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The loss of a legend

By Oz_Media ·
Legendary Blues man, Long John Baldry passed away in Vancouver General Hospital today after being hospitalized for serious respiratory problems since March of this year.

"Let The Heartaches Begin" (1967) was his first big UK hit although he had played in numerous blues bands for many years prior.

He was known around England as the ULTIMATE blues man, credited with geting Rod Stewart started (meeting him after a show), he had influenced SO many great artists including; Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck, Brian Jones, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Moon, even Elton John got his start when playing in one of LBJ's bands.

As Rod Stewart said, this wasn't a man who was influenced by greats such as Howlin' Wolf, he actually PLAYED with Howlin' Wolf.

Moving to Vancouver years ago, LJB has been a MAINSTAY at the Yale Hotel/Bar, an old-school blues joint in Vancouver. I have seen him, listened to him and met him countless times, this man WAS the blues that influenced the industries greatest artists. One of the kindest gentlemen I've met in the business, 6'7", at least, but very polite and reserved.

Rod Stewart had been paying the hospital bills for LJB and had set up vigil at his bedside, unfortunately he was unable to help his dear friend and mentor in the end though and he passed away from his illess.

This man's music and his industry influences will live forever, as have his peers that also brought the blues from small town America to a global scale inspiring bands such as AC/DC, The Beatles (with whom he performed 'I Got My Mojo Working' on their first TV special 'Around The World With the Beatles'), The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to develop their sounds based on his stylings.

Mey your lord take you in his arms and provide you with the warmth, peace and happiness that you have brought to so many thousands around the globe.

Rest In Peace - 'Long' John Baldry - 1941-2005.

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by Jaqui In reply to The loss of a legend

adding Jim Byrnes and Doug Henderson to that list.

both, being Vancouver based blues musicians should be on the list, of artists influenced by him.

but this is a solemn moment to be sure.

hearing him jam at the yale ( only 4 blocks from here ) has always been a joy.

when he stopped a while back because of his health it was a huge loss.

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by Oz_Media In reply to ~smack~

Some REALLY REALLY cool nights with him and his guests, and there were a LOT of guests at the Yale.

In Vancouver he had a cultish following, not many people actually know where he was from and what he did in his life, a true loss to the industry as a whole.
Most people know this one though;
"Don't Try to Lay No Boogie-Woogie on the King of Rock'n'Roll," (produced by Elton John and Rod Stewart)

I also loved his version of Gallows Pole, even though I like leadbelly's verison too, almost spoken in old blues style. Nobody has ever actually found out WHO realy wrote it though, Jimmy Page decided to cover it based on a version he heard form someone else. I belive Leabelly wrote it, during his arrests for murder where he faced the gallows if he was convicted and it was opened up as 'traditionally ' owned, meaning no IP was given to the original artist. This TRADITIONAL title happened forcefully to MANY Black American artists during those years

Anyhow, a little off track, blah blah blah, now what will they do for Blues in Vancouver?

P.S. I always thought you lived farther down that that, in Denam area? Are you up the hill toward Bute area? My business partner and close friend lives across from Safeway near the bottom of Davie, I am there more than I am home I think! But it's okay for Fireworks I guess. :)

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by Jaqui In reply to Yup

a block from St. Pauls.
right up by burrard.
( just gotta walk a block and cross burrard to hit the emergency entrance from here )

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by Oz_Media In reply to I"m

Now I'm with you. I always pictured you as a bent-end resident, the other side of Denman toward Stanley Park.
I lived on the corner of Comox and Guilford for a summer or two, I thought you were farther that way.
Getting baked and playing 'flashlight pitch&putt' after midnight at Stanley Park was a blast. :^O

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by Jaqui In reply to oooooh

you stayed off the trails around lost lagoon or was that where you were playing?

( the gay sex in the park hang out )

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Yeah yeah

by Oz_Media In reply to ~L~

I know. That's also where some sick bastards go to beat on gays too, that and the old beachhouse at English Bay.

I actually had many gay friends, a gay boss and gey neighbours when I lived there (of course). They were some of the kindest, most helpful and NON threatening people I've met. Just happy to live their lives as they choose and be left alone.

I think it's really too bad that these gay bashers exist in 2005, what an archaic mentality.

In the case of the attacks in English Bay beach House in the 80's it was US sailors that were eventually caught for it, but it has still happened from time to time. I think most people in that area are liberated enough to live in harmony, I don't go around grabbing women on the street and waving my private parts at them (anymore)so what's the fear of gay men in public?

I know you live with it so you understand the gay lifestyle as I do too. Sure you get some looks, and eve little comments as you walk by sometimes, but so do hetero people. I don't have ANY problems with gay people at all, in fact I have found them to be some of the most reliable and honest friends ever.

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I'll have to check it out

by house In reply to The loss of a legend

I've never listened to his stuff, but I usually expand my musical interested based on the influences of my current rotation. I'm a huge Zeppelin fan, and I'm know to throw on somes Stones and Beatles on a lazy afternoon.

I'll check it out - thanks Oz.


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you'll like it..

by Jaqui In reply to I'll have to check it out

after all Zep themselves were influenced by him.

the newer stuff from Doug and the Slugs is definately showing his influence.
( their older stuff was morerocking blues compared to thier newer stuff )

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THat was another RIP

by Oz_Media In reply to you'll like it..

As you probably know, Doug passed away last October, I really liked him, some found him abrasive but he was just so cool and called 'em how he saw 'em.

And what a laugh! The guy would be the center of any room he entered, funny, clever and talented.

Man that 'Great Gig In The Sky' is gonna be a good one! I just wonder how they will all find a place in the lineup? Hendrix, Joplin, Lennon, and so on for how many years? Don't want to miss the warmup act and definitely buying a T-Shirt (unless everyone's naked then it will be even mroe fun).

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Check out Leadbelly too

by Oz_Media In reply to I'll have to check it out

HE was APPARENTLY the one who started Gallows Pole. What a cool version he did, VERY bluesy!

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