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The Information Technology industry as a means to an end

By swgoldwire2546 ·
I may be new into this TechRepublc thing, even as I am starting out this thread here. I thought I want to put things in perspective regarding the information technology industry.

I have read many a threaded discussion in TechRepublic regarding job dissatisfaction in the IT industry, and where this industry is headed in the years and decades to come.

It has come to my knowledge based on the discussion regarding the information technology sector as a "means to an end" that information technology is not necessarily about that and then some. Inforation technology is all about business and how businesses and organisations use practive tools to keep information safe and to generate money. At least that is how businesses and organisations big and small should have done things at a proactive level to keep information secure!

A recent article from CNET News online describes how businesses do not need IT security professionals to tell them how they should keep information secure. I am here to say that businesses and oganisations will get to the point that they will not have any need for information technology professionals to help them keep information and their profits secure. Since computers--clients and their "servants"-- are there to help run businesses and organisations, there should be proactive ways of helping these organisations earn and protect their investments.

If anyone is looking forward to a career that involves computers and information technology or are already involved in a career, I would suggest finding other ways to get creative in helping organisations reach their potiential on a business level or have a change in careers that involved business, since organisations from small to big corporate are looking for individuals who are business savvy in addition to IT or computer technology education.

I would like to share your thoughts, comments and opinions in to this threaded subject. I look forward to your response soon.

Thanks and have a great day. :)

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concentrating on IT

by Dr Dij In reply to The Information Technolog ...

Seems like most people on TR concentrate on IT but there are alot of 'technical users' out there, heavy computer users who are NOT in IT.

I suggest people who get burned out with IT (whole 'nother thread on that) switch to related computer user fields. Everything from cad/cam, artistic users, animation, video, statistical, end user reporting, process control and much more.

the computers will never run themselves. due to shortage of skilled IT people, I envision way more use of outsourced security, online software, etc. (SAP for example can be used by the seat with out ANY servers in your biz instead of paying millions for botched installs)

Biz will always need someone to help with security, whether outsourced, online or in house. If they don't they tend to do REALLY STUPID things, endangering security and integrity of the company.

Sure, the computer companies will make O/S and software to make it harder to goof up. But we're not there yet.

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Computer Users NOT in Info. Tech? Cool!

by swgoldwire2546 In reply to concentrating on IT

I agree with you there concerning computer users not in the information technology sector, which would probably be better for organisations to hire in other sectors other than IT.

I also will agree with you regarding a switch to careers related to computers.

As far as a "shortage of skilled IT people," not necessarily a shortage. Just a lack of demand even for skilled IT professionals. :)

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I'm in IT

by Dr Dij In reply to Computer Users NOT in Inf ...

but I do alot of hobbies that use computers but are NOT IT. I.e. my hobby is not learning network security or programming. If I had a choice I'd like to switch but would have to be well qualified to earn as much.

I've seen several threads of people jaded/ tired of IT. and their whole point was 'who wants to read cisco router manual off hours? ' Well, duh!

Still lots of interesting things to do with computers.

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*Raises hand*

by beads In reply to I'm in IT

Since Cisco is a major part of my technical life and certifications are likewise a part of the 'Cisco-life'. I do endlessly read tech manuals. Sometimes I read things that are actually quite entertaining. Most of the time its part of the job/career.

Agreed though that you really need to explore whatever hobbies keep your mind sharp and relaxed enough for the technical stuff as well.

- beads

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Please define

by beads In reply to Computer Users NOT in Inf ...

Please define:

"As far as a "shortage of skilled IT people," not necessarily a shortage. Just a lack of demand even for skilled IT professionals."

I have skills that are always in demand even after work because people know my skill sets and likewise know that I will get the job done in short order. Problem is there are too few hours in the day to accomplish all the work offered to me. I am not seeing a shortage of work but workers able to do such work.

- beads

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Are you serious, Doc?

by Absolutely In reply to concentrating on IT

"Sure, the computer companies will make O/S and software to make it harder to goof up. But we're not there yet."

There would never have been any technical difficulty in making mission-critical computers 100% Internet-proof. It would only take a NIC that "quarantines" every incoming bit (not byte or packet) as Internet-tainted and routing it to a memory range, then a partition, from which execute commands are never accepted under any circumstances.

There is more profit in manufacturing fast, insecure interfaces and OSes with security gaps an illiterate can find, which gave rise to a brand new industry to prey on the manufactured insecurity. Who remembers when there was no such thing as a "security suite", just an anti-virus app? No, computer companies are economically committed to opening new avenues of intrusion, not closing them.

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That sounds good

by Dr Dij In reply to Are you serious, Doc?

but there are other holes:
in particular web applications seem to be riddled with holes

plug ins such as adobe can be called by other progs and do non-adobe stuff, ie called by other progs to send data out so even zone alarm not catch

I think 100% security means disconnecting from net

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Meeting of minds

by xuriwan In reply to The Information Technolog ...

Please join in "Why digital machines" I am sure it would greatly benefit from your input.

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