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The golden ligatures collection.

By William_Overington ·
The golden ligatures collection is a series of web based documents written by the present author which list pairs of Unicode Private Use Area code points and ligature characters.

These lists, the code points being entirely the choice of the present author, are published by the present author. The code points chosen are only as consistent amongst end users as end users choose to make them. These code points are not a "standard". They are simply provided on the basis that a list is betterthan no list, in that the existence of a list will hopefully encourage interest in these ligature characters as part of our typographic heritage and hopefully help in any efforts to computerise ligature characters being as portable as possible.

An example of a pairing of a code point and a ligature character.

U+E707 ct

The documents are available on the web at the following web address.

William Overington

1 June 2002

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