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The First Two Minute Silence in London

By Oz_Media ·
The First Two Minute Silence in London

The first stroke of eleven produced a magical effect.
The tram cars glided into stillness, motors ceased to cough and fume, and stopped dead, and the mighty-limbed dray horses hunched back upon their loads and stopped also, seeming to do it of their own volition.
Someone took off his hat, and with a nervous hesitancy the rest of the men bowed their heads also. Here and there an old soldier could be detected slipping unconsciously into the posture of 'attention'. An elderly woman, not far away, wiped her eyes, and the man beside her looked white and stern. Everyone stood very still ... The hush deepened. It had spread over the whole city and become so pronounced as to impress one with a sense of audibility. It was a silence which was almost pain ... And the spirit of memory brooded over it all.
~~From the Manchester Guardian, 12th November 1**9.~~


In Flanders field the poppies ****
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
~~By Major John McCrae, May 1**5.~~


We remember Lord, we remember: we remember ships tossed in the air by explosions, we remember men, our friends, falling beside us.... we remember telegrams coming to the doors of our neighbours, husbands taken from our arms never to return; sons whom we feared for every day. We remember a lot, we remember....

- Loving Father - help us in our memories - ease us in the pain of them, without causing us to forget.

- Lord God - we remember the costs, remind us too of the victory - of what was won by our comrades and by fellow countrymen;

- And finally Lord God - be with all those who are facing war this day - our men and woman at sea and on land and in the air in the mid-east; and be with the rulers of this world and all the world's citizens, that we may learn and live the way of peace with justice, we ask it Jesus' name - AMEN

Lest we forget


Many thanks to Elaine -

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Thanks Oz .....

by jardinier In reply to The First Two Minute Sile ...

Well do I remember this day of remembrance and thanks from my earliest days at school.

And I was just discussing it today with my Pommie neighbour.

Americans and Candians may not be aware that the principal day of remembrance in Australia is Anzac Day.

ANZAC was the name given to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey early on the morning of 25 April 1**5 during the First World War (1**4-1**.

As a result, one day in the year has involved the whole of Australia in solemn ceremonies of remembrance, gratitude and national pride for all our men and women who have fought and died in all wars. That day is ANZAC Day - 25 April.

Like it says: ALL men and women who have fought and died in ALL wars. Vietnam vets also proudly participate in the grand parade which follows a dawn service in each city.

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Brings tears to my eyes

by gralfus In reply to The First Two Minute Sile ...

There is something deep when a whole nation acts together to remember those who bought their freedom. The quibbling and debates stop for a bit while we reflect on the deep loss and gain purchased with blood.

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When will it ever end?

by DC_GUY In reply to The First Two Minute Sile ...

From the letters column in Liberty magazine, November 2004

Those who feel the preemptive surprise attack on Iraq, which killed thousands of civilians, was morally justified sincerely believe the following:

1. Saddam Hussein was a nasty man.
2. Iraq might be giving aid and support to our enemies.
3. Iraq might possess chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons.
4. Iraq had oil; even though we were getting along without Iraqi oil, they might disrupt our access to affordable oil.

I am old enough to remember December 7, 1941, when Japan staged a preemptive surprise attack on the U.S., killing 254 civilians. The Japanese sincerely believed the following -- all of which except the first have turned out to be indisputably true:

1. Franklin Roosevelt was a nasty man.
2. The U.S. was giving aid and support to Japan's enemies, e.g., sending planes and pilots to China and naval units into Japanese waters.
3. The U.S. had huge stocks of chemical weapons and a military organization named the U.S. Army Chemical Corps; it had biological weapons and was supplying anthrax to the British; it did not yet have nuclear weapons but the Manhattan Project was underway and would ultimately be successful.
4. The U.S. had oil which Japan could not get along without; in conjunction with Britan and the Netherlands the U.S. disrupted ALL of Japan's oil supply.

Japan was conforming strictly to modern American legal and moral standards. War is war, but perhaps we owe them an apology for that slanderous hyperbole about a "Day of Infamy."

--Erik Buck
Liberty, MO

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We knew in advance that Pearl Harbor would be attacked.

by admin In reply to When will it ever end?

We choose to not take action and it propelled us into that great war with huge popular support.

Time and de-classification may tell what really happened on 9/11 and it will not be surprising if history remembers this detail in the same manner- especially if you study John P. O'Neill's work and his tragic (and ironic) death in the towers.

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crazy conspiracy theories

by Montgomery Gator In reply to We knew in advance that P ...

I guess you believe in black helicopters, Area 51, and that the Illuminati are behind it all, also. Franklin Roosevelt and George W. Bush both took appropriate actions after sneak attacks for which they had no advance warning.

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You obviously know nothing....

by admin In reply to crazy conspiracy theories

You obviously know nothing about JP O'Neil. He was a very real person and the question already historically is NOT whether parts of our government knew, but which parts and which people at what times. That is why the Bush administration shuffled around in an attempt to improve communication between the FBI, CIA and other agencies for homeland security. This is real stuff that really happened.

BTW- I do believe in Area 51. I know people that worked there. There were some wild aircraft going in and out of there- so much so that at different times they would seem quite "alien" to most people.

