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The long and short of ...

By Jaqui ·
***** surgery:*****-1.xml

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by X-MarCap In reply to The long and short of ...

I am now less than I was before.

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go see a

by Jaqui In reply to OUCH!!!!

councillor, come to terms with your "short" coming, the operation wouldn't give you the results you desire. ]:)

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Like Eddie Murphy said

by jdclyde In reply to go see a

"I said it was small, not broke!"

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You've got to be &*%^ me!!

by mjd420nova In reply to The long and short of ...

Surgery??? I'd rather get a root canal.
With no NOVOCAINE. You're head must be pretty messed up to want that cosmetic surgery.
I'd be more afraid of the side effects than
the desired effects. ENOUGH SAID

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either that

by Jaqui In reply to You've got to be &*%^ me! ...

or you are tired of that wee willy.
and want a not so wee willy. ]:)

personally, I have no interest in getting such an operation.

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Problems Problems

by stargazerr In reply to The long and short of ...

Guys .... <rolls eyes ... sighs and walks away .... at the corner .... bursts into laughter>


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by lhatcher In reply to Problems Problems

There is not enough alchohol on the worlds to get me drunk enough to stick anything up my *****.

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