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The Junk Box

By jereg ·
I'm not sure if any of you have been in the position where you're rebuilding or repairing or upgrading a PC, and you find that you need a part. It could be a screw, a clip, a jumper, a slot cover, something that you don't have handy. I've heard countless stories from techs about not having parts.
Some years ago, I started a junk box. When I got a new PC, it might have extra screws, or I may install something and have an extra slot of bay cover. I threw all the extra parts into a box and kept it under my desk. Later on, I'd find that when I needed something, i'd root around in the junk box and find it. Pretty soon, the other techs came to me for parts. I could fix any PC we had.
Does anyone else do this? Would it help?

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I call it the "Parts Bin"

by admin In reply to The Junk Box

I think almost everyone does this. My case gets to overflowing pretty regularly and I've got a big one under my bench at work and at home in my shop overflowing as well. Maybe they would be great Christmas gifts? hehehehheee :>

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by TheChas In reply to The Junk Box

My "spares" box has grown to the point where it is taking over my basement.

I have 2 plastic drawer cabinets with screws, cables, covers and jumpers sorted.

Several boxes of IDE cables, system cables, and fans.

Then, there are the periphials and power supplies.

Need I list more?


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I am a road dog,

by road-dog In reply to Basement

so I have all sorts of spares in my van. In addition to PC Pieces/Parts, I also have the odd CSU/DSU, Hub, Cabling, and all kinds of other stuff. I bet if I ever emptied the whole thing, my MPG would probably go up by 10%!

I pays to have spares though. I got called into a dead client site and found a bad Cisco WIC 2T (not terribly expensive, but not terribly quick to lay hands on either). After calling in to find a replacement, the word was 48 hours. After rooting around in the bins, I founda leftover, not even in an antistatic bag.

I explained that this was mine, but I'd lend it to them until theirs arrived. Talk about customer relations!

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Parts box 'lite'

by generalist In reply to The Junk Box

I'm trying to do a variation of this using a backpack, a laptop case and drop points because I'm the person in charge of servicing computer users that are not on the main campus. My carrying capacity limits are caused by the fact that I'm using mass transit to get to the maintenance sites at the beginning of my work day.

It seems to be working for the most part, although I could use more parts at the drop points. Unfortunately I'm dealing with both Apple and IBM compatibles and my budget and storage space is limited. There are times when I have to tell people that I don't have something in stock.

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Hey Generalist! :)

by admin In reply to Parts box 'lite'

1. Great to See You!!!!
2. Very cool. I have to drive as my offices stretch from Payette (used to be Bonners Ferry!) down to Burley but a backpack kicks! I hadn't even thought of that before, but I would use public transportation if I could (well, actually I can outside of work, I should start doing it more...) and I do Hike, Bicycle and Motorcycle a lot and was wondering if you had any experience backpacking a laptop. My laptop carrying experience is pretty poor and kind of scares me in a saddlebag or on a bike in a light pack and it seems there has to be a way. I have even thought before of going over to "Bucks Bags" and seeing what it would cost to custom build a pack with a detachable laptop case section that was padded and secure. What do kids at college do? In my experience laptop cases just suck for an on the go outdoor lifestyle. Anyway... :)

3. Great to see you!!! :>

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by admin In reply to Hey Generalist! :)

heheehe... i should of been scalded on this one! I didn't realize there were so many very cool high tech puter backpacks out there. I almost got a Victrinox today but ordered the targus Sport Deluxe and will try that. It looks way cool and costs much less. Has great compartments for everything and I'm really looking forward to trying a pack over a briefcase. Any of the rest of you have a backpack kit they love?


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