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The last time Brittan sent a prince to war

By mjwx ·
Weren?t they invading France? Price Harry wants to go to war. Will history repeat?,10117,18904474-401,00.html

Surely there's nothing easier to spot than a red nut in camo.

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I stand corrected

by mjwx In reply to Nope

But there's still no excuse for not invading france.

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But why?

by berak In reply to I stand corrected

It would be too easy, France would just surrender. They haven't won a war in a long time and they don't seem inclined to buck that trend. Their best troops are those of the Foreign Legion.

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Shows how little you know

by jevans4949 In reply to But why?

Actually, France frequntly sends troops into other countries, mainly to deal with civil wars in its former colonies. Usually with reasonable success.

They usually don't pull troops out as soon as a couple of their guys get shot.

Also, as far as I am aware, they don't usually do things by bombing the **** out of civilans from 3 miles up.

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Hello, McFly!

by redgranite In reply to Shows how little you know

The post you responded to stated that the foreign legion are good troops. Then you respondez (pardon my French, which I actually know) with, "Actually, France frequntly (sic) sends troops into other countries. . . " What exactly are you arguing against?

As for your last little crack. . . are you suggesting that our brave, patriotic, well-trained, US pilots are using their precision, laser-guided bombs to purposfully kill civilians? The US military goes to great lengths and places themselves at great risk to avoid civilian casualties. To suggest otherwise shows your incredible ignorance. I served in the Navy and Air Force; so I know first hand.

As for the French, the people of France are decent. They just need to get rid of their corrupt, commie-rat, socialist dictatorship government.

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Hmmmm. Interesting perspective on the French

by neilb@uk In reply to Hello, McFly!

Last month's recent unrest just over the Channel from here was caused by the French people resisting their government's (small) efforts to open up their labour laws to mitigate the 20% (and increasing) unemployment amongst the under-25s. It would seem, then, from the size of the demonstrations that the people of France do not consider that their government is corrupt, commie-rat, socialist dictatorship enough.

Well, they will - eventually - get everything they deserve from their attitude and that is total economic meltdown. One day soon, if the wind is in the right direction, we will be able to smell Paris burning as the country self-destructs. Just so long as they don't expect the EU - i.e. me - to pay for the rebuilding.

As for the efforts of your fine troops in minimalising the civilian casualties in the recent toasting of Iraq. Might I put forward the tentative suggestion that you could have reduced "collateral damage" even further by not starting it in the first place?

Or maybe I just have the Monday Morning Grumps...


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Not Monday Morning Grumps

by redgranite In reply to Hmmmm. Interesting perspe ...

It's rather the mis-informed grumps. The US didn't start the war in Iraq. The invasion and subsequent takeover of Iraq were a resumption of hostilities that ended with a cease-fire agreement after the allied forces kicked Iraq out of Kuwait.

The hostilities resumed because Saddam Hussein refused to abide by 17 (that's right) UN resolutions.

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by JamesRL In reply to Hello, McFly!

Change your avatar. We usually chose avatar pics that reflect ourselves, if sometimes humourously. I don't find anything about Hitler to be very funny.

And I understand the point that the previous poster is making. French troops have been successful in Africa for some time now. They have been involved in the Congo, Central African Republic, Chad and Ivory Coast. They worked alongside American forces in Lebanon, Kosovo and the First Gulf War.

As for US Pilots, we all know that friendly fire has taken place, with British troopsin the Gulf War and with Canadians in Afghanistan. I would never suggest that friendly fire or civilian casualties are deliberate. Perhaps they are inevitable to some extent and that means we should be very careful before we commit to war.


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Hitler is, too, funny

by redgranite In reply to Respectfully

He's the biggest joke in history. Haven't you ever seen the Benny Hill skits where he dresses as Hitler - they're hilarious!

I agree with the rest of your post. We should be very careful before committing to war. Also, civilian casualties are never acceptable but are, unfortunately, inevitable in any armed conflict.

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How quickly sidetracked

by jdclyde In reply to The last time Brittan sen ...

What about Prince Harry?

Is he REALLY ALLOWED to just "quit" if choses?

I understand the brass keeping him out of harms way, because it will be THEM in a sling if anything were to happen to the "young prince".

I still don't understand the whole life of luxury and wealth bestowed on the "Royal Family". Guess I don't need to though, huh?

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