Have you studied any history? What did you think of the United Staters of America sinking the Maine ACTIVELY instead of passively letting someone else do it to get us into that war... is that a Crazy Conspiracy Theory" too? ~LoL~

You need to read some history.

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Sinking of the Maine was an accident

by Montgomery Gator In reply to You obviously know nothin ...

There you go on your crazy theories, even bringing in the Maine. While it has been shown that Spain was not responsible for sinking the Maine, that the Hearst papers use the incident to flame the fires to war, the USS Maine sank due to a boiler accident. No one purposely sank it, it was an accident, as later investigations by the Navy indicated. You just proved my point about believing in crazy conspiracy theories with your Area 51 remarks. You probably believe in the second gunman in the grassy knoll, that J Edgar Hoover was behind the Kennedy assassination, that there was a coverup with Project Bluebook, that Anastasia survived the murder of the Romanovs but was suppressed by the English Royal Family, that Jack the Ripper was the Duke of Clarence, and other wild conspiracy theories. Next, you will be teling me that the Austria-Hungary was behind the assassination of their own Archduke Ferdinand in order to have an excuse to invade Serbia, and that the fluoridation of water is a Communist plot, and that the Freemasons control international banking.

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~LoL~ Even the Library of Congress says its unknown! ~LoL~

by admin In reply to Sinking of the Maine was ...

"An official U.S. Naval Court of Inquiry reported on March 28 that the ship, one of the first American battleships and built at a cost of more than two million dollars, had been blown up by a mine without laying blame on any person or nation in particular, but public opinion in the United States blamed the Spanish military occupying Cuba anyway. Subsequent diplomatic communications failed to resolve the matter, leading to the start of the Spanish-American War by the end of April."

" On February 15, 1898, an explosion of unknown origin sank the battleship U.S.S. Maine in the Havana, Cuba harbor, killing 266 of the 354 crew members. The sinking of the Maine incited United States passions against Spain, eventually leading to a naval blockade of Cuba and a declaration of war. "

Funny thing is, Hymans late report from the 70's ruled out Torpedos or Mines, but listed no cause other than an internal explosion. What you speak was given at a cemetary memorial in 1998. Rear Admiral Morton E. Toole said:""It makes no difference whether the explosion was caused internally by coal or externally by a mine, the fact is 266 Americans died."
Which is a good point and well and good at a memorial, but the fact is that the report specified it could not of been external, so mines are ruled out, and the only reason coal came up is that people can't fathom that an explosion happened and are reaching for a reasonable explaination without considering the possibilities rationally or fairly.

Watch the fourth building fall in the Twin Towers (it wasn't hit). There's a possibilty for good discussion, but Bluebook, area 51 aliens- spare me...

Are you saying it was absolutely 100% true to fact that it was a boiler accident? If that is true you are apparantly the only person in the world that can prove it. Why haven't you yet? If you can it would be good to get it cleared up and I (and many others) would like to accept this. Unfortunately, we can't.

You are right about the Hearst papers though. They definately made that whole thing a lot worse by blaming a country that was in no way responsible for the accident. That seems to be agreed upon even at our Naval History Museum. We made a mistake using the Maine to get in that war.

Your blanket disbelief of everything that is not de-facto standard public opinion is the real conspiracy theory mind in action here. How you can believe everything is neat and clean is beyond me. It isn't. You are just blowing smoke and bring irrelevant material in an effort to hide from what may really turn out to be true, Have you looked up the life of John P. O'Neil yet? Once you develop an understanding of it you will probably find it fascinating :)

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If Japan did not invade China

by Montgomery Gator In reply to When will it ever end?

Two different situations. Japan had invaded China, we were helping China defend itself by disrupting Japan's oil supply. Japan could have gotten us to end the boycott by withdrawing from China. Japan was the agressor and we were helping the victims. The United States liberated Iraq and removed a vicious dictator from power that was threatening the entire region. Saddam Hussein was the agressor and we are helping the victims. Fortunately, things are much different now in Japan, and they are now one of our best allies with us in Iraq, helping to bring freedom and democracy to the Mideast.

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We Americans know nothing of history

by DC_GUY In reply to If Japan did not invade C ...

The feud between Japan and China was -- and is -- hundreds of years old. It probably goes back to early in the First Millennium C.E. when Chinese monks "civilized" Japan by overlaying it with Chinese culture, just as they did in Korea and Vietnam.

America's total history as a people goes back a bit more than 200 years. Except for those of us with Indian blood, none of our ancestors was even here when most of the pivotal events in the history of the rest of the world were taking place. The occupation of huge swaths of Asia, Africa, and Europe by various invading armies, the religious conflicts, the Dark Ages.

Most of us know nothing about events that took place before our grandparents were alive. To claim to understand a foreign conflict well enough to be able to choose the "righteous" side is downright silly and pure hubris.

As a Mideastern friend once told me: "If you say that the Jews have a right to Palestine because it is their ancestral home, then you must give Arizona back to the Indians. If you say that the Palestinians have a right to it because it has been their home for so long that possesion trumps history -- then you must give Arizona back to the Mexicans."

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