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The Great Avatar Joke

By apotheon ·
Someone out there didn't like dpetrak's avatar -- thought it promoted violence and was "unprofessional". Between shellbot and I, a proposal has been hatched: in the week from June First through June Seventh, all TR Insiders should adopt dpetrak's animated Office Space avatar as their own. Go right-click on that avatar, choose "save as" (or whatever equivalent your browser provides), and upload it somewhere useful so you can use it as your avatar for that week.

Go on. I dare you.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to The Great Avatar Joke
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but of course

by apotheon In reply to OK

I had no doubt you'd be in. Har.

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image hosting

by apotheon In reply to The Great Avatar Joke

It occurs to me that some of you may not have somewhere to host the image, and I don't want to impose an unreasonable load on whatever dpetrack is using to host his avatar image. As a result, I've decided that I will host the image for all of you slackers that don't have your own image hosting ability until about the eighth of June (or until I remember to take it down, whichever comes last).

This will only be available temporarily, and I would prefer that those of you with the ability to host the image yourselves do so, because I don't want to become the single bandwidth provider for all links to the supidposts.gif image, but if you genuinely need someone else to host the image so that you can participate in our little joke, I'm here for ya. The URL for the image is:

Now you don't have any excuses.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to image hosting

But I don't mind, or I would have spoken up earlier. Either way, I'm OK with it.

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i may indulge

by Shellbot In reply to image hosting

i'll try and get soemthing set up for myself, but if i dont, i may piggyback on you! I'll let you know if i do.

Thanks Apoth!

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setup your own account Shell

by jdclyde In reply to i may indulge

free, and no download limit that I have seen yet. Much better than the geocities site I was using.

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Photobucket is crap.

by apotheon In reply to setup your own account Sh ...

It offers very limited bandwidth per month, it often flakes out, and it's just generally sucky.

Maybe I should set up my own free photo hosting service, just to keep people from using Photobucket.

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by rob mekel In reply to i may indulge

And there is me thinking that we would start as of the 1st of june.
must be 1st of june 2005 then


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by Jaqui In reply to image hosting
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Like the the font selection

by sleepin'dawg In reply to hah

Even if it is a little somber. Very Dungeons and Dragonish if you dig my inference. I like it but you could add more S&M influences.You could also cut the brightness of the background a tad; say 10-15%.

Dawg ]:)

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