it now!

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by Old Guy In reply to Who's Who

there have always been charlatans and false teachers who have said they "speak to god" or vice versa. Just because someone states they don't believe in God or religion or says they are athiest doesn't give them the right to the statement: "If god speaks to you, you are a nut, go to an asylum."

Unfortunately, because of the false teachers and quacks, like Robertson, they get seen or heard more often and that prejudices other people to true religion.

Yes, in my opinion, Stern is far worse because he tries to humiliate and devalue women immorally. I wish we could get rid of all the idiots but then how many people would be left. Hmmm, not very many, huh?

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You just don't "get it"

by jdclyde In reply to Unfortunately

people today WANT immorallity and devaluation. If you lower the standards, then people that just don't bother to work for a living won't feel as bad about it because "It isn't their fault, they are victoms."

It is a world filled with lazy people that expect something for nothing.

Can you believe out country has devolved so low that some people actually think they should get FREE health care? there USED to be a time when you were expected to PAY for your keep in life. That was before people found they could vote themselves other peoples money of course.

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I guess you're right

by Old Guy In reply to You just don't "get it"

That kind of goes in hand with teachers can't use F for a grade now so the "failing" (oooh, do I dare use that word) kids won't feel so bad.

Whether some people like this or not the passage, "For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."* is very accurate.

*Matthew 7:13-14 NIV

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by SupahTech In reply to Unfortunately

With all respect, I stick to my guns... god speaking to a person=Crazy, or =LIAR.

Not to say there is/is not a deity, but chances are if he/she speaks to you, you have a psycological issue.

Howard puts down everyone and everything not just women. He is a jerk and a loser; but what does more harm to society?-some fart jokes, and some idiots calling in to say bababouy, or a false religious prophit with a following that actually votes and has the power to change issues. Pat has more clout, and that is scary. Most people have heard of Howard and whether they like him or hate him, they all tend to believe he's an Idiot. Do Pat's followers believe he is an idiot? Probably not- which is why he is scary.

If Moses himself were here in a court of law talking about speaking to a burning bush, whether true or not, he's going to have to go through psycological evaluation.

You can believe that God speaks to some people but do you believe every nut job that says so? Do you believe Pat?-well many do. I believe no one has legitimatly had god speak to them IMHO.
Howard=idiot; Pat=dangerous idiot, because people actually follow him, and not just tune in for a stupid laugh-albeit a rude and immature laugh.

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by Old Guy In reply to

Communication is more than just a verbal exchange. Yes, I think Robertson is an idiot and a fake. Yes, I know he does cause some problems. No, I don't hold (and I don't think anyone else since Moses has either) verbal communication with God. However, yes, there is a communication with God through the Holy Spirit and I don't expect you to understand that nor do I think we would be able to fully discuss it intelligently in a forum such as this. And, I won't get into an argument about it here.

I still think that filth like Stern is more of a social cancer than someone like Robertson. As I stated earlier in this thread I wish we didn't have any idiots in the spotlight but we do.

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by Go_Jetskiing_800SXR In reply to Combo

So what the **** is the difference between the two idiots?

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difference is power

by SupahTech In reply to And?

I contest that Stern is just a moron, and Pat is a moron with a dangerous position that actually influences people that vote and make decisions.

Sterns followers are mostly losers.

Pats followers are politicians and lobbyists .

I am amazed that howie got as popular as he did, but he still seems to me like no threat to anyone-that is not being interviewd by him...

Pat threatens everyone. Supports Patriot Act and supports everything that gives him more power and influence.

A false religious leader is much more dangerous than a shock jock going for the low brow humor, and poop jokes. Stearn only got his popularity because people tried to silence him, if he didn?t have the FCC to talk about his show would have been over a year or two ago.

He?ll either drop off of Satellite in a few years, or cause the FCC to broaden it control over all Communication. This means possible censorship to every web site, every bulletin board, and everything that is considered a form of communication.

Like most losers if you ignore them long enough they go away. Unlike these false religious people that gain momentum, support, followers, and morey money if left alone.

